Step-By-Step Guide To Omnesys Nest Trader Chart Settings

nest trader chart settings

Though nowadays after the launch of ZERODHA PI Omnesys Nest Trader is not so popular among traders, still till date a large chunk of traders are using Nest Trader platform. Brokers like Samco, SASOnline, Master Capital, BMA etc and literally all new and small brokers are still providing Nest Trader to their clients. There is still lack of information on the net about Omnesys Nest Trader chart settings. So let’s go through a step-by-step guide on how we can open a chart in Nest Trader platform.

Fist run and login to Nest Trader. Add your scrips to your market watch.

Now right click on your script and Plugin Commands –> Plus Chart. This will open up the chart in Nest Trader as shown in the image below.
Opening Chart In Nest Trader
The chart will be opened and we can see big candles. Charting in Nest Trader is a bit confusing hence Omnesys Nest Trader chart settings need to be done to proceed.
Chart Nest Trader
Now zoom the chart using Right Click –> Zoom In or pressing Ctrl+Z in your keyboard. You can zoom out by right-clicking and Zoom Out or pressing Ctrl+Shift+Z in the keyboard.
Zoom Chart Nest Trader
Now your chart is visible, you can set your desired time frame by Right Click –>Interval. You can choose between hourly, 30-minutes, 5-minutes and 1-minute chart.
Chart Change Interval Nest Trader
Now we can add some indicators. I have added Bollinger Bands as shown in the image below:
Bollinger Band Nest Trader
You can also add momentum indicators like Stochastics OR RSI etc. I have added Stochastics in my Omnesys Nest Trader chart settings as shown in the image below.
Stochastics Nest Trader
So, now your Nest Trader chart is ready. Volume is already added by default. You can save your chart template by right click –> Save Template.
Nest Trader Chart Save Template
Nest Trader chart has its own limitation as we cant open charts of more than 1 scrip and only 1 chart can be opened at a time. Hence, I recommend switching to ZERODHA PI for a better charting experience. To get ZERODHA PI at the earliest CLICK HERE.

Step-By-Step Guide To Omnesys Nest Trader Chart Settings

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