Chartered Market Technician

Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Program is a certification process. Here candidates are required to demonstrate proficiency in a broad range of technical analysis subjects.

What is the Chartered Market Technician?

CMT is the only designation for technical analysts that qualifies as a Series 86 Exemption as recognized by FINRA. The Market Technicians Association’s Accreditation Committee is responsible for these exams. The program consists of three levels of exams testing the student’s competency at each level. The exams are cumulative in nature. The first two levels are multiple-choice exams. The third level is an essay exam.

The objectives of the CMT Program are:

  • To guide candidates in mastering professional knowledge and in developing analytical skills;
  • To promote and encourage the highest standards of education.
  • Above all, to grant the right to use the professional designation of Chartered Market Technician (CMT). This right is given to those members who successfully complete the Program. They must also agree to abide by the MTA Code of Ethics.

Requirements for Chartered Market Technician

All CHARTERED MARKET TECHNICIAN Program candidates must meet the following requirements.

  • The CMT candidate is required to be either an MTA Member or MTA Affiliate continuously (dues paid) throughout the CMT process. They must agree to abide by the MTA Code of Ethics.
  • MTA Affiliates may enroll in and successfully complete the CMT Program. However, only full members of the MTA will receive and can use the CMT designation.
  • Continuous MTA membership, upholding the MTA code of ethics, and such other requirements, as determined, from time to time, by the MTA Board of Directors.

Chartered Market Technician affiliate candidates

  • An MTA Affiliate who successfully completes the CMT Program will be credited with two years of experience. It is toward the five-year experience required for becoming an MTA Member. However, the five-years experience is required if a person choose to apply for MTA Member status in the future.
  • An MTA Affiliate who successfully completes the CMT Program does not automatically become an MTA Member. The affiliate must apply separately to become an MTA Member. Enrolling in and/or completion of the CMT Program by Members or Affiliates is voluntary, not a requirement.

Registration and examination fees

  • CHARTERED MARKET TECHNICIAN Program Registration Fee: $250
  • This fee covers the entire five (5) years in which the candidate can complete the Program and is not refundable.
  • Level 1 Exam Fee: $275
  • CMT Program fee and Level 1 exam fee must be paid when first registering for the Program – Total $500. This does not include the MTA annual dues.
  • Level 2 Exam Fee: $475
  • Level 3 Exam Fee: $475
Chartered Market Technician

CMT examination test centers

  • Testing locations are available at over 300 sites worldwide.
  • Not all exam sites listed will be available for each sitting. Please confirm at registration.

Notification of examination results

  • CMT Level 1 and Level 2 test-takers can normally expect to receive their test scores immediately upon completion of the exam provided a psychometric review is not to be conducted. As the program continues to evolve, if there is to be a psychometric review, all will be notified of this in a timely fashion. After 2010 administration does not provide immediate scoring for CMT Levels 1 & 2 Exams.
  • Results for CMT 3 will be announced within 90 days.

Self-study materials for CMT

The MTA Association has designed the CMT Exam Program to be SELF-STUDY type. The MTA Accreditation Committee has recommended the following minimum study hours for CMT exams, based on having a general college education and a background working in the financial markets.

How much study time does it typically take candidates to prepare for the exams?

  • Level 1 – 100 hours
  • Level 2 – 140 hours
  • And Level 3 – 160 hours

If you have further questions, you can contact the MTA headquarters at 646-652-3300 or check their site here.

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