This web page will show Bank Nifty share price and Bank Nifty technicals. Daily and in trading hours we will update technical trading data for the Bank Nifty future. The first table will show all major pivot point calculations for Bank Nifty future. To know how to use various pivot points CLICK HERE. The second shows hourly indicator analysis of Bank Nifty future and generally for short term swing traders and the third table shows hourly moving average analysis of Bank Nifty future and mainly for the long term swing traders.

Bank Nifty Share Price

Bank Nifty Technicals – BNF Today’s Pivot Points

Bank Nifty Technicals – BNF Hourly Indicator Analysis

Bank Nifty Technicals – BNF Hourly Moving Average Analysis

Bank Nifty Daily Chart

What is Bank Nifty?
Bank Nifty is the index of major banking stocks of NSE exchange. Currently Bank Nifty index consists of 12 stocks. It overall denotes the movement of the banking sector of the country. Bank Nifty is more volatile than Nifty. Hence many traders trade this index future for a bigger gain.

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