Zerodha Brokerage Charges: Intraday & Delivery

Zerodha Brokerage Charges

At this time, there is no introduction needed on Zerodha. Presently, it is ranked in the top position in the Indian share market by volume, number of customers, and growth. The Bangalore-based discount brokerage company was incorporated in 2010. Now, it has reached more than 7 lakh clients. As of January 2018, the firm contributes to over 8 percent of daily retail trading volumes across BSE, NSE, and MCX. The main services include buying and selling stocks in equity, derivatives, and commodity segments. Here, in this content, all the direct and indirect Zerodha brokerage charges and policies will be described.

Various Charges of Zerodha

Let’s start from the very beginning, from the account opening charges to brokerage, we will provide each and every detail here.

Trading Account Opening and Annual Charges

a trading account opening with Zerodha carries a one-time charge which is Rs. 300 for equity and Rs. 500 for equity and commodity. Besides the one-time charges, there are annual charges too. The list of charges is given below:

  • Trading Account Opening Charges: (One Time) for Equity: Rs. 300
  • Trading Account Opening Charges: (One Time) for both Equity and Commodity: Rs. 500
  • Trading Account AMC or Annual Maintenance Charge for Individual: Rs. 300 plus GST
  • Trading Account AMC or Annual Maintenance Charge for Corporate: Rs. 1000 plus GST

Zerodha Brokerage Charges

From here we can get a basic overview of the payable charges. Now have a look at the Zerodha Brokerage Charges. Segment-wise charges are given below:

Zerodha Equity Brokerage Charges

Equity Brokerage

The attached data consists of the charge details of the entire equity department. As per the trading type and order, charges vary. The segments contain delivery, intraday, futures, and options. Firstly, let us come to the brokerage section.

Equity Delivery

The equity delivery brokerage charge is absolutely free here. This zero-delivery brokerage is the main USP of Zerodha

Equity Intraday

For intraday and futures 0.03 or Rs. 20/ per executed order whichever is lower. Under equity options, it has a flat Rs. 20 per executed order. STT/CTT (Security Transaction Tax/ Commodities Transaction Tax 0.01% on Buy and Sell (Delivery), 0.025% on the sell side (Intraday), 0.01% on the sell side (Futures) and 0.05% on the sell side (Options). Transaction charges are the same for delivery and intraday (NSE: 0.00325%, BSE: 0.003% per trade). For Futures (NSE: Exchange charges 0.0019%, clearing charge: 0.0002%, BSE: 0.003%), for Options (NSE: Exchange charge 0.05%, clearing charge: 0.002%, BSE: 0.003%/ trade). Also, GST deduction (18% on brokerage+ transaction) and SEBI charges (Rs.15/Cr) are the same for every segment.

Currency Brokerage

After equity, we’ve come up with the details of the currency charges of Zerodha.

Zerodha Currency Brokerage Charges

There are two segments, Currency Futures, and Currency Options. Brokerage for the Futures and Options are the same in currency (0.03% or Rs.20/executed order whichever is lower). There are no STT/CTT charges here. Transaction charges vary in Currency Future and Options. Futures (NSE: Exchange charge 0.0009%, clearing charge: 0.0002% and BSE: exchange charge 0.00022% clearing charge 0.0002%) and Options (NSE: exchange charges 0.04%, clearing charge 0.002% and BSE: exchange charge 0.001%, clearing charge 0.002%). Last but not least, GST (18% on brokerage and transaction) and SEBI (Rs.15/Cr) are the same for both of the segments.

Commodity Brokerage

The last and final charge segment is the commodity.

Zerodha Commodity Brokerage Charges

Under commodity, there are also two sections, Futures, and Options. Brokerage charges are the same (0.03% or Rs. 20/ executed order whichever is lower). STT/CTT charges on the sell-side are 0.01% (Futures) and 0.05% (Options) respectively. Futures transaction charges (group A: exchange charge 0.0026% and clearing charges 0.01%, group B: exchange charge PEPPER 0.00005%, CASTOR SEED 0.0005% RBDPMOLEIN 0.001% clearing charge 0.001%. Options exchange transaction charge 0 while clearing charge is 0.002% on buy+sell (Rs.200/Cr). GST (18% on brokerage + transaction) and SEBI (Rs.15/Cr) are the same for Futures and Options.

In all of the above section, stamp charges are applicable but it varies according to state.

Other Charges for Different Zerodha Products

Charges of Other Products

Zerodha’s various products include Sentinel, StockReports+, Screener, Smallcase, Sensibull, Streak, Kite Connect, and Pi Bridge. In the above chart, we have furnished billing frequency and charges as per the products. Among the above, Sentinel, StockReports, and Screener billing frequency can be monthly, bi-annually, or annually. Sensibull, Streak, Kite Connect, and Pi Bridge billing frequency is monthly.

Zerodha Brokerage Calculator

Zerodha brokerage calculator and its Chrome extension are one of the most helpful additions for investors and traders. It helps to find out the actual brokerage charges of Zerodha. Users can calculate brokerage for all asset sections like equity intraday, delivery, futures, options, currency options, and commodities. Besides the charges, it provides detailed information about charges, STT, SEBI charges, GST, etc. Users only need to fill in the buy-sell details.

Brokerage Calculator


Zero Brokerage on Zerodha is a great feature that will benefit both traders and investors. It offers transparency in terms of pricing, giving customers complete clarity about the charges they are paying for executing their trades. The user experience has been enhanced, providing ease of navigation as well as live trading tools to optimize returns. Zero Brokerage Charges also open up opportunities for small traders who may not have had access to these resources earlier due to high market entry barriers. All in all, Zerodha’s Brokerage Charges offer a secure and cost-effective solution for conducting your financial transactions with confidence.

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