Top 6 Referral Benefits in Zerodha in the Year 2023

Referral Benefits in Zerodha

I guess Zerodha needs no introduction as it has already reached the top level among the discount brokerage companies in India. With more than 1 million clients, Zerodha contributes more than 10% of daily retail trading volume across NSE, BSE, and MCX. Like other stockbrokers, Zerodha offers trading services in many security segments like equity, commodity, currency, derivatives, etc. Zerodha is mostly popular for its services. Today, we are going to discuss one of the services that are Referral Benefits in Zerodha.

Earn FREE Benefits Even When You Sleep

Imagine, you are earning benefits while you sleep. Sounds dreamy, right? It becomes real with Zerodha’s new Referral Benefit. Who doesn’t want to make some extra benefit in leisure? especially when the benefits can come with the possibility of making a huge profit. All you need to do is refer to persons as much as you can to open accounts with Zerodha. Once they open accounts with us, you will get points by which you can buy Zerodha’s paid products. These are some of the top best products in India and can improve your investment in a bigger way. By using these products, you can make 10 times more profit than now.

Refer a Person Below

Referral Benefits in Zerodha

As per the latest announcement, Zerodha has launched a new referral program. The referral scheme is a kind of reward for Zerodha’s clients. Now, Referral Benefits in Zerodha are stated below:

Referral Benefits in Zerodha

How to Get the Rewards and Referrals?

In order to get Referral Benefits in Zerodha, you have to follow a few easy and simple steps.

If you refer any of your friends or family members to open accounts with Zerodha, you may earn points by which you can subscribe to Zerodha’s paid products like Streak, Sensibull, Smallcase, LearnApp, Rupee Tale, etc).

First, you need to know what are the products. and How these can maximize your profit level in Investment. So, let’s start.

The products I’ve mentioned above are some of the best trading and investment tools of Zerodha. Let’s have some brief idea about these products.

Zerodha Streak

To understand streak you have to understand the algo trading first. The other meaning of algo is Automated trading. So, first, you need to know what algo trading is. Algo trading is entirely computer-based automated trading. To avoid manual error, traders use the system by providing a defined set of instructions or algorithms. By applying the pre-programmed instruction, a computer executes orders.

Zerodha Streak

In India, Zerodha Streak considers one of the easiest Algo trading platforms. The app was launched by Zerodha a few years back. Here, traders can create their algo strategies, backtest them and deploy them on live trades within a few minutes. The most important advantage is no coding is needed here. You may go through our content on Streak.

  • Streak simplifies Algo trading in India.
  • Here, one can create Algos within minutes.
  • In an entry strategy, one can add up to 5 conditions.
  • By using technical indicators, one can create exit conditions forAlgos.
  • There are numbers of technical indicators and chart patterns, traders can choose any of them to build strategies.
  • A powerful backtesting facility is available here to check the accuracy of the strategies.
  • A basket of stocks can be created to ease trading and maintain accuracy.
  • One can get notifications through the Streak notification app on mobile.
Zerodha Sensibull

Sensibull is India’s first option trading platform. Experienced traders know one thing that options trading is one of the toughest businesses to make money. If we go for a formal definition. options trading is an agreement between two parties buyers and sellers of an underlying asset at a predetermined price and within a fixed period of time.


The main reason behind launching Sensibull is to help traders stay profitable in options trading. Apart from this, the platform makes options trading safe and accessible. Here, are the eye-catching features of Zerodha Sensibull.

  • Sensibull provides multiple tools and techniques by which traders can improve their accuracy level.
  • There are broadly four sections in the Sensibull, Options trading, Data, and Analysis, Learning Centre, and About Us.
  • Some features are added recently such as OI App, Heatmaps, and Manifesto.
  • Analyzing tools are available in it.

Besides the above features, there are benefits like:

Right Options Strategies

One need not know the whole options trading process, he or she can invest in options just by knowing stocks and differences. Zerodha will take care of the math for the traders or investors.


To understand the accuracy level, investors can compare options side-by-side under different scenarios.

Single Click Strategy Execution

Complex strategies like spreads, condors, and butterflies can be executed with a single click.

Event Calendar

It focuses only on the most important events. The calendar displays events and notifies the risk.

Zerodha Smallcase

Zerodha Smallcase is an entirely new way to invest in stocks. If you are a long-term investor, Smallcase is the easiest way to invest in stock portfolios. Here, one can choose and manage multiple portfolios together. Without any complexity, Smallcase investors can build their portfolio of up to 20 stocks, based on the market trend. SIPs can be set up easily.

SmallCase by Zerodha

In smallcase, an investor can create thematic and portfolio-based investments.

Thematic Investment

Thematic investment is based on the trending market theme and idea. Retail investors can choose a thematical investment basket which is an intelligently-weighted portfolio of stocks.

So, How profitable Smallcase is? What special quality does it hold?

Smallcase is famous for its bulk investment process rather than investing in an individual stock. Therefore, the investment is also less risky than other platforms as total capital is divided into different companies. It is advisable to put all your eggs in different baskets rather than a single one so that some eggs can be saved if any mishap happens. Investment also follows the same rule as eggs.

Smallcase Screener

Discovering the right stocks for investment is quite challenging. Zerodha’s smallcase screener with over 70 filters, readymade screens, exports, and many more features can help you to find the best stocks for you.

TickerTape Screener

Here is a list of features of the Smallcase Screener:

  • Zerodha Smallcase comes out with one of the most effective screeners. The most powerful stock screener lets you screen the stock easily with its smart filters and ready-made screen.
  • Explore and Discover strong buy-rated profitable stocks along with high upside figures.
  • Can find out rank stocks as per the fundamental, earnings, value and momentum scales.
  • To discover fundamentally strong companies, apply versatile financial as well as profitability ratios.
  • Comparison among stocks is available on PE, PB, PS and, dividend yields of peers and sectors.
  • The downloading option is available here in Excel for further analysis.
  • On the basis of expected future revenues, earnings, and cash flows, you can screen stocks.
  • Find out stocks with strong trends (overbought/oversold zone).
  • You can Invest with institutions by investing in stocks where they are increasing exposure.
  • The saving option is available here. You can get an updated list every time you log in.
  • By using its expanding library of readymade premium screens, one can discover amazing ideas and stocks.
Zerodha LearnApp

Imagine, what if you could learn about the financial market from
Chief investment officer of ICICI, Aditya Birla or IDFC?  It seems impossible, right? Zerodha has made this possible through its LearnApp.

LearnApp Courses

Here, you can learn from such hedge fund managers who can manage hundreds of millions of dollars. There you can get:

  • Video courses on investing and trading, all the videos are demonstrated quite simply.
  • After lessons, you will get the assessment quiz.
  • It’s most interesting live interactive classes

So, mainly, the Learn app helps you to fill the gap between formal education and the real world. No institution can teach you real-world skills better than Institutional leaders.

The Rupee Tales
Rupee Tales

Rupee Tale is a very innovative idea by Zerodha.

  • The product is mainly for your little one.
  • Many of our children have innocent inquisitiveness like where does the money come from and where does it go?
  • Rupee’s Tale can help those little ones to understand the financial world through stories and fun learning.
Monetary Benefit

Previously, Zerodha had monetary rewards or benefits for the referral. Now, it has changed to points and products but they may relaunch the benefit in the future. If it happens, we will surely let you know.

Real-Life Example of Zerodha Referral Benefits

Now, I am going to place a real-life scenario as an example of the Zerodha Referral benefit. The screenshots are explained below:

Zerodha Referral Benefits

The client’s total gain point is 1900. Now, let’s see the app facility.

Referral Benefits in Zerodha

The first app is to learn the app, for a 3-months subscription, it cost Rs 1500.

Zerodha Referral Benefits

One set of the Rupee Tales Books is worth Rs 470, so, here, with the 1900 points, he can prefer to buy the Rupee Tales.

Zerodha Referral Benefits

TickerTape per 1-year subscription is 1200 points.

Refer and Earn in Zerodha

Streak Ultimate 1-month subscription cost Rs. 1400.

Zerodha Referral Programme

Sensibull 1-month subscription worth Rs.1300 or 1300 points.

Refer and Earn in Zerodha

The last point is one year AMC of Demat account at 1000 points.

How can You Get these Referral Benefits Free of Cost?

These are the few easy steps by which you can get the above-paid apps at FREE of COST. You must have an account with Zerodha (India’s No.1 Discount Broker)

Open Account in Zerodha
  • Refer as much as you can and get points by which you can buy these Zerodha products.
  • All these 4 Zerodha products are paid but if you refer to open an account with us, you will get all of them at FREE of COST.
  • Here, 1 reward = Rs.1, You can get 300 points with each referral.

Refer and Earn Money with StockManiacs

We are giving extra benefits to our StockManiacs (Marketing Partner of Zerodha) clients. If you refer us, then along with Zerodha’s benefit you can also get our Hot Tips mobile app from us. With this app, you will get free computer-generated automated trading calls on your mobile. Isn’t it a really exciting offer?

Now, imagine if you refer only 4 people, you will get Zerodha’s points + Hot Tips instantly from us. So, here besides earning rewards from Zerodha, you can also earn unlimited money from us. Refer as much as you can and earn both rewards and money even when you sleep.

So, if you have friends and family who want to open an account with Zerodha then You Are One Step Away From the Referral Rewards. Just click on the link here.

How to Refer?

After clicking on the above link, you will get a page like this.

  • Here, you need to put your referral details along with your client id.
  • Then click on the submit button.


Refer A Person Below

After opening the account, you will get 300 points plus the mobile app from us. But if you refer directly to Zerodha you won’t get our Hot Tips app from us, only get rewards points from Zerodha. So, refer to the above link and grab both of the offers.


Zerodha (India’s Top Discount Broker) always comes with new rewards, benefits, and facilities for its clients. So, if you are a Zerodha client, you must stay updated with this news. We will come with another updated content on Referral Benefits in Zerodha.

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