Upstox Dartstock Download, Charges, Features

Upstox Dartstock Download

In Indian Trading Market, Upstox is quite a familiar name among investors. Upstox is considered one of the leading discounted stock brokers in India. It is popular for its innovative, fast, reliable and easy-to-use platforms. Dartstock is such a contribution from Upstox, it provides advanced technical analysis platform with varieties facilities, multiple tools-techniques. The article will cover the details regarding Upstox Dartstock Download, Charges, and Features.

Upstox Dartstock Download, Charges, and Features

Traders must have an account with Upstox for using the Dartstock application. Only after opening an account, the user can Freely use the Dartstock for four months, charges will be applicable.


Upstox Dartstock Download, Charges and Review

After completing the installation process, you will be asked for the user id, password, and 2fa. Firstly, a home page will be opened in Dartstock. For the basic understanding purpose, an attachment is given below:

home page dartstock

At the foremost row of the window, you will get basic and broad options like File, Orders, Positions, Fund Transfer, Plus, Watch List, View etc. Just below the row, there is a place for the ticker, you may change security settings, movements in the Ticker, it is hidable. Below the ticker, there are indices, it is also manually changeable. In the attachment, the displayed window is the home page which contains today’s update along with the details and market movements.

In order to make the concept clear, a list of features is given below:

Upstox Dartstock

As the Dartstock is a Windows application, it works only from a Windows computer, from Mobile and Android. Main features of the application are described below:

  • Time and Sale Filter: Based on Quantity, Traded Value, sectors, personal watchlist, index, traders can do the scan and analyze by applying the time and sale filter.
  • Live Scanner: The live scanner is available for equity as well as the futures segments. Here, you can get high and low for the day, week, month, year.
  • Trend Scanner: It is one of the most important features for the intraday traders. With the help of the trend scanner, the bullish and bearish trend can be identified by it. With the open interest, the track changes.
  • Opportunity Finder: Market can be scanned based on three criteria which include trend volume, turnover, P/E ratio, market cap, 1-year return etc.
  • OI Change Graph: Depending on quality, traded value, sector, index or personalized watchlist group.
  • Future Spread: Future spread shows the percentage spreads between near and next, spot and near, next and spot. Here, traders can watch the volume.
  • Roll Over: It shows the percentage of rollover for equity scripts in the watchlist.
  • Special Watchlist: Under the special watchlist, there is Resistance and Support watch, Unusual Volume Tracker, Intraday Recovery and Fall.
  • Now, have a look at the attachment below, there look at the highlighted area. From there you set up any of the index, sectors, company etc.


Advanced Charting Tools and Techniques

Here is the features list of advanced charting tools and techniques:

  • Intraday historical and daily historical data.
  • Updated futures history.
  • Intraday and historical information.
  • Updated intraday candles in the historical charts movements.
  • Comparing facilities available here.
  • Personalized charts and more other facilities.

To get the Download Link of DartStock Click Here.

However, this is the basic features of Upstox Dartstock Download, features. If you want to know more, you can watch a demo which you will get in the home page of the Upstox.

Upstox Dartstock Download, Charges, Features

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