Lead Price Chart And Analysis

Commodity trading in India is continuously rising. Various investment options in commodity trading can outpace some of the traditional investments. In commodity trading, there are three broad sections of commodities, bullion, base metal, and energy. Other than bullion metals, investors can book huge profits from the base metal also. You will find every detail regarding commodities on our site through separate segments. Today’s section Lead is one of the important base metals in the commodity exchange. Here, in this content, we provide a live lead price chart along with analytical details.

Before going through the commodity market, let’s have an idea of what actually base metals mean. Generally, the commonly found metal (except bullion metal) is termed the base metal. For example, copper, bronze, lead, etc are less expensive for their common availability in comparison to precious metals like gold, and silver. Besides wide usage in the commercial and industrial fields, base metals also have investment value. Hence, in an economy, the specific metal plays a quite significant role.

Indian Commodity Exchange

Commodity exchange mainly works as a medium and authority of commodity trading. Their various commodities, as well as derivatives products, are traded or exchanged between buyers and sellers. Through the commodity exchange, investors can get a variety of trading options like forward, future, options, intraday, etc.

In India, there are multiple commodity exchanges such as Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX), National Commodity and Derivative Exchange (NCDEX), and National Multi Commodity Exchange (NMCE). Among them, MCX is quite popular in commodity trading. It is the oldest and first commodity exchange to open in India. More than 80 per cent of the country’s commodity futures market accounts are controlled by MCX. It has ranked as the 6th world’s largest futures exchange market.

Lead, A Base Metal

Since pre-historic times, people use lead as a base metal. During the Roman Empire, the production and usage of lead reached a peak point. In ancient times, the main use of lead was to make water pipes, tank linings, pots, cosmetics, etc. Now, come to the characteristics of lead, by discussing this, you will get a common idea about the particular metal. The lustrous heavy silver-blue metal is a highly malleable but quite a poor conductor of electricity. Besides this, it is very dense in nature. In the periodic table, its symbol is Pb. Lead can be produced in two ways either from mined ores or from scrap. According to 2014 data, 4.58 million metric tons of lead were produced by primary production and 5.64 from scrap. Here, we attached the lead price support and resistance, lead futures daily candlestick chart.

Lead Price Support And Resistance

ResistanceRes ValuesSupportSup ValuesTime FrameSignal

Lead Futures Daily Price Chart

The attached live chart will automatically be updated with price movements. You only need to refresh the page often for getting updated news.

Usage of the Lead

Lead has wide usage in the industrial field like batteries, machine manufacturing, light industries, ship buildings, radiation productions etc. For your understanding purpose, we have attached a snapshot of lead production below:

Lead Price
  • Batteries: The battery production industry uses 80 per cent of lead. Vehicles like motorcycles, trains, tanks, and planes use lead in the battery. Besides this, there are many factories which use lead as a primary metal.
  • Ship Buildings: We can find the usage of lead in the marine industry.
  • Cable Sheaths
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Lead Oxide
  • Light Industry
  • Other Application

Practically many things that move use a lead-acid battery. So we can say that lead is practically moving the world. MCX exchange trades lead. Both Lead and Lead Mini versions are available under the base metal segment.

The trading quantity for Lead is 5 MT and that of Lead Mini is 1 MT. So we can say that Lead has a lot size in MCX of 5000 and Lead Mini has a lot size in MCX of 1000. So for 1 point price movement, a trader can gain or lose Rs. 5000 in Lead and he/she can gain or lose Rs. 1000 in Lead Mini. This larger lot size makes it a bit riskier for very small undercapitalized traders.

Margin Requirement and Trading Strategies for Lead

Zerodha requires a margin of Rs. 44000 (approx) for carry-forward trades and Rs. 22000 (approx) for intraday trades. Similarly, for Lead Mini, the margin requirement is approximately Rs. 9000 and Rs. 4500 respectively.

Lead is also traded around the world. You can check the official page for Lead in London Metal Exchange here. Traders can trade Lead using the opening range breakout strategy OR using Camarilla Pivots. For opening range breakout we suggest using breakout of the first 15 minutes / 30 minutes or 1-hour candle. You will also get the price trend of Lead in different time frames above on the page.

Final Thoughts about Lead Price

Overall, the lead price has its strength and weaknesses depending on how it affects other markets. As investors look into their portfolios, they need to consider market data critically in order to make sound decisions that will best maximize their returns. Lead prices are important metrics, however, they should not be the only factor when making investment choices. With so many shifting variables playing into each major decision, it pays to do thorough research before committing funds.

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