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Nifty Heat Map

If you are dealing with the stock market regularly, you must be familiar with the names of the fifty stocks under Nifty. We have other updated pages based on Stocks of Nifty Gainers and Losers Today. You may check them out. The previous pages on Gainers and Losers can provide you with the best and worst performing stocks list. This specific Nifty Heat Map page guide you in every possible way to spot the changes in the fifty stocks whether it’s positive or not. Besides the change percentage, here you get other updated details too such as actual change amount, last traded price along with company names.

Nifty Heat Map

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As you can see in the above chart that the color is changing from green to red in a different way. The last coloumn includes change percentage of the stocks. Here, you have to remember centain things, stocks which have change percentage below +1 to above -1, considers as Neutral stocks. Try to avoid these types of stocks. Stocks with change percentage of above 1, indicates profitable stocks and below -1 is weak performing stocks. You need to follow the good performing stocks with change percentage of +1 or more. The above heat map is designed in a proper way so that you can find stocks according to their performance. From strongest to weakest performing stocks are listed in this map.

Besides the Nifty heat map, you can do your own analysis by applying various technical toools and techniques. Try to use support-resistance framework along with target and stop loss tools. This techniques not only generate a maximum profit but also help to minimize the risk factor of your trading. If you are interested, you can check our articles on these. You will get detail guidance from there. However, the Nifty Heat Map can give you an overall view regarding the market trend and movements.