Upstox Review with Charges, Margin, Features

Upstox is the 2nd largest leading discount stock brokerage firm in India. This company offers online Equity Commodity and Currency Derivatives trading services at BSE NSE and MCX. The Upstox trading platform is an Indian discount brokerage company founded in the year 2011. Part of RKSV, Upstox has more than 90,000 active traders using the … Continue reading “Upstox Review with Charges, Margin, Features”

Option Chain Analysis For All NSE Stocks (FREE)

1. Introduction Options analysis provides insights into the stock market that are not visible to the naked eye. By mastering option analysis, any ordinary trader can gain an edge over their peers and become a professional. In a previous post, we discussed how Nifty can be traded analyzing options. In this post, we will show … Continue reading “Option Chain Analysis For All NSE Stocks (FREE)”