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Zerodha Kite

New Dashboard: Zerodha‘s new Kite offers you brand new dashboard. Here you can see your account summary and scrips at a glance. Also you can see your favourite scrip here and place a buy sell order without adding it into market watch. You can access Zerodha Kite Web 2.0 almost instantly by filling up the form below and asking for our assistance.

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zerodha kite web 2.0

Bracket And Cover Orders:
We are really happy to finally see Bracket Order (BO) and Cover Order (CO) in kite. Just open a normal order window and click on More Options to open the BO and CO features. For example you want to buy Nifty at 7915 with a stop loss at 7900 (15 points) and a target at 7945 (30 points), then in price write 7915, in stoploss write 15 and in square off write 30. Check the image below:
zerodha kite bracket order
New Holding & Positions Section:
Check your positions and holding in single mouse click. Export to excel with ease. New Zerodha Kite Web 2.0 contains many useful features.
zerodha kite holdings positions
Better Charts:
Kite charts now contain unlimited data. Even BSE charts are available now.
zerodha kite holdings positions
New features in Zerodha Kite Web 2.0:
1) Introduction of many new indicators
2) Advanced SuperTrend indicator
3) Inchimoku indicator
4) Volume profile
5) Compare option between 2 stocks
6) Kite connect option available for automated trading with Amibroker, Excel or Python
7) Chart pop up option available for using multiple charts at a time

Overall Kite Web 2.0 has clear edge over other broker’s platform in the point that it can be opened from any web browser and android app OR IOS app. The charting and trading is possible even on 2G data, so even traders living in tier 2 cities can start trading using this terminal.

Zerodha has not yet came up with videos about the new features. But videos are available in youtube. Readers can open a Zerodha a/c by clicking HERE.

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