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Advanced Get Oscillator Coded in Amibroker

In this post, I will describe something about the advanced get oscillator. As you know that an advanced get is software where you can understand the Elliott wave counts. But how to confirm the accuracy of the Elliott wave counts? There comes another indicator called an advanced get oscillator which is also called an Elliott Wave Oscillator. In this post, I will describe the Get Oscillator as well as I will give you a free Amibroker AFL (Amibroker Formula Language) of the oscillator. Here, you will also get an idea of how to trade oscillators besides free Amibroker AFL.

Let’s start from the very basic, now we will go through the basic concept of Oscillator and its importance in the stock market.

Oscillator and Its Importance on the Stock Market

What is an oscillator? As the name suggests the oscillator is something that oscillates. We’ve already covered Oscillators in our previous content. As it is one of the most important terms in the stock market, traders have to come across the oscillator indicator. Firstly, we will go through the basic definition of the oscillator, what the Oscillator is and how to trade an oscillator.

Definition of an Oscillator

The term Oscillator comes from the term “Oscillates”. Literally, oscillating means moving back or forth in a regular rhythm. In the technical analysis platform, it acts as an indicator which indicates future price movement. The technical analytical tool looks like a band which moves between two extreme values. The highest value is termed as the overbought and the lowest is oversold.

How to Trade Oscillator?

Generally, traders use an oscillator along with other indicators in the technical analysis. Here, the discussion point will be on the workability of the oscillator in the stock market.

Based on the features we can broadly divide all the oscillators into two sections, banded and centred. Traders need to know about both oscillator types to make their accuracy level higher.

Banded Oscillator

This banded oscillator moves within a limited range from 0 to 100. As I’ve mentioned above oscillators oscillate between the highest and lowest value. Here, generally, 0 to 30 is considered the Oversold level and 80-100 is the Overbought level. Oversold is a level where sellers are at maximum and at the exit position. It also gives a hint of an upcoming bearish market. So, buyers take an entry at the oversold level. The overbought level is exactly the opposite of the oversold.

Banded Oscillator

Centred Oscillator

This particular oscillator is not range-bound. As the name implies, the centred oscillator fluctuates above or below the central line. During the bullish trend, the oscillator moves above the central line and the opposite happens in a bearish trend.

Centered Oscillator

What is Advanced Get Oscillator or the Elliott Oscillator?

By applying the Advanced get oscillator, traders can assume further price movement and identify the strategy accordingly.

The particular oscillator fluctuates or moves above and below its zero levels. When the bars are above zero lines, the trend is bullish. On the other side, during the bearish trend, bars are below the line and traders are looking for selling opportunities.

How to Trade the Elliott Oscillator

The above picture shows what the advanced get oscillator looks like. Traders follow some rules to get buy and sell signals.

Taking Trades using Advanced Get Oscillator

Here, we are going to state buy trade and sell trade.

Buy Trade

Let’s have a look at the above chart. Traders can open a buy order when the bars of the oscillator turn back above the zero lines from the bullish area.

Sell Trade

The exact opposite is the sell trade. Traders can enter a short sell order when the bar turns back below the zero lines from a bearish area or territory.

Elliot Wave

The advanced get oscillator helps us to judge the correctness of the Elliott Wave. The Elliot wave theory was developed by Ralph Nelson Elliot to describe the price movements by fractal wave patterns. Mr. Elliot was able to describe the market in greater depth, he identified some waves structure to define the price movements. Elliot wave consists of impulse and corrective waves.

Elliot Wave
Impulse wave

The impulse wave consists of 5 sub-waves while corrective waves consist of 3 waves. Moreover, an impulse wave makes net movement in the same direction.

Corrective wave

Corrective waves consist of 3 waves but make net movement in the direction opposite to the trend.

Wave 3 is confirmed whenever the oscillator actually picks up and also creates a mount-like structure. The end of wave 3 and wave 4 and the beginning of web 5 can be identified whenever the oscillator is back to the zero lines. Thus a trader who is using advanced get can take a position not only based on the Elliott Wave but also he can confirm the trade with the Elliott Wave Oscillator.

Free AmiBroker AFL for the Elliott Oscillator

Amibroker is one of the most popular trading software and comes with the most advanced charting, scanning, optimization and many other features. Here, is a glimpse of Amibroker’s features:

Free Amibroker AFL
  • Powerful Charting and Drawing Tools
  • Analytical Window
  • 3D Optimization Chart
  • Gradient Chart and Market Profile
  • Scoring and Ranking
  • Monte-Carlo Simulation
  • Faster Formula Language
  • Fast Performance

The Download Link of the Free AmiBroker AFL

Now, we will provide the free Amibroker AFL of the Elliot Wave. You can download the free Amibroker AFL of the Elliott wave oscillator from below the link.

Elliott Oscillator - Free AmiBroker AFL

You can test oscillator side by side with the advanced get the software and I have tested and found that the oscillator is almost identical to the Elliott Wave oscillator found in the actual advanced get the software. Download the formula code from here.

How to Trade the Elliott Oscillator with our Free AmiBroker AFL?

Not only the mount-like structure but also the pullback as well as divergence is used by the traders to understand the market direction. But the divergence is not so easy to trade. So the newbies must prepare their eyes first before they start using the divergence.

Divergence in the Elliott Oscillator with our Free AmiBroker AFL

The best way of confirming the divergence is to use a moving average along with the oscillator.


In conclusion, the oscillator is an important charting tool that can identify a trend or a reversal. The Elliott Oscillator or the Advanced Get Oscillator is quite accurate in identifying trend continuation or divergence. However, from the article, we hope traders can get an idea of how to trade oscillators and make full use of our free AmiBroker AFL.

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