Give Me Red…..

Give Me Red

If you are losing money buying Nifty, then this post is for you. On 5th March morning I sent a mail to all our mail subscribers with same subject, i.e. Give Me Red. When you are reading my post the market is bleeding at 8850. I know that 80% of traders have lost money in this fall because you have listened to bullshit TV channels who represent all those jokers who were telling you not to short the market.

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On 4th March morning all our Live Nifty Tips members received Whatsapp ALERT about correction in Nifty future at 9135 and >>>>> 200+ points fall in single day thereafter. I know many of you have lost money buying Nifty buying Nifty on 4th March after the rate cut. To subscribe to Live Nifty Tips click here.
give me red
YES, all our Nifty Option Tips members are holding Nifty March 8900 put. But to know exact entry price and exit level, levels are available to our subscribers. To subscribe to Nifty Option Tips click here.
Nifty 09032015
Now, what to expect on Nifty?? Let me give you long term and short term view on Nifty future. Long term view is that Nifty has broken the up trending channel, see the top pane. And short term view is that immediate short term support is at 8783, the trend line support. This trend line is dynamic, so support level will change with time. Is it still Give me red?? Exact trading levels are available to our subscribers. To subscribe to Live Nifty Tips click here.

Give Me Red…..

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