Aluminium Price Chart And Analysis

What is Aluminium? The name of Aluminium has been derived from the latin name alumen. This is the most plentiful metal on the earth’s crust (7.5%-8.1%) but virtually never occus in free form. So rare to occur free that it was once considered as a precious metal more valuable than Gold. It is obtained from eletrolysis of bauxite (Al2O2). Find below Aluminium price, daily chart and live indicator analysis.

Aluminium Price Support And Resistance

Aluminium Futures daily Candlestick Chart

The chart above the daily candles will update automatically with Alumium price movements. You need to refresh the page manually.

Aluminium is widely used in kitchen utensils, building decorations, electrial transmission and packaging industry (aluminium foils). It has also wide usage in the aircraft industry.

Aluminium is regularly traded in MCX. It falls under base metal category. A regular version of Aluminium and mini version called Alumini is traded in MCX.

The trading lot size of Aluminium in MCX is 5 MT and that of Alumini is 1 MT. There are many small traders who trades this base metal category. They trades for 50 paisa to 1 rupee gain and trades multiple times a day.

Brokers like Zerodha requires margin of approximately 30000 to trade Alumium positionally and around 15000 to trade Aluminium intraday. The margin for Alumini is around 6000 for positional trades and around 3000 for intraday trades. For every 1 point gain traders can gain Rs. 5000 in Aluminium contract and Rs. 1000 in Alumini contract. So this commodity has heavy lot size even in the mini segment.

One can check the global Alumium price by following the London Metal Exchange site. The official page for Aluminium in LME is here. You can check the officla price curve for Aluminium in that page. Following global rates can give traders an idea on where the rates may move in India’s MCX markets.

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