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Online Aadhar Card Correction Procedure

Online Aadhar Card Correction Procedure

Aadhar card is your identity. Not only that nowadays, but we can also use our Aadhaar card for signing documents online. Yes, no physical signatures are necessary and we can digitally sign documents online using our Aadhar card. Traders can even open Trading and Demat account online using their Aadhar card within minutes. To use our Aadhar card for digital signature and online usage we must have that up to date. All our name, date of birth, address, mobile number, email id needs to be correct on the Aadhar card. In this post let’s discuss the online aadhar card correction procedure.

The first thing that needs to be correct and updated on your Aadhar card to use it for online Aadhar card correction procedure is your mobile number. If the mobile number is not attached to any Aadhar it cannot be corrected or updated online. Hence, the first thing is to connect your mobile phone to your Aadhar card.

How To Connect Mobile Number With Aadhar?

  • You can connect your mobile number with Aadhar from your local mobile store.
  • But the above procedure only updates Aadhar number in the mobile operator’s database.
  • If you want to update your mobile phone number on the Aadhar database, you need to visit your local Aadhar center.
  • Visit your local Aadhar center with a copy of your Aadhar card, they will check the fingerprints and retina and update/correct your name, mobile number, date of birth, address etc.
  • They will also provide you with a printed proof of the update or correction and generally the changes are updated on Aadhar database within 3 working days.

Why Mobile Number Is Important In Online Aadhar Card Correction Procedure?

  • Once your Aadhar card is updated with your mobile number, you can now update or correct any other details of your Aadhar card online. As of now only address updating or correction facility is available online.
  • No need to visit any physical Aadhar center if your mobile number is connected to the Aadhar card.
  • For online Aadhar card correction procedure, a one time password or OTP comes to your registered mobile number through SMS, hence mobile number needs to be updated on the Aadhar card for sure.

Online Aadhar Card Correction Procedure – Step By Step Guide:

  • Open the official UIDAI site from this link: https://uidai.gov.in/.
  • You can see an AADHAR UPDATE section in the middle.
Online Aadhar Card
  • The first link in the AADHAR UPDATE section is Address Update Request (Online), the second link is Address Update Request (By Post) and the third link is Update at Enrolment Center.
  • We have already discussed how to update Aadhar details in the enrolment center, hence let’s leave the third link.
  • The second link is about updating Aadhar records by post, here actually you can download a form, fill it with correct details and send to the UIDAI office located at Hyderabad.
  • But as we have our correct mobile phone linked to our Aadhar, we can use the first link, i.e, Address Update Request (Online). Click that.
  • This will open another page, where at the bottom its written “To submit your address update/ correction request please Proceed.” Click on PROCEED.
  • The next screen will ask for your Aadhar number and you need to put a captcha. Once you put them, click “Send OTP”.
Online Aadhar Card Correction
  • Now you will receive the OTP on your registered mobile. Input the OTP and click on LOGIN.
Online Aadhar Card Correction
  • Next screen will ask whether you want to update your address, select the ADDRESS checkbox and click SUBMIT.
  • Now you can update your address fields of your Aadhar card as shown in the image below.
Online Aadhar Card Correction
  • Once your address fields are updated, you need to upload any documents as proof (if asked for) and also you can choose your BPO Service Provider.
  • After you complete your online Aadhar card correction procedure, you need to wait for 3 working days for the changes to saved in the UIDAI database.

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