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Copper Price Chart And Analysis

Base Metal Commodity Trading In Indian Perspective

Trade and Commerce play a key role in the field of financial opportunity. Commodity trading in India started much before many other countries. It’s being modified for ages. Previously the specific trading system was based on limited commodities. Now, in the present day, there are multiple avenues in the field of commodity trading. Now, after stating a brief introduction about base metal, we will go straight to today’s main discussionĀ Copper Price Chart And Analysis.

The base metal is totally inexpensive as well as the most commonly found material. The uplifting price of copper indicates growth in an economy. The base metal is also known as the building block of infrastructure because of its usefulness. For example, in stainless steel, nickel is one of the major components. The earliest discovered metal was lead. Nowadays, the usage of copper materialĀ is vast in an industrial and commercial places.

Indian Commodity Exchange

Copper Price

India has quite a promising future in the commodity market. There is both national and regional authorized commodity exchange. Commodity market investors generally follow the Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX). Besides this, there are exchanges like the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX), Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX), Universal Commodity Exchange (UCX), etc. Globally, there is a well-known exchange in the global commodity market, London Metal Exchange (LME) which is closely followed by MCX. A snapshot of world copper production is attached below:

Characteristics of Copper as a Base Metal

Thousands of years ago copper was discovered and the first metal to be used by humans. Unlike bullion, the particular base metal is relatively inexpensive. Its various industrial applications and usage make this metal valuable. The extraction methods of the metal are the open pit and underground mining. Between the two mining methods, the open-pit is the widely used metal. It has a reddish-brown color and the density is 8.92 gm. The melting point of copper stands at 1083 degrees. Here, you can get the copper price support and resistance, live daily candlestick chart. This chart provides the liveĀ update of the copper price. The data is attached below:

Copper Price Support And Resistance

Copper Futures Daily Chart

The attached chart will automatically update as per the copper price movements. To get accurate data, you need to manually refresh the chart often.

Usage of Copper

Construction Purpose

Plumbing, waterproofing, wiring, are some of the important works in the construction of a house. Copper is broadly used for this purpose.

Transportation Equipment

In order to generate an electric motor, copper works as an excellent conductor.

Electronic Products

For copper’s extraordinary electrical conductivity properties, it is used in integrated as well as printed circuits boards. Besides this, the specific metal is also found in vacuum tubes, microwaves, etc.

General Products

For general housing purposes like cookware, bed rails, doorknobs, bed rails copper can be used. The base metal also has anti-bacterial properties.

Machinery purpose

In almost every industry, pieces of machinery are made of coppers wires.

Reason to Invest in Copper

  • The newly emerging market of copper raises its demand high.
  • The industrial revolution makes the machinery demand higher.
  • As it is a good conductor of electricity, its substitute is not easily available.

Copper in the Indian Commodity Market

Copper’s symbol in the periodic table is Cu. The main usage of Copper is in the electrical industry due to its high conductivity of electricity. Some other usages are in water pipes and making alloys like Brass (Cu+Zn).

Copper is traded under the base metal segment in MCX. Both Copper and Copper Mini are traded in the MCX exchange.

The trading unit for copper in MCX is 1MT and a trading unit for the copper mini is 250 kgs. In other words, Copper’s lot size in MCX is 1000 and lot size for the copper mini is 250. For 1 rupee price movement traders gain OR lose Rs. 1000 and Rs. 250 in Copper Mini.

Copper is highly popular in MCX traders. You can use the opening range breakout strategy in Copper. Select heikin ashi candles on 15 minutes time frame and note the first 15 minute candles high and low. If any next heikin ashi candle breaks the high of the first candle of the day on closing basis open up a buy order. Similarly, if any next heikin ashi candle breaks and closes below the low of the first candle of the day open up a sell order.

Intraday traders can trade copper for a 2-3 points profit target and they can keep a protective stop loss of 1-1.5 points.

In Zerodha the positional margin requirement for Copper is around Rs. 21000 and intraday margin requirement is around Rs. 10500.