Long Short Build Up

For new traders it’s hard to figure out where to find short building up and short covering stocks of NSE India. So we have prepared this long short build up page to give you the whole picture in one single place. You can also find long building up, long unwinding, and open interest there.

Using the futures trend feature in this page, you can quickly see how long stocks are being built up, how long stocks are being unloaded, how long stocks are being sold, and how long stocks are being bought back.

Symbol Expiry Date Last Price Chg (Rs) Chg (%) Increase in OI Increase (%)

First let us need to understand what is Open Interest. This is how many derivative contracts, like options or futures, that the stock exchange has not settled for an asset yet. Therefore, open interest is how many of these contracts there are open.

Long Short Build Up

Long Build Up

Here, long build-up means that more investors are taking long positions and expecting prices to rise. In the long run, the price and the number of people who want to buy it both rise.

Short Build Up

It means people are taking short positions, which means they think the price will go down. There’s a process called “short building” when the stock price drops and there are more people who want to buy it.

Long Unwinding

Long unwinding refers to selling positions or stocks that traders held for a long time, either to make money or to get out of the way of a possible downturn. A drop in prices means that there is less interest in the stock.

Short Covering

The short-covering refers to buying back the shorted securities, which means the price rises and the open interest drops.

In the table above you can see the stocks where fresh build up has taken place. By default this table is sorted by long short build up. You can clear filters to see all stocks.

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