How to trade the NSE Stock Screener? The screener pulls live data from the market and will show you results on Nifty 50 stocks. This will also produce trading opportunities in front of you as per our pre-defined logic.

The NSE stock screener has the following columns in it. Name of stock / index, then open, high, low, last traded price, volume and percentage change in current trading session. From the next column, the trading logics are placed. Next 2 columns are very important. 8th column will screen if any stock / index has made more than 1% gap in either side which will produce a nice gap trading strategy. Gaps also often denote trend days in the stock market.

Column number 9 will screen if OPEN = LOW or OPEN = HIGH. This open high low same strategy also gives big money making trades within a short span of time right after the opening of the market.

Column 10 will screen the scrip’s short-term trend. This can be matched with the O=L or O=H strategy. If the short term trend is UP and the stock’s open status is O=L then the chance of the stock moving higher in intraday is much bigger. Similarly, if the stock’s short-term trend is DOWN and the stock’s open status is O=H then the chance of the stock moving downwards in intraday is much higher. Column 11 or the last column will simply print the long-term trend of the scrip.

Column 10 and column 11 in our NSE stock screener, can be used in correlation. If the long-term trend is UP fresh positional long can be taken when the short-term trend also changes to UP from DOWN. Similarly, if the long-term trend is DOWN fresh positional short can be taken when the short-term trend also changes to DOWN from UP.

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