IPO Performance

In this page you can find the performance report of the past IPOs of NSE and BSE exchange. IPO performance are listed by equity / issue name, issue price, list date, open, close, listing gains, current market price and current gains. You can also tally these IPO performance with our past IPO review.

EquityIssue priceListed DateOpenCloseListing Gains (%)CMPCurrent gains (%)
Mahip Industrie3212th Mar3233.6533.54.69
Gleam Fabmat105th Mar98.55-14.56.25-37.5
Kranti Industri3728th Feb35.2536.95-0.1435.35-4.46
Mindpool Techno3028th Feb30-16.5-45
Jonjua Overseas1025th Feb1211.41410.77
Anmol India3321st Feb33.634.153.4832.5-1.52
Ritco Logistics737th Feb77.473.550.7571.9-1.51
Chalet Hotels2807th Feb291290.43.71318.7513.84
Surani Steel Tu526th Feb53.1-520
Xelpmoc Design664th Feb5658.8-10.9169.95.91
Axita Cotton6010th Jan6162.13.57931.67
Deccan Health C10031st Dec113.4113.413.411919
Shankar Lal Ram4524th Dec46.1546.8442.5-5.56
DRS Dilip Roadl7510th Dec75.15-75.60.8
Diksha Greens304th Dec35.9-67.8126
SHUBHLAXMI264th Dec27.02-64.5148.08
Shree Krishna133rd Dec12.3512.35-55.3-59.23
Roni Households203rd Dec20.0520.52.52525
BCPL Railway In3529th Oct35-35.651.86
Ultra Wiring Co3525th Oct33.05-28.8-17.71

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