5 Best Stock Market Apps in India

If you are related to the stock market, then it is important for you to stay updated with every single market movements. The modern stock market traders keep tabs on the rising and fall of the stocks on a daily basis and sometimes that too hourly. Here, I am going to explain the top 5 … Continue reading “5 Best Stock Market Apps in India”

Create a Moneycontrol Portfolio with Good Value Stocks

So today’s topic is portfolio management with good value stocks. Here, I describe how efficiently you can build a Moneycontrol portfolio. We know that portfolio management is very much important for the decision making about investment. By using this portfolio one can also do a health check-up of shares. This is like the allocation of … Continue reading “Create a Moneycontrol Portfolio with Good Value Stocks”

Antony Waste Handling Cell IPO Review

In the Indian MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) management industry, Antony Waste Handling is India’s one of the top five players. It has an established track record of 17 years. Their services include solid waste collection, transportation, processing, and disposal services. It is available across the country, and primarily catering to Indian municipalities. The article is … Continue reading “Antony Waste Handling Cell IPO Review”

Stoxkart Review, Brokerage, Margin, Services

Stoxkart, the Delhi based financial brokerage company is powered by SMC global group. SMC is a well-diversified financial service global company. Moreover, Stoxkart is a rapidly growing company. One of the main objectives of the company is to easier trading for all levels of investors. Here, I’ve come with Stoxkart review, brokerage, margin and every … Continue reading “Stoxkart Review, Brokerage, Margin, Services”

MCX holiday list 2020, Trading and Market Holidays

The year 2019 has come to an end. So, it’s time to be prepared for the coming new year. In the previous content, we listed the BSE and NSE holiday list of 2020. Here, we’ve come with the MCX Holiday list 2020. Among all the countries in the world, India is a country with a large … Continue reading “MCX holiday list 2020, Trading and Market Holidays”

BSE and NSE Holiday List 2020, Trading Holidays

India encompasses people from different cultures and religions. It can be referred to as a land of festivals. Enthusiastic celebrations, ceremonies occur almost daily throughout the country. The culturally rich country celebrates most of the festivals across all religions with equal passion. In order to convey respects to these festivals, the Indian equity market remains closed on certain … Continue reading “BSE and NSE Holiday List 2020, Trading Holidays”

Prince Pipes and Fittings IPO Review, Price, GMP

In India, the company is recognized as one of the leading polymer pipes and fittings manufacturers. And the recognization is in terms of numbers of distributors. Moreover, they market their products under two different brand names, likely, Price Piping System, and, Trubore. Due to their comprehensive range of products, they are positioned as one of … Continue reading “Prince Pipes and Fittings IPO Review, Price, GMP”

SBI Cards and Payment Services IPO Review, Price, GMP

In India SBI cards and payment services is the second-largest credit card user, launched in 1998. The company is a subsidiary of SBI (State Bank of India, India’s one of the largest commercial banks). The company offers a wide range of individual as well as corporate clients. It includes lifestyle, shopping, travel, fuel, banking partnership … Continue reading “SBI Cards and Payment Services IPO Review, Price, GMP”