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Top Losers Today

We hope you checked our previous pages on Nifty Gainers and Losers. There we have already stated that we decide to divide the subject into two different segments. One is Nifty Top Gainers Today and the other is Nifty Top Losers Today. Top Gainers Today is already discussed in our one of the pages. This page only covers Top Losers Today. As you know Nifty is one of the most widely traded indices in Indian Financial Market. Therefore, in order to spot profitable trades, keeping top gainers stocks list is not enough, you need to keep the updated version of Nifty Top losers stocks also. From this page, you will get an updated version of Nifty Top Losers Today list along with an explanation.

Top Losers Today

Company Name
JSW Steel734.25758.65-24.4-3.22
Hindalco Inds.412.8425.75-12.95-3.04
Kotak Mah. Bank1,755.451,809.35-53.9-2.98
H D F C2,464.202,531.35-67.15-2.65
Divi's Lab.4,073.604,139.30-65.7-1.59
Titan Company1,435.251,455.15-19.9-1.37
Tech Mahindra977.05990.5-13.45-1.36
Bajaj Finance5,424.705,497.50-72.8-1.32
HDFC Life Insur.671.25680.05-8.8-1.29
Hind. Unilever2,402.102,432.90-30.8-1.27
Bajaj Finserv11,193.0511,332.00-138.95-1.23
HDFC Bank1,403.551,419.85-16.3-1.15
Axis Bank707.35715.25-7.9-1.1
Larsen & Toubro1,383.601,395.00-11.4-0.82
HCL Technologies907.3913.95-6.65-0.73
Bharti Airtel568.4572.55-4.15-0.72

Though keeping updated losing stocks track record is important, you need to analyze on own to some extent. We hope, you must go through these stock market terms like support, resistance, target, stop loss. These four factors are the most important factors in choosing or avoiding any stock in the market. As you know support refers to a certain level which considers as the maximum falling level of price. Therefore, if a stock breaks the previous support level and creates a new, that indicates the particular stock is in a downtrend position. If you want to in details you may check our article on it. Besides this, in order to minimize the risk factor use the target and stop-loss option. There are articles on that too.

The stock market is such a vast field. Therefore, besides data, you have to do your own research work by using technical tools. We hope the page will guide you in every way to make you warn about the top losers stocks daily basis. There are other pages too on our site, you can follow them according to your need.