Lead Price Chart And Analysis

What is lead? Lead is a poisionous metal whose symbol in periodic table is Pb. Lead falls under base metals category. It has a lustrous silver blue appearence. It is very resistant to corrosion. It is widely used in making batteries, bullets, lead pencils etc. See below Lead price, chart and technical analysis.

Lead Price Support And Resistance

Lead Futures Daily Candlestick Chart

The chart above the daily candles will update automatically with Lead price movements. To see updated charts you need to refresh the page manually.

Practically many thing that moves use a lead acid battery. So we can say that lead is practically moving the world. Lead is traded in MCX exchange. Both Lead and Lead Mini version is traded under the base metal segment.

The trading quantity for Lead is 5 MT and that of Lead Mini is 1 MT. So we can say that Lead has a lot size in MCX of 5000 and Lead Mini has a lot size in MCX of 1000. So for 1 point price movemnt a trader can gain or lose Rs. 5000 in Lead and he / she can gain or lose Rs. 1000 in Lead Mini. This larger lot size makes it a bit riskier for very small under capitalized traders.

Zerodha Margin Requirement For Lead:
Zerodha requires a margin of Rs. 44000 (approx) for carry forward trades and Rs. 22000 (approx) for intraday trades. Similarly for Lead Mini the margin requirement is approximately Rs. 9000 and Rs. 4500 respectively.

Lead is also traded around the world. You can check the official page for Lead in London Metal Exchance here. Traders can trade Lead using the opening range breakout strategy OR using Camarilla Pivots. For opening range breakout we suggest to use breakout of first 15 minutes / 30 minutes or 1 hour candle. You will also get trend of Lead in different time frames above in the page.

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