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Kotak Securities Brokerage Charges, Margin & App Review

kotak securities brokerage charges

Kotak Securities is an established broking house. It is the broking arm of the renowned Kotak group. Also, the Kotak securities brokerage structure is also very popular among traders of the Indian stock market. Also, The company has attractive features for their customers. Kotak Securities Brokerage Charges are also very attractive. In the latter part of this article, we will discuss in details Kotak Securities brokerage charges.

The Kotak Mahindra group owns Kotak Securities. They have the Kotak Mahindra Bank as their financial arm. Kotak Securities look after the broking and stock trading activities. In 1994, Kotak Securities was formed as a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. Since then, it never looked back. Today, in almost every mid-sized town and big city, you can find branches of Kotak Securities across the length and breadth of India. Consistent high performances made it achieve this standard.

A few facts of Kotak Securities

Now, let’s look at a few facts. Kotak Securities received the best broker award by FinanceAsia Country Awards, 2019. As per the latest statistics available, Kotak Securities has more than 17 lakhs customers, in 1539 branches across 393 cities. As a result, it is one of the top brokers in India.

This is a Kotak Securities review. Hence, this complete review will help many traders. I have also added a few comparisons. As a result, traders can decide on their own whether to pick this or not. Therefore, read the complete review first. Then only you can decide.

What is Kotak Securities?

Kotak Securities is the broking subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank, a part of the Kotak Group of companies.

Is Kotak Securities good?

Yes, of course. It recieved the Best broking firm award in 2019. Hence we can vouch for it.

How is Kotak Securities demat account?

The Kotak Securities demat account is as good as all other top broking firms provide.

How much brokerage does Kotak Securities charge?

There are many plans as well as the zero brokerage plan. We will discuss in detail about it afterwards.

Why Kotak Securities?

Kotak Securities is one of the top broking firms in India provong frill-free broking services to its customers. Also, it is very popular among traders.

Kotak securities brokerage charges and other fees structure

kotak securities brokerage charges
Kotak Securities Brokerage Charges

Let’s consider the Trade Free Plan of Kotak Securities. This is a very attractive plan. Let’s look into its features now.

  • The brokerage for intraday trades is free across all segments. Though to adhere to the SEBI prescribed margins, a nominal fee of 1 paisa per scrip/ underlying is charged for trades following SEBI margin guidelines.
  • For delivery trades, the minimum brokerage is Rs 20 or 0.25% of the transaction value, whichever is higher.
  • Intraday high leverage trades attract a flat brokerage of Rs 20.
  • Trade free plans also provide access to in-depth research material for stock picks from in-house analysts.
  • If a trader activates the MIS facility for his/ her trading account, he/she can enjoy high leverage positions in intraday trading.
  • Currently, account opening under the trade free plan is completely free. Even the old customers can also opt for this plan and upgrade to this plan.
  • The trade free plan is valid for a lifetime, once a trader opts for it. Of course, the trader can opt-out from it anytime.
  • Also, this plan has no renewal fee. Once chosen, it remains.

Kotak Securities brokerage charges, demat charges, interest rate and other charges

  • The account opening charge is free now.
  • If stocks are used as a margin for derivative trades, Kotak securities charge 0.025% per day as interest.
  • The interest for outstanding debit balance on Margin Trading Facility (MTF) is 0.04% per day.
  • The interest for other debit balance is 0.05% per day.
  • All the interest will be charged on a monthly basis.
  • The STT/ CTT charges are as per prevailing charges.
  • There are demat, rematerialisation charges. Demat charges are Rs 150 per certificate + Rs 50 per request (as courier charges).
  • The annual maintenance charge (AMC) is Rs 50/ month.
  • There’s no charge on the buy side. But for selling, the charges are 0.04% of the scrip value or a minimum of Rs 20.
  • There are charges as pledge charges, client master report charges, delivery instruction slip resistance charges as well.
  • The other payable charges include auction charges, check bounce charges, internal settlement charges, hard copy statement charges, fund transfer charges and other smaller fees.

Kotak Securities services

Kotak Securities provide some premium services. They are –

  • Complete set of stockbroking and related services,
  • Portfolio Management services or PMS,
  • In-depth market analysis by own team of experts,
  • Own depository services,
  • Help own customers to invest across the globe for international investments and
  • Latest market data with insight.

Kotak securities app

A subscriber of Kotak securities can trade in the following ways.

  • Keat ProX – It is a web-based trading tool from Kotak. You can trade in the live market in all segments through this web-based trading platform. It is a completely free tool. Therefore you need not worry about upgrading fees and renewal. It is a highly integrated, fully customizable online stock trading tool.
  • Kotak Stock Trader or KST –
kotak securities brokerage charges

It is a mobile app. Hence you can trade from anywhere, anytime from your mobtle phone. It is a highly secured tap-and-trade mobile app.

  • Fastlane – It is another innovative product from Kotak Securities. This is a unique product for those persons where office premises do not allow the installation of KeatProX. This product allows you to have KeatProX like experience from your office.
  • Xtralite – This application is suitable for systems where a slow internet connection creates hindrances in trading. Therefore, with the help of this app, you can trade even under very slow network areas. It is truly a super-fast, extra lite web trading platform to help you get over with slow internet speed.

In addition to the above mentioned ways, a tarder can conveniently trade through dealer assisted services. So, a trader can use the dealer assited trading for buying and selling across all segments. The dealer trades for as you as per your predefined conditions.

Also, there is the Call & Trade facility. You can call and trade through the dealer. It is a chargeable service. You can call and trade during market hours from anywhere. The Kotak securities have tried to address every issue a trader faces during trading hours through the multiple services described here.

Opening an account in Kotak Securities

Kotak Demat

If you want to open a demat account in Kotak Securities, go to the home page of Kotak Securities. There you will see a button saying open an account. You click on that to open an account. After clicking on that button, you will see another window opening, like the one shown in the picture. You submit your details there to open your account. In addition, you can also open a paperless digital account by calling over the telephone or asking them to call you back. Kotak Securities account activation completes after you provide all the necessary documents to them.

Kotak Demat account opening

As you can see, you can open your account in Kotak Securities within 60 minutes, as they say.

Open a three in one account. They call it a Trinity account which include a savings bank account, a DP and a trading account in one go.

After you open an account, log in to your account. The Kotak Securities login procedure is very simple. You just put your id and password to open the Kotak Securities trading platform for Kotak Securities online trading. For trading online or offline, as I explained earlier, do the Kotak Securities login to trade. And, I must add, Kotak Securities Ltd has a strong customer care service.

Kotak Securities customer care

Kotak Securities Customer Care

As we see in the picture above, a trader can chat on WhatsApp during trading hours. The Call & Trade team works through different telephone no. For NRI clients, the number is also different. In addition, there is a chatbot on the Kotak Securities website. Anyone can interact with them through that chatbot also. Kotak Securities email id is not a single email id. They have provided different email ids for different purposes.

Kotak Securities Toll Free Number
kotak securities brokerage charges
Kotak Securities Toll Free No

Brokerage calculator of Kotak Securities & Kotak Securities brokerage charges

When you go to the Kotak Securities brokerage calculator page, just fill the blank spaces to calculate brokerage for Kotak Securities. Fill your share but price, sell price, share quantity and your state to calculate all the charges beforehand. This is the best tool to calculate Kotak Securities charges.

There is also the Kotak Securities margin calculator. You can calculate the margin money before taking any leveraged position.

Some more information on Kotak securities

Kotak Securities is not a listed company in the stock market yet. Therefore we do not get the Kotak Securities share price. But Kotak Securities have a presence in the Kotak Mahindra Bank, being a subsidiary. One can trade this in the equity section.

Kotak Securities have career options open as of now. Kotak Securities career opportunities are always there for people having flair for sales. Whenever you visit the home page you can find careers in Kotak Securities, you will always find the current openings section.

Kotak Securitues Logo
Kotak Securities Logo

Branches, offices of Kotak Securities

Below the Home page of Kotak Securities, there is a branch locator button. When you go to the branch locator, you just put the name of the place where you want to find branches. Once you finish filling the space, the branch locator will mention names and places along with location in the Google Map.

Branch Locator

You can also search for Kotak Securities near me or the Kotak Securities branch near me on this page. Similarly, you can also find the Kotak Securities office near me in the same way. Also, you can find information about Kotak Securities on the Wikipedia page. In addition, there’s also another page on it in Wiki2.

There are about & offices or branches of Kotak Securities in Kolkata. You can find the Kotak Securities Kolkata in the branch locator. We can also find many offices of Kotak Securities in Bangalore as well as in other cities. In Bangalore, presently known as Bengaluru, Kotak Securities has as many as 8 offices.

Comparisons of Kotak Securities brokerage charges with others

Here we would like to compare the services and products with some other top brokers of India. These comparisons will give a clear picture of the worth of Kotak Securities. Hence, as I mentioned earlier, a trader can pass better judgement on a broker.

Kotak Securities versus Zerodha, a broker comparison

Zerodha Brokerage
  • Whenever I start comparing these two, the first thing that comes to mind is the nature of the broking house. Kotak Securities is a full-service broking house. But Zerodha is a discount broker.
  • In terms of size, Kotak is vast, having a presence in almost 400 towns and cities, through over 1500 branches. Kotak Securities provides service to its clients through this big network. But Zerodha has very few branches, less than 50. Zerodha’s customers mainly trade online themselves as is the case for all discount brokers. Therefore they do not need branches everywhere like the conventional brokers.
  • Kotak Securities brokerage charges are similar to that of Zerodha. But the account opening charges are different. Presently Kotak charges nothing for new account opening, but you pay to open an account in Zerodha. The AMC is Rs 50/ per month or Rs 600 per year for Kotak. But Zerodha charges only Rs 300 for AMC.

Other comparisons with Kotak Securities brokerage charges

  • Zerodha offers a flat Rs 20 brokerage. The equity delivery is free. Butkotak securities brokerage charges are different. In the earlier section of this article, we have seen that. But the difference is charges in delivery.
  • Zerodha is the pioneer among discount brokers in India. They first came up with the idea of flat Rs 20 plan. Others followed its path.
  • Zerodha has a huge customer base, far higher than Kotak securities. Also, the customers of these two companies enjoy different types of services. Zerodha customers are more tech-savvy, enjoy trading themselves and comprise mainly of younger and otherwise educated people. But the customers of Kotak securities comprise of all kinds of traders, both old and new.
  • Zerodha Pi and Kite are very fast, real-time trading platforms, well designed to suit every kind of professional trader. The Kotak securities have different kinds of trading platforms to suit the need of readers from steps of the society. They have tried to take care of all the practical problems, the traders usually face during the day to day trading activity. Therefore the conventional trader would prefer the Kotak securities more.

Comparison between Kotak Securities broking charges and Angel Broking

Angel Broking Charges
  • Both Angel Broking and Kotak Securities are full-service brokers. Angel started their business back in 1987. Kotak is somewhat new in comparison. It started its operation in 1994.
  • Both of these brokers have a similar kind of brokerage structure. Both of them focus on flat brokerage of Rs 20 per order. Kotak Securities though doesn’t charge any brokerage for intraday trade except for high leverage margin trades.
  • Angel Broking has a unique product named ARQ. It is basically a Robo advisory engine. this is a highly precise engine for automatic trading or algorithmic trading. Therefore, traders interested in algo trading prefer Angel. In comparison, Kotak Securities focus more on their research and analysis team. Kotak subscribers get full advantage of this research during stock trading.
  • Both Angel Broking and Kotak Securities are full-service brokers. Angel started their business back in 1987. Kotak is somewhat new in comparison. It started its operation in 1994.
  • Both of these brokers have a similar kind of brokerage structure. Both of them focus on flat brokerage of Rs 20 per order. Kotak Securities though doesn’t charge any brokerage for intraday trade except for high leverage margin trades. But there are some other small differences in brokerage structure between these two.

Some more important differences

  • Angel Broking has a unique product named ARQ. It is basically a Robo advisory engine. This is a highly precise engine for automatic trading or algorithmic trading. Therefore, traders interested in algo trading prefer Angel. In comparison, Kotak Securities focus more on their research and analysis team. The subscribers of Kotak Securities get full advantage of this research during stock trading.
  • Kotak has its own depository services. Hence it offers 3-in-1 accounts to its customers. Angel does not have its own depository service.
  • Also, Kotak has a famous AMC (asset management company) of their own. They have a strong presence in the mutual fund market. Kotak’s customers get the advantages of their research of the AMC research team. Angel Broking can not provide such advantages.
  • Looking at those differences, I should say conventional traders are more inclined to Kotak Securities. But traders who are more inclined to do algo trades and other hi-tech trades would more opt for Angel Broking.

Kotak Securities brokerage charges vs HDFC securities

HDFC Securities

Both HDFC Securities and Kotak Securities are full-service brokers. Both have AMCs. And both of them attract similar kind of traders. Also, both provide a 3-in-1 account to their customers. In spite of all these similarities, there exist some differences. Both of these companies compete with each other in the same trading space. This factor has made them more efficient and smarter. Let’s have a look at their special features and their differences.

  • HDFC Securities provide different kinds of plans for equity trading and trading in F&O segments. They call these plans value plans. For equity, they have 6 value plans. HDFC Securities provide these value plans to cater to the different needs of customers. They provide specialized service for each category.
kotak securities brokerage charges
HDFC Equity Value Plans
  • In the F&O section also the HDFC Securities provide different kinds of value plans. With these value plans, they serve customers and provide customized services.
HDFC F&O Value Plans

As you can see the brokerage and other charges vastly vary with Kotak Securities brokerage charges. In every section of the brokerage structure, HDFC has different charges. As a trader, you need to opt for any of these plans to qualify for their services. Though the trading volume is an important factor here. In comparison, Kotak Securities brokerage charges are different. It does not depend on your trading volume. This brokerage structure is easy to adopt for traders.

These differences in brokerage and other charges will help the traders to pick the best broker or the best plan to suit own requirement. However, if one is not sure of trading volume, the easiest one is more advisable.

Excerpts from this review

In this article we have compared three highly popular broking firms with Kotak Securities. They are Zerodha, Angel Broking and HDFC Securities. All of them are special in their own space. All of them provide premium services to their subscribers though their services differ. But from this comparstive study we can draw some conclusions.


Zerodha is a premium discount broker, the pioneer in their field. It has a strong customer base. Zerodha is very popular among the new generation of stock market traders. All tech-savvy, educated stock market traders and IT professional prefer this broker. The flat Rs 20 per executed order is their brainchild. It also has a good technical and data analysis platform. Traders who love to do their own trades have their own trading system, always prefer Zerodha for its independent nature.

Angel Broking

Angel Broking surpassed others as far as algo trading is concerned. Though it is a conventional, full-service broker, it has a very good algo trading platform of its own. A trader can use this Robo trade platform to enjoy complete auto trading. The buy, sell is done automatically as per given preconditions. Many new generation traders prefer auto trade so that they can remain in trades while working on their own.

HDFC Securities

On the other HDFC Securities is famous for its customized services. You pay for the premium services you pick. You have complete freedom to choose any of the plans or change them. Premium customers, NRI investors, HNI investors prefer HDFC Securities because of its premium services. But for the retail traders, who do not invest a lot in the market, prefer intraday or swing trading for short terms, may not need such premium services. They may look elsewhere.

Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities is a company that is very highly rated by its customers. In this article, we have seen, how Kotak Securities has tried to address every issue of the traders and investors and embedded the solutions in their system. Amazingly, they have given solution for those traders who trade with a slow internet connection. No other has tried to solve this problem though everybody knew it existed. A subscriber gets very good tips from the very strong research teams of Kotak Securities. The subscriber gets advantages of Kotak Securities brokerage charges, the new trade free plan.


Looking at all the advantages and after comparing all these top brokers I find Kotak Securities provides the most acceptable trading platform. It has got all the services a full service broker can provide. Alongwith that, the trading platforms and the trading apps are very modern, fast and well integrated. Anyone, who is trying to find a new broking platform, can easily opt for Kotak Securities. I assure you won’t regret for your decision.

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