NSE Advance Decline Chart Live

If you regularly follow our pages, you may go through updated topics like Nifty Gainers and Losers Today, Nifty Heat Map. There you have got proper lists of NSE stocks based on their strength and weakness. Here, in NSE Advance Decline Chart Live page, you will get a pie chart which clearly shows the percentage of Advance NSE stocks along with the percentage of Decline stocks. The pie chart is an updated version. Therefore, you will get the daily update of the stock market. As NSE Nifty considers the most popular index in India, traders have to keep themselves updated with the price movements of fifty stocks under NSE.

NSE Advance Decline Chart Live

Before interprets the chart movements, it’s important to understand the meaning of Advance and Decline. Stocks with positive or uptrend movement considers as Advance. Stocks with negative or downtrend movements is stated as Decline. As you can see in the chart that maximum percentage belongs to advance portion. This indicates a good market movement at this current trend. There is a ratio of these two factors, refers to Advance-Decline ratio. The ratio is used both for fundamental as well as technical research. In order to quickly track the market trend, the NSE Advance Decline Chart Live guide you in every way.

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Besides monitoring the advance decline chart traders need to follow the market trend by using technical analysis. There are various tools and techniques by which traders can sure about the strength of any stock. During a trade, entry and exit points are the most important factors. Traders who can find out the exact support-resistance level can easily spot the entry-exit point. In order to avoid the risk factor, put target and stop-loss in your trade. However, from the specific page traders can get an overall view regarding the positive and negative trend of NSE stocks.

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