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Watch USDINR Live Chart With Buy Sell Signals FREE


Investors who are dealing with Future and Options trading must be acquainted with USDINR (United State Dollar and Indian Rupee). USDINR is a FUT(Future) script. Previously, an article of mine regarding Nifty Future Live Chart with Buy Sell Signals has been published. Today also I will provide you proper guidelines to find out USDINR Live Chart with Buy Sell Signals. Firstly, the article will cover a brief description of What Future Trading is and Where do you get proper Signals to Identify market direction.

What is Futures Trading?

The derivative market in India is increasingly gaining significance over the years, Futures and Options are an integral part of the financial derivative world. We will describe Options derivative later, today we just concentrate on Future contract. Long back ago through agricultural commodities, Future trading had introduced. Basically, it is a legal agreement between buyers and sellers to buy or sell assets at a specific future date and price. These are available on various assets such as commodities, stocks, indices, currency Paris etc. Here in this article, we will talk about currency pair future derivatives. In between futures and options, the only drawback of futures is the obligation.

What is meant by Currency Future?

Foreign Exchange Future(FX future) or Currency Future is a legal currency exchangeable contract at a specified period of time in future. These particular contracts allow investors to hedge against FX risk. Four currencies are available in currency derivatives, US dollar (USD), Great Britain Pound (GBP), Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY). There are also cross-currency futures and options on  EUR-USD, USD-JPY, GBP-USD available in NSE. According to today’s subject, our discussion point will be on USDINR FUT.

Some of the important points have jotted down here, such as What is the importance of Buy-Sell signal, Why USDINR, How to get a proper USDINR live chart, Where to get USDINR Live Chart With Buy Sell Signals FREE.

What is the importance of Buy-Sell signal

Currency derivates are one of the centers of attraction in the Indian Market as the profit-making amount is quite high in terms of period. Therefore, in order to get a real-time buy-sell signal, you need to set your strategy first. Though these particular futures trading can make a lump sum amount of profit, the risk is also much higher than any other investment. Hence, you need to be quite particular in choosing extry-exit times. There are thousands of brokers available in the market but you need to choose one of them very carefully. Always check the facilities of a brokerage firm including real-time signals, indicators, technical tools etc so that you can get an accurate signal.

Why choose USDINR

As I have mentioned that the specific currency derivative USDINR comes with very low investment charges along with maximum profit over a period of time in future.  I have taken a screenshot from ZERODHA (One of the leading Discount Brokerage Firms in India) Brokerage Calculator regarding the charges of currencies.

usd inr
usdinr live chart

How to get a proper USDINR live chart

From our StockManiacs site, you can get USDINR live chart by following certain steps. First, go to the home page and from there go to Forex Chart through Freebies and Free charts. In order to clarify the steps, an image and link are given below and the specific area is highlighted here:


usdinr live chart free

Where to get USDINR Live Chart With Buy Sell Signals FREE

Let’s come to the most important part of this article. If you want to get FREE USDINR FUT live chart with a buy-sell signal, you have to access in Zerodha Kite. After opening an account in Zerodha, you can obtain this facility at free of cost.

zerodha kite chart
zerodha kite pic 15 min

The above images are taken from Zerodha Kite. These are USDINR18JULFUT 5 min and 15 min charts. The Supertrend indicator is attached here along with period and multiplier at 10,3. You can apply indicators according to your wish. There are lots of indicators available here on this platform. Here, the green signal represents as buy signal and red is sell signal.

However, I hope the article will help you in trading in every way.

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