Upstox Review with Charges, Margin, Features

Upstox Review

Upstox is the 2nd largest leading discount stock brokerage firm in India. This company offers online Equity Commodity and Currency Derivatives trading services at BSE NSE and MCX. The Upstox trading platform is an Indian discount brokerage company founded in the year 2011. Part of RKSV, Upstox has more than 90,000 active traders using the platform, doing Rs.15000 plus crore daily exchange turnover. Here, is the details of the Upstox review.

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The Upstox Advantage

This company’s trading platforms are built for speed and come with cutting-edge features. Upstox charges a very small fee for intraday, F&O, currencies, and commodities orders, also its delivery is free. This company mainly engaged in intraday future and options trading, Upstox provides max 20X leverage. The tools available in Upstox for traders and investors include Pro Web, Pro Mobile, Upstox Mutual Funds, and Bridge for AmiBroker.

How to Open an Account in Upstox?

Opening an account in Upstox online is a very useful and quick process. If you open an account under Upstox, you will get all of their benefits for FREE of cost. Just click the link below to open an account.

Upstox Account Opening

About The Company

In order to state Upstox Review, company analysis is necessary. Upstox is one of the fastest-growing fin-tech companies in India nowadays. This company was founded as RKSV Securities India Pvt. Ltd., in 2010. Upstox is a proprietary trading firm focused on a niche clientele. This company was re-branded as Upstox in 2012 and opened to the general public. This highly successful business model won the trust and backing of renowned industry investors in India. Nowadays, with 1,50,000 plus a strong client base, this company routinely contributes around Rs. 18,000 crores to the exchange’s daily notional turnover.

Review of Call and Trade Services in Upstox

To choose any broker, charges must come as the first preference. Here also, in the Upstox review, we’ve come up with every detail of charges or brokerage. Upstox offers traders to place an order by call and trade which will be charged Rs.20 plus GST per order through phone and the trader can modify the order as many times the trader wants to during the day.


For all the MIS/BO/CO open positions squared-off by the RMS team at the usual intraday square-off times, the trader will be charged auto square-off charges of Rs. 20 (Plus GST of 18%) per order. This company provides flat Rs. 50/- will be charged for OFS (Offers For Sales) and buyback or takeover orders.


To avoid auto square-off charges, a trader can square off the MIS/BO/CO orders by their anytime before 3:15 PM for Equity and F&O, also 4:45 p.m. for Currency derivatives and 11 p.m. for MCX segment via Upstox trading platform. If not done, then their RMS team will square off the orders thereby treating it as a Call and Trade order and it will be charged at Rs.20 (Plus GST of 18%) per order.

News and Updates in Upstox

The latest news is an important factor in analyzing the Upstox review.

An Example of News

New Delhi, Feb 17, 2019 (PTI): HDFC Bank today surpassed RIL to become the country’s second most-valued firm after its shares jumped 4% as hectic buying by overseas which investors pushed their holding in it to the permissible limit soon after the opening of trade. Upstox trading platforms stock witnessed huge buying after the RBI restrictions placed on the purchase of shares of the company were withdrawn yesterday.

Current Status

The stock jumped 3.75% to end at Rs.1,377.15 on BSE. Intra-day, it surged 9.24% to Rs.1,450 — its 52-week high. On NSE, it rose by 3.7% to close at Rs.1,377.05. Led by the sharp gain in the stock, HDFC Bank’s market valuation surged from Rs 13,126.93 crore to Rs.3,52,313.93 crore. It is about Rs.3,485.33 crore more than RIL’s 3,48,828.60 crore market cap. With this, the bank became the second most valued Indian company after TCS which commands a market capitalization of Rs.4,74,508.60 crore. Shares of RIL too went up by 0.98% to Rs.1,075.35 on BSE. On the volume front, 55.25 lakh shares of the company were traded on BSE and over 10 crore shares changed hands at NSE during the day.

Comparison of Upstox with other Brokers :

Indiabulls vs Upstox

Indiabulls is mainly an Online Trading Platform. The customer has to pay a one-time activation fee of Rs.750 to use PIB. Indiabulls also provides a Mobile Trading Platform which is known as ‘Mobile Power Indiabulls (MPIB)’. Mobile Power Indiabulls is among the best mobile trading application available to Indian stock market Investors. This mobile trading platform offers Live Market Watch, a Facility to Buy and Sell Stocks, View Reports and Messages on a variety of smartphones.

Upstox trading platform basically offers trading, analysis, charting and many more rich trading features. This trading platform makes it easy to place orders through mobile phones and web browsers. Upstox is built on Omnisys NEST Order Management System (OMS) and Omnesys NEST Risk Management System (RMS). This trading platform offers absolutely free trading accounts and free trading in the Equity Delivery segment. Trading in Equity F&O, Equity Indra-day, Commodities and Currency Derivatives is available through Upstox Pro which is the paid service of Upstox for traders.

SAS Online vs Upstox

SAS Online doesn’t have any minimum brokerage. This trading platform doesn’t offer 3-in-1 accounts as the company doesn’t offer banking services. SAS Online doesn’t offer facilities to invest in IPO, FPO, Mutual Funds, FDs, NCDs and Offer For Sale (OFS).

Upstox trading platform offers brokerage-free trading in the Equity Delivery segment (The customer does not have to pay brokerage for delivery trades in the equity segment). This trading platform provides a mobile trading app which is available for both Android and iOS phones. AMO (After Market Order), CO (Cover Order) and BO (Bracket Order) or OCO (One cancels Other) orders are available on both the web and mobile.

Bonanza vs Upstox

Bonanza charges Rs 25 for the call and trade facility. Also, Bonanza doesn’t offer any Referral programmes. This trading platform is not transparent in terms of brokerage, fees and other hidden charges.

Upstox trading platform offers absolutely free trading accounts and free trading in the Equity Delivery segment. Trading in Equity F&O, Equity Indra-day, Commodities and Currency Derivatives is available through Upstox Pro. Upstox offers traders to place orders by call and trade which will be charged Rs.20.

Comparison with Some Foreign Brokers


E-Trade is an innovative financial services company. This company offers a full suite of easy-to-use online brokerage, investing and related banking solutions, delivered at a competitive price. In this E-Trade empowers individuals to take control of their financial futures which is providing the products, tools and services they need to meet their near and long-term investing goals. This company provides these services to customers both online and through their network of customer service representatives and financial consultants which is over the phone and in person.


Basically, EQ operates a group of companies that specialize in asset management and corporate finance operations. The Firm invests this company in venture capital and middle market funds, buyout funds, and private equity funds in the technology sector.

Arden Partners

Arden is an established, multi-service stockbroker. This company provides a range of financial services to corporate and institutional traders. Arden act as Nominated Adviser, Broker, Sponsor and Financial Adviser to AIM and Main Market companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. This company is mainly based in the United Kingdom. Arden also has strong international links. This company has an extensive market understanding and partnership approach to supporting the growth and financial development of each corporate trader. Arden also feels it gives each of their traders an advantage over their peers. This company’s institutional traders receive clear and insightful equity research from leading sector analysts. Arden is not afraid to challenge the consensus view.


FeeX Inc (“FeeX”) is an SEC-registered investment adviser. This company is the Robin Hood of Fees. FeeX is a free and objective service that finds these fees and helps traders reduce them.

Review of the Different Charges of Upstox

Account-Related Charges

  • Upstox’s one-time trading account opening charges are INR 150.
  • The annual maintenance charge of Upstox for the trading account is Nil.
  • The charge for opening a Demat account with Upstox is Nil.

Brokerage Charges

  • There is no brokerage in the Equity delivery segment.
  • For Equity Intraday Trades of Upstox: INR 20 or 0.01% of the order executed whichever is lower.
  • For Equity Future of Upstox: The lower of INR 20 or 0.01% of the trade or order executed.
  • For Equity Options trading of Upstox: NR 20 on each executed order.
  • For Currency Futures of Upstox: INR 20 or 0.01% of the order executed (the least of them both).
  • For Currency Options of Upstox: INR 20 for each trade/turnover.
  • For Commodity Futures of Upstox: INR 20 or 0.01% of the executed order (the least of the two).
Upstox Brokerage Charges

Government Charges

  • The STT for Equity Delivery is 0.1% on both buy and sell orders of Upstox. For the intraday trades of Upstox on equity, it is 0.025% on the sell side only.
  • The transaction charges or the turnover charges are INR 350 per one crore for both intraday and delivery on equities of Upstox.
  • The GST or the Goods and Service Taxes of Upstox are levied as 18% on the sum of brokerage and transaction charges for both intraday and delivery of equities.
  • The charges of SEBI of Upstox are INR 15 for one crore of the transaction which is the same for both equity delivery and intraday.
  • Stamp Duties are levied according to the government charges of Upstox.
  • For the futures of Upstox, the STT is 0.017% on the sell side of the transaction.
  • For the options of Upstox, STT is 0.017% on the sell side buy on the premium.
  • The transaction charges of Upstox on futures are INR 210 for one crore of the transaction and for options, it is INR 5500 on the premium turnovers on per crore basis.
  • The GST of Upstox is 18% only on the summation of brokerage and Transaction charges for both futures and options.
  • The SEBI charges of Upstox are INR 15 per crore for the F&O segment as well.
  • For the currency futures and options of Upstox, the STT is Nil.
  • The transaction charges of Upstox for currency futures are INR 155 per crore and INR 6000 per crore on the premium turnovers.
  • The GST of Upstox is fixed at 18% for this segment as well on Brokerage +Transaction charges.
  • The SEBI charges of Upstox are also the same as INE 15 for one crore for both currency futures and options.
  • For the commodities of Upstox, the CTT is 0.01% on the sell side of the transaction.
  • Transaction charges of Upstox for the commodities are INR 260 per crore which includes INR 210 for the transaction and INR 50 for clearing charges.
  • The GST of Upstox is the same for commodities as well fixed at 18% on the brokerage and transaction charges.
  • The SEBI charges of Upstox are INR 15 and the stamp charges are INR 100 per crore.

Demat Charges

  • The annual maintenance charge of the trading a/c is INR 150 which has to be paid up-front by Upstox.
  • The transaction charges of Upstox that are Market/off-market/ inter-depository transactions are INR 13 plus INR 5.50 per scrip.
  • The charges for the creation of the pledges and the closures and also the confirmation of both parties is 0.02% of the transaction charges. This is subjected to a least of INR 50 plus the depository NSDL or CSDL charges on the actual basis of Upstox.
  • The invocation charges of the pledges of Upstox are 05% of the transaction charges which are subjected to a minimum of INR 50.
  • The Rematerialization charges of Upstox are INR 25 per certificate or it is 0.05% of the value of the certificate (whichever is higher).
  • The Dematerialization charges of Upstox are INR 2 per certificate and the courier fees of INR 35 for each Demat request per 500 grams.
  • Demat Rejection Charges of Upstox are INR 35 for every 500 grams.

Hidden Charges

  • The facility of call and trade of Upstox is available at a price of INR 20 for each order.
  • The Physical contract notes charges of Upstox are INR 25 per contract basis excluding the courier service charges.
  • The digital contract notes of Upstox are free of cost.
  • The instant money transfer charge of Upstox is INR 7 for each transfer.

Review of Margin of Upstox

In the Upstox review, after brokerage, let’s go through the margin details. Upstox trading platform provides intraday leverage for equities, futures, options, commodities and currency futures. These leverages are only applying for trades executed on the same day and not on prior days’ executions. Leverage of Upstox begins at market open only for fresh positions.

Positions on this trading platform bought or sold on leverage will be automatically squared off at 3:15 PM for equities and F&O will be chargeable at Rs.20 per order by Upstox. For Currency Futures of Upstox, positions will be squared off at 4:45 PM. For MCX, the positions of the Upstox trading platform will be squared off 30 minutes prior to market close so it is either 11:25 PM or 10:30 PM depending on MCX market timings. Traders’ margin files are available in their Dropbox folder.

Equities Margin

Upstox provides up to 25x exposure for all NSE and BSE securities that have products on the NSE-FO market. For other stocks of the Upstox trading platform that are not on this list but have a 20% circuit limit breaker, which provides up to 2x exposure. For all others, there is no exposure provided.

NSE Futures and Currency Futures Margin

Futures of Upstox are allowed to trade on 20% of applicable which is span plus exposure. To carry forward the positions of the Upstox trading platform, the customer would need 100% of the applicable margin. So if a trader wants to purchase 1 lot of NIFTY futures valued at Rs.2,07,500 which is 8300 for 1 lot of 25 shares, traders would need Rs. 8,380 which is 50% of the margin for intra-day applicable margin or Rs.16,750 which is 100% of margin if a trader wants to carry forward the position.

Options Margin

For buying options, the Upstox trading platform requires the full premium amount. For selling options, the Upstox trading platform provides up to 5x leverage on the span and exposure margin for intraday. Delivery of Upstox requires the full amount. However, traders do get the premium benefit credited to traders to account when selling options in delivery. Buying options of Upstox requires the full value of the premium while selling options requires the full value of the applicable margin.

MCX Commodity Margin

For MCX Futures, the Upstox trading platform provides up to 3x margin for both buying and selling. Leverage of Upstox begins at market open only for fresh positions. Positions of Upstox trading platform bought or sold on leverage will be automatically squared off, 30 minutes prior to market close so it is either 11:25 PM or 10:30 PM depending on MCX market timings.

What is Margin Trade Facility (MTF)?

Margin Trading Facility is basically a facility whereby with funding from Upstox. The trader can invest in stocks of value higher than what a trader can afford at that given time. The trader brings in the 50% and they lend the traders the other 50%.

Example of Margin Trading Facility

Suppose the trader wants to buy XYZ Ltd. Their shares are currently worth Rs 100, 000 but the trader just has Rs 50,000 in hand. Mainly, traders have to let go of them because of a shortage of funds or leverage restrictions.

Margins for Delivery Trades

The net purchase or sale of a scrip that is a delivery trade is settled on the basis of T+2 or depending on the settlement schedule. Delivery in respect of sale transactions in the cash segment has to be settled by traders before the pay-in deadline. The traders can do so by tendering securities in the demat form. However, if the trader fails to tender their securities prior to the pay-in deadline, the trader’s stocks might face the risk of entering the auction market. Upstox provides a margin for these delivery trades.

The Margin on Short Selling of Futures

Upstox provides two times the exposure for short-selling Equity Derivatives/Index/Currency futures intraday. For carrying a futures position overnight carry forward in the Upstox trading platform the full margin is required. Margin rates are specified by the exchange daily.

Financial Products that Qualify for Margin

Financial products of Upstox trading platform’s stocks in the cash segment in the approved list of Stock Exchange according to the guidelines specified by SEBI. Also, the policies of Upstox qualify to receive margins.

Initial Margin to Open a Trading Account

There is no initial margin requirement with Upstox. When the traders open an account with Upstox, unlike most other brokers there is no minimum margin requirement. The traders can choose to transfer any amount of funds to their account. The amount that traders are transferring will be used for margin for trading purposes only. However, it is advisable that the trader keep adequate funds in the trader’s account for trading. This will enable the trader to trade on the go and ensure that the trader doesn’t miss out on even the slightest market opportunity.

Types of Orders in the Derivatives Segment in Upstox

MIS/CO/BO (Margin Intraday/ Cover Order/Bracket Order)

If traders wish to use margins on the derivatives segment trader have to place orders using the MIS/CO/BO product code. Under these types of orders, traders are required to pay the margin as specified and mandated by Upstox.

  1. Futures: While placing orders for the futures segment, traders can use margins for both buying and selling.
  2. Options: The traders can avail margins only for short selling options when placing MIS/CO/BO.
  3. NRML (Normal): If traders wish to hold the Futures and Options positions and futures products overnight then traders must place an order under the NRML product code. This will require 100% of the applicable SPAN and exposure margin of Upstox. In the case of buying Options, a trader can place only NRML orders. The orders placed under the MIS/CO/BO code will be rejected and these orders will be blocked.

Review of the Upstox Trading Platforms

Upstox trading platforms makes it extremely easy to place orders through mobile or web browser. They have fast and free trading platforms. Upstox has a mobile and website-based trading platform which is mainly offering to trade, analysis, charting and many more rich trading features. In the Upstox review after the company summary, we will go forward to the Call and Trade services of Upstox. This is the beginning of Upstox review content.

Pro Mobile

Pro Mobile is a mobile-based trading platform for people who love and find it easy to trade with their mobile at any time possible and whenever required even on the go. The Upstox platform has indicative charts for identifying the market trends and for making a great trading decision on the basis of the information available which is updated in a real-time There is also fundamental research knowledge available on this platform where traders can research for several stocks and decide on traders buying and selling of the stocks.

Mobile App of Upstox

The news about the markets on a real-time basis is available on this platform and thus traders don’t need to switch apps to read the latest news on the stock market. The traders can place bracket orders and cover orders from the trader’s mobile phone, isn’t that great news? Even there are price alerts to keep traders updated about the stocks traders are following. The traders can trade while traders are moving or travelling and the instant notification about the trades, news, and price will make traders more aware of the market.

Market Watch

Pro Web

Pro Web is a web-based platform for trading from computer terminals and this is based on HTML technology. It is one of the most advanced trading platforms in India. There are hundreds of indicators that traders can use to customize the charts present in the platform to make the trader’s technical analysis of the stocks really upgraded and effective.

There are facilities for placing the pro orders that is when traders have a pro account in the company and there is also a single click trade facility which is really helpful for the daily pro traders. All traders have to do is to set traders preferences earlier and then when traders see the prices lingering in the nearby arena, with just one click traders can get out of the trade. There are other widgets which traders can use to customize the trader’s trading style and traders can easily use the platform and use it according to traders whims.

Features of Chart Widget

The chart widget is where the trader gets to see intraday and historical data of any scrip in an easy-to-understand chart form. To analyze Upstox review properly, we must know the features of the particular platform.

Some features of the Chart Widget of Upstox:

Historical Data

The charting tool of Upstox uses historical data for the last 10 years.

Chart Type

Apart from the basic candlestick chart, the trader can use multiple chart types on this.

Customization Chart Duration of Upstox

The charting duration range is customization. Traders can select the duration of one candlestick for charts from 1 minute to 1 month.

Charting Indicators of Upstox

There is a wide range of charting indicators available on Upstox Pro. In total, there are 107 indicators which traders can easily use. Every indicator can be customized.

Drawing Tools of Upstox Trading Platforms

The drawing tools in the charts help the trader easily determine price levels. The tools in the charts are extremely powerful and easy to use. The maximum traders can draw lines for support and resistance, the traders can use Fibonacci retrenchments, and the traders can even mark spots and write for future reference.

Upstox Pro

Bridge For AmiBroker

As a trader, traders can use this platform for writing the trader’s own trading strategies on the AFL of AmiBroker and then synch the Upstox trades with this platform and the AlgoLab they have. Whenever the strategies hit triggers, traders will get notifications. The traders can manage the position of their trades from the screen only, traders can edit or update the orders anytime with a click and there are a lot more features which traders can get with this product.

Upstox MF

Upstox MF is a mutual fund product where traders get advice on the mutual funds of India. If traders are planning to buy the MF then traders can get expert advice on the same that which mutual fund is good for the trader’s risk appetite and the returns traders want. The experts will help traders diversify their stocks and investments so that their risks reduce and their returns increase.

NEST Platform

Using this platform of Upstox, traders can customize their trading experience of traders to a new level. NEST platform is a diminished level of latency and the platform can be used across different monitors and systems. This platform is various advanced technical charts which are available for better trading and informed trading decisions. Orders types of the NEST Platform are also much updated and advanced to make trading easier for traders and investors.

Upstox DEV

Upstox DEV is an altogether different platform for building apps for the trader’s trading business. The traders can use the platform for building apps using different software and programs. Upstox DEV is an API of Upstox which is really powerful. There are various knowledgeable things in the library of it which can be useful in building the apps of Upstox.

Fox Trader

It is software for back-testing the strategies traders have prepared, for live scanning, the strategies can be made automated with this product of Upstox. There is analytics which is highly efficient to make the trader’s trading experience far better with developed and advanced charts, market movement monitoring etc. This is a tool for maximizing returns and reducing risks.


This is a product from iDarts with which Upstox has partnered to provide the best trading experience to its customers. DartStock is highly reliable, fast and unique and productive at the highest level. Traders can capture market opportunities in a blink of an eye and make money with realistic and sophisticated tools for charting and analyzing the scrips of the stocks.

Upstox Dartstock Download

Review of Customer Service of Upstox

Upstox review should be filled with all the required data. So, here we’ve listed the customer service centres below:

Phone: +91-22-6130-9999, +91-22-2654-4100.
Email: [email protected]

Head Office

30th Floor, Sunshine Tower,
Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (W),
Mumbai – 400013.

807, New Delhi House,
Barakhamba Road, New Delhi – 110001.

204,2nd Floor, Basant Complex,
Veer Savarkar Block, Shakarpur,
Near Nirman Vihar Metro, Delhi,
110092, 011-43763323.

Contact of Upstox Other Offices


Nagadurga Madhuri Kurapati

Address: Flat No. M08, 1st Floor,
Royal Palms Apartment, Lal Bahadur Shastri Nagar,
Vimanapura, Bangalore – 560017.

Phone: +91-98459-03388
Email: [email protected]


Rajani S K
Address: 1st floor, Rajdhani Buildings, Opp. PRS Hospital, Karamana, Trivandrum, Kerala. 695003.
Phone: +91-96333-50490
Phone: +91-96333-50570
Email: [email protected]


Mahesh M
Address: Plot No 102-P, NCC Road, Janardhan Hills, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032.
Phone: +91-93814 57534
Email: [email protected]

Uttar Pradesh

Nisha Jain
Address: 1138, Vasundhra Colony, Sec-4B, Meward Institute, Ghaziabad, U.P, 201001.
Phone: 8800940022
Email: [email protected]


Kshipra Pande
Address: A 303 Bajarang Complex Vakilpeth Reshimbag Square,
Nagpur, 440009.
Phone: +91- 9764450022
Email: [email protected]

Amit Lalwani
Address: 17/2, Harinagar, Opp. Bishops School, Kalyaninagar, Pune.
Phone : 1800-200-5225, +91-74100-00491
Email: [email protected]

Bhadresh Pravinbhai Shah
Address: A-3, Sagar Vaibhav Society, Laxman Mhatre Road, Opposite Mary Immaculate Girls High School, Navagaon, Dahisar West, Mumbai, 400068.
Phone : +91-92210-72650
Email : [email protected]


Aditya Parik
Address: G-10, Champawat Market, Haldio Ka Rasta, Johri Bazar, Jaipur, 302003.
Phone: +91-98871-07536
Email: [email protected]


Dr Chumchum Doloi Sarma
Address: Qtr No 2038, Sector II,
Refinery Township Noonmati, Guwahati.
Phone: +91-70023-43635
Email: [email protected]

CapitalVia Global Research Limited

Upstox has partnered with CapitalVia to offer traders the chance to trade on alerts in real-time and make investing in capital markets accessible for all. CapitalVia Global Research Limited which is SEBI registered Investment Advisor specializes in market research and financial consulting. A team of financial investment experts started CapitalVia with the aim to help out the trading community by providing credible professional investment and trading advice.

CapitalVia mainly provides dedicated financial products which include high-quality signals and excellent customer services. This Research Limited assess the trader’s risk profile and financial needs carefully before, suggesting the trader a product. CapitalVia Global Research Limited also provide trading recommendations based on quality research. Their research team helps a trader achieve their financial objectives with excellent returns.

Why Do Traders Choose to Trade with Upstox?

Now, come to the most important part of the Upstox review. In the section Upstox review, we are going to describe the platform in more detail. Traders are advised to choose the brokerage firm after going through this Upstox review.

Account Opening Process

There are multiple ways in which a trader can open an account with Upstox.

Online Process

It is the first and foremost reason for choosing Upstox in this Upstox review. The easiest way is to open a Upstox account online. The trader can just visit and enter their details, including their Aadhar card number and Pan Number. Upstox will verify these details in real-time. The traders can they upload proofs of their identity, address and earnings online and the trader will have their account opened. For verification, the trader will receive an OTP online on the mobile number registered to their Aadhar card.

Offline Process

If the traders don’t have an Aadhar card then the trader can print out forms sign them and send them to Upstox’s head office address. Upstox will use these to open their account.

Walk-in Process

The traders can also drop down to the head office address. The Upstox team can help them open an account.

Meet Upstox’s representative

If traders want one of Upstox’s executives to come down to their home or office, Upstox’s representative can do that too. Just call them at on+91-22-6130-9999, or write to [email protected] and Upstox will send someone right over.

Low Brokerage Charges

Low brokerage charges also consider another important point under Upstox review. As an online broker, Upstox trading platform believes in keeping costs as low as possible for their online customers so that Upstox can pass on the savings to their clients and they can enjoy low brokerage fees. Upstox does not provide any investment tips or trading advice like other high-brokerage services.

Other Benefits of Trading with Upstox

Under the Upstox Review content, we are now going to discuss the benefits of trading with it. Upstox is certified with the market regulator SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). This trading platform has exchange memberships with all the leading exchanges in India, including the NSE, BSE, and MCX. Upstox is safe and a convenient option for all your stock market trading needs. And there are many benefits of trading with Upstox over any other brokerage firm in India. In the Upstox review, here are the lists of benefits of trading with Upstox.

Indusstox 3-in-1 Account

Recently, Upstox tie-up with IndusInd Bank for opening a 3-in-1 account. The special account opening offer is named an Indusstox 3-in-1 account. Here, you will be free from the confusion of maintaining both bank savings and the Demat account. Instead of maintaining the bank savings account, Demat account, and trading account, you can get all the benefits of these accounts from a single account. For example, if you have 50,000 capital in your Indusstox 3-in-1 account, you do not need to transfer your fund from the bank to Demat or Demat to the bank. Now, suppose you want to use 30,000 of your fund in the equity segment for investment, you can do it from the account. And on the rest 20,000 capital, you will get normal bank interest. To get the benefit of the Indusstox 3-in-1 account, just click on the link here.

Indusstox 3-in-1 Account
Upstox International

By launching this international investment facility, Upstox takes its broker platform to the next level. Here you can Start investing globally with no minimum investment amount. You can own a part of an international share with fractional investing. For example, the Uber share price is approx $35.13. The price is quite big. Now, if you want, you can buy 0.1 part of it just for $3.5 or Rs250. So, as you can see investing in the international share market is quite easy. For the first time in India, you can access 60+ exchanges in over 25 countries across the globe. Moreover, save your brokerage with zero commission investing.

Industry Heavyweight

In the Upstox review, another benefit of Upstox is the fact that we are an industry heavyweight. Despite beginning operations in 2012, our customers already account for Rs 5000 crore-worth daily turnover across all exchanges. This amounts to almost 2% of the total turnover on the NSE. We have tens of thousands of customers all across India in each and every state. This includes a lot of tier I, II, and III cities.

Seamless Account Opening Procedure

The market regulator SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) has mandated that every broker verify the details of their customers as part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) norms. Under Upstox review, this includes conducting an IPV (In person Verification). Upstox conducts this process over the web. So, the trader’s account opening process is seamless as well as quick. The whole process of opening an account, thus, usually takes 1-2 working days. While most brokers take days, sometimes weeks, to open up trading accounts for Upstox’s clients, the Upstox trading platform strives to open there as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Superior Technology

Technology is also an important factor in describing the Upstox review. Upstox is also a strong proponent of leveraging technology. In the Upstox review, we get to know about this brokerage firm which considers itself a technology-based firm that is placed in the financial services space. Upstox looks to constantly innovate and provide traders with tools to help make better and wiser trading decisions. Upstox trading platform’s brokerage calculator, SPAN calculator, and options builder tool are just some examples of how they leverage technology to provide the trader with superior trading tools.

Quality Customer Service

Quality customer service also plays a vital role in the Upstox review. Upstox pride itself in having one of the best customer service teams in India. Their trading platform strives to answer all calls within 30 seconds to minimize hold times, and its online ticketing system ensures that queries are answered promptly.

Upstox Review

An unbiased analysis is required to state the review of Upstox. Upstox is one of the most advanced brokerage houses in India and here are the reasons why traders should choose it.

Pros of Upstox

  • Upstox is no brokerage on the Equity delivery segment.
  • The mobile trading platform of Upstox is available for both iOS and Android. Moreover, there are no charges applicable to the software traders for the use of Upstox.
  • There are all the facilities like bracket orders, Cover orders, and aftermarket orders.
  • On both the web and mobile platforms, there are Trailing-stop/stop-loss orders available in Upstox.
  • Upstox has multiple indicators in the Upstox Pro Trading Platform.
  • Margin against shares is also available which is a great benefit in Upstox.
  • There are various tools and products for the benefit of the users are available including Bridge for AmiBroker, MF, Developer console etc.

Cons of Upstox

  • In the equity segment, there is no GTC or GTD order but it is available in the commodity segment of Upstox.
  • Upstox Pro account is higher leverage trading but margin funding is not available in general.
  • Upstox is no unlimited monthly trading plan for the clients.
  • Upstox’s Demat debit transaction charges are high.
  • There is no option or facility for Upstox to invest in the IPO/FPO/bonds and NCDs.
  • The customer service support of Upstox is also not available round the clock.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Upstox trading platform is a much-advanced trading platform and the discount broker which is also one of the cheapest in most of the segments. The ease of trading is high and the technologies are upgraded from time to time in this trading platform.


Are RKSV and Upstox the same?

Yes, of course, both are the same company. In the year 2012, the company was started under the name of RKSV. After that, it rebranded to Upstox in 2015. From then, it continues with the name of Upstox. The Co-founder, CEO is Ravi Kumar.

Which is better Upstox and Zerodha?

We can differentiate them in terms of services. Like, in Upstox, the AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) is Rs.150 while in Zerodha it’s Rs.300. On the other hand, Zerodha provides much-advanced trading terminals compared to Upstox. Till now, Upstox is way behind Zerodha in services and facilities. Apart from this, both companies share almost the same brokerage charges.

What are the Charges of Upstox?

Upstox charges differ as per its basic and premium plans. In basic, ₹20 per trade or 0.01% (whichever is lower) and in Priority Plan ₹30 per trade or 0.05% (whichever is lower). In Priority, users get more margin compared to the Basic plan. Upstox’s AMC charge is Rs.150/year.

How to Open an Account in Upstox?

You can open Upstox Account from your home online. If you have an Aadhar card linked to your mobile number, you’re good to go. Along with it, only basic details are needed like PAN card, Bank Statement, Sign, Photo, etc. Their offline process is also available, in that case, documents must send by post.

How do I invest in an IPO through Upstox?

Upstox will provide 16 digit DP ID (depository participant) and bid for the amount of the shares one wants to buy. One has to fill in the details and submit it. After allotment, those shares will be automatically deposited in the Upstox Demat Account.


The Upstox experience has been nothing short of amazing so far. The platform is not only highly secure and reliable but also provides a wide range of options for traders to make fully informed decisions regarding their investments. With its low fees, simple navigation and options to customize the dashboard according to needs – it definitely makes sense for investors to try Upstox and see how this innovative trading platform can benefit them in achieving their financial goals.

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Author: Ankita Sarkar

Ankita is a graduate in English language and she has also done her MBA from the Calcutta University. She has a high knack in the stock markets. She is a NISM certified Research Analyst. An experienced stock market content writer Ankita is also trading successfully on her own account.

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