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It’s your turn to decide whether to be a loser or a winner. We are marketing partners of India’s leading stock brokers. The advanced tools can help you become a better trader.

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We will provide you with initial training on the trading platforms. You can learn the usage of the basic indicators and some good trend-following strategies.

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If you maintain a funded trading account under us, we will provide you with HOT TIPS, our mobile app. The app will provide computer-generated trading ideas.

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Our support staffs are almost always online during market hours. Hence if you need any further knowledge in using the platforms, they will help you.

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Our technical team also analyses the primary markets. We will recommend where to invest and what to avoid through HOT TIPS, our mobile app.

Get 100% Computer-Generated Algorithmic Intraday Trading Ideas.

In our mobile app “Hot Tips” you will get 100% computer-generated algorithmic intraday trading ideas. No human intervention, they are 100% mechanical directional ideas. You can download and use the mobile app for FREE.

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Join any of our partner brokers under us and maintain a funded trading account with us. We will provide you with HOT TIPS, our mobile app. The app will provide you with 100% automated algo trading ideas in real time.

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Mastering Iron Condor Strategy Adjustment for Successful Trades

Iron Condor strategy is one of the most popular options trading strategies utilized by traders in the Indian stock market. This strategy involves creating a non-directional position that potentially captures profit from the underlying asset’s limited movement. However, not everything goes according to plan in the dynamic Indian market. This is where strategy adjustments come…

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Mastering the Art of Mark Minervini’s VCP Pattern

Introduction: In the fascinating world of Indian stock trading, there are numerous strategies traders use to reap profits. Among these, a remarkable strategy that has gained considerable recognition is the Volatility Contraction Pattern (VCP). Thanks to Mark Minervini who introduced us all to this incredibly effective tool, especially during strong bull market conditions. If you’re…

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Decoding Raamdeo Agrawal Wealth Creation Study with Excel

Understanding the world of stocks can be tough, especially for newcomers. To many, it may seem like navigating through uncharted territory! But here’s the good news – you don’t need a finance degree or years of Wall Street experience to become a successful investor. With the proper tools and knowledge at your disposal, you can…

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I am trying to learn the stock market. Thanks to Zerdha Varsity and special thanks to the brief but much-needed training from the STOCKMANIACS.



Zerodha Client ID – TL7975

I am a beginner in the stock market. But I got the initial training to start here. Thank you Mr. Indrajit and his team.



Zerodha Client ID – EO9728

I have managed to recover my lost money after I joined Zerodha under Mr. Indrajit. I have also referred my friends to him.



Zerodha Client ID – ZS8980

Mr. Indrajit has taught me charting very easily through his special video. I learnt correct use of the SuperTrend indicator.



Zerodha Client ID – ZA8643

First thanks to sir for the best ideas. Algo calls are just out of the world. Simply superb. Accuracy level 80% to 90%. Once again thank you.



Zerodha Client ID – XV2595

I always wonder how their cash trading ideas are so accurate? Most of the time I see an exact rally from the given levels.



Zerodha Client ID – RQ3070

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What is Technical Analysis in Stock Market?

Technical analysis is quite a vast topic containing so many things such as candlestick charts, different types of technical indicators, price action, etc. In order to read the market properly, there are two types of analysis, Fundamental, and Technical. Basically, long-term investors prefer fundamental analysis and short-term investors go for a technical one. Today, we…

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