Thematic Investing and our Model Portfolio of Stocks

Thematic investing is used to be an underrated stock investment plan. Because most of the investors do not know how to invest in such stocks. Those stocks held an important place in the thematic investing industry. But nowadays people are keen to invest in such stocks as well. So I believe our model portfolio of stocks will help you to invest your money in the right stocks of the listed companies. So that you could gain more and more profit from this sector’s stocks.

Frequently asked questions about Thematic Investing

What are the different types of thematic investment strategies?

Thematic investing is a strategy that focuses on long-term trends rather than specific firms or sectors. This is allowing investors to take advantage of fundamentals.

Is This strategy comes under swing trading or intraday trading?

No, Thematic Investing is a long-time holding. So it is quite clear that the strategy does not come under swing trading or intraday trading.

What is the model portfolio of sectors in thematic Investing?

Fundamental ratios, dividends, monsoon, budget, superstar investing model, sectoral investing, seasonality, etc are some of the main sectors of this investing.

Tell the benefits of thematic investing.

Thematic investing allows you to profit from emerging trends. It assists you in investing in ‘Future Businesses’ due to its forward-looking character.

Our Model Portfolio of Stocks of Thematic Investing

Thematic Portfolio refers to a portfolio of thematic funds and equities. Thematic portfolios include a variety of industries and businesses. Those are related to the main theme. There are so many companies that invest in many kinds of projects. Those companies are listed in the stock market as well. Now if you invest in those selected stocks then it will be beneficial for you. Because you are going to gain a lot of profit from such stocks. Visit this page regularly to know which stock has a new entry in the portfolios or which stocks are out.

Undervalued Growth Stock Of Our Model Portfolio of Stocks

We should not judge a book by its cover. In the same manner, If you are a newbie in the stock market then you should not invest in a stock based on its price. Just because every other investor is investing in a certain stock it does not mean that if you invest in the same stock, it will bring you profit. Due to market hype, there are undervalued stocks that went to the peak. Buying those stocks in peak time might cost you a loss. On the other hand, if you are able to find out those stock which is low in price but has a high and quite stable P/E Ratio. That will be more profitable for you as an investor. So don’t go with the flow just because every other person is going there.

How to determine the undervalue stocks of thematic investing

Many companies are undervalued right now in the stock market. But these companies have high potential in the near future. We have to analyze those companies deeply to understand the real value of the companies. Those companies have good ROCE and ROE ratios, high-interest coverage ratios but those stocks are still out of the traders’ radar. These stocks are underrated. The buying price of that stock is quite reasonable. But still, traders keep themselves away from these stocks. We update this post on a daily basis with such companies’ names.

Sr.No. Name CMP Rs. P/E

Before investing in any company’s stock we should analyze the company’s current situation carefully. The undervalued stocks help you to grow more without investing much money in that specific stock. Using the fundamental analysis of any undervalued company, you shall be able to understand if that company is a black horse of the share market or not. No company can be a high-value company from the very beginning, every single company starts from the surface level and if we invest in those stocks at that time it will bring us more profit than we think. But I shall suggest you invest for a long time, not for intraday or swing. Because a surface-level stock takes time to flourish. The stocks which we have maintained in the chart are those undervalued stocks that will benefit you in the future.

High Piotroski Score Company according to Our Model Portfolio of Stocks

The Piotroski Score is one of the most efficient scales. This scale keeps an elaborate look at the financials of a company. This makes a quick calculation to understand if the company has a high Piotroski score. If the scale is high that means, it’s a good company to invest in. If you want to be updated then please visit us daily.

Sr.No. Name CMP Rs. Piotroski Score

Dividend Superstars

The company provides dividends as a percentage of its profit. Suppose an investor invests his capital in the stocks of a company. Now, if the company wants then they could provide a percentage of money or share in return to that person. Not only that person but to its all long-term shareholders. A dividend superstar is a company who is providing better than average dividends to its shareholders consistently. We shall update you by giving the names of the company which has high dividend coverage.

Sr.No. Name CMP Rs. Dividend Yield %


I hope you will find this writing informative. Our Model Portfolio of Stocks will also help you to find the best stocks, which will provide you with more profits in the near future.

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