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Auto Trend Forecaster Indicator [Metatrader / MT4]

Auto trend forecaster indicator

As the name suggests Auto Trend Forecaster indicator is a trend following indicator for MetaTrader 4 platform. In this post, I shall discuss about the usage of the indicator and also will provide you with the download link to the great indicator.

The indicator is also suggested to use with a multi time frame approach, i.e. an eye should be kept on the signals of other time frames apart from the time frame you are trading.

Auto Trend Forecaster Indicator Features:

  • This forex system consistently generates 150+ pips profits daily.
  • The maker said that no one can fail (if used correctly).
  • Works at any time of the day / night.
  • Average 20 to 200 pips per trade.
  • The makers said that it has 82% win rate (i.e, 8 out of every 10 trades are winners).

The Download Contains:

  • The indicator file: autotrendforecaster.ex4
  • An installation and usage guide

Many of these indicators were build prior to MT4 600 build. Hence if you find problem in installing the indicator you may see our post on MT4 indicators and templates installation.


Trading Rules:

  1. BUY trades occur when the Auto Trend Forecaster changes colour from Orange to Blue.
  2. SHORT SELL trades occur when the Auto Trend Forecaster changes colour from Blue to Orange.

You can download the Auto Trend Forecaster indicator for MT4 here. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

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