Amibroker Software Review, Demo, Download Instructions

Amibroker Software Review Demo Download Instructions

You may find different articles on Technical analysis and trading terminals on our site. Most of the trading terminals provide extra benefit for technical analysis. So, for obvious reason, there is always a prominent gap between a professional and a normal charting platform. For example, suppose you love cycling, you will definitely find a prominent difference between a local brand cycle and an advanced featured latest sports cycle. Here also, Amibroker individually a professional charting platform, more advanced than any random trading charting terminals. It is a highly paid software, used for advanced technical analysis. If you are a technical analyst, we will make your route quite easier through this article. Here, you can find Amibroker Software Review, Demo, Download Instructions.

First, you need to understand why we choose Amibroker only. There are numerous professional charting platforms available in the market but Amibroker is considered as one of the best Technical analysis tools in the world. The explanation behind the statement is given below step by step. So, let’s begin.

What is Amibroker?

Amibroker is the most powerful and ultra-fast technical analysis program. The advanced analytics platform provides full-featured exploration tools which help traders to make a huge profit and stay ahead of the crowd. It consists of real-time charting, strong back-testing tool, scanning and many more features which allow traders to trade successfully in every way.

Amibroker Software Review

Amibroker Software Review (Updated Features Lists)

In the share market, there is no limit on up-gradation. Those who have more data are always one step ahead in the profit-making ladder. So, you can upgrade your trading to the next level by using the Amibroker software. Let’s have a look at Amibroker software review.

Powerful Charting and Drawing Tools

This is the most important point in Amibroker software review. Amibroker has standard and accurate chart style along with the features of drawing tools. As per traders preference, customization, combined and overlaid options are there. Apart from the advance customization option, multi-time frame present in the chart. More than a hundred popular builds in indicators such as RSI, MACD, Stochastics, ADX, etc are the strength of the charging system.

Amibroker Software Demo

Analytical Window

Another special feature of Amibroker is its analytical window. The window is considered as a home to optimization, Monte Carlo simulation, walk-forward testing, and backtesting. Cross-correlation among different symbols is present there. Traders can explore the charting platform in many ways.

AFL scanning

Scanning and Exploration

Analytical window comprised of both scanner and exploration. These are the real-time screening tools and one of the most useful features. You can screen stocks by BUY, SELL, SHORT, COVER conditions. Exploration is used mainly to screen stocks by generic filter conditions. Besides this, in exploration tool, multiple customs are available.

Monte Carlo Simulation

No one can predict the market with 100% surety. Therefore, traders must be prepared for the worst scenario. The Monte Carlo Simulation check trades’ probabilities in the difficult market condition and peeks the possible results.

Monte Carlo

3D Optimization Chart

3D optimization chart helps to find out parameter combination which can develop the best and most reliable result. Here, also customization option, rotation, animation, an angle watch are available.

Gradient Chart and Market Profile

In Amibroker, charts are displayed as a gradient chart. On the extreme left side, there is a volume-at-price chart. It allows traders to identify price levels with the highest trading volume.

Optimum Parameter Value

Finding out best-performing stocks can be difficult for many of the traders. So, to search for huge spaces in limited time, one can use Amibroker’s smart artificial intelligence optimization.

Ranking and Scoring

Depending on the positioned score, Amibroker performs bar to bar analysis. If multiple signals occur on a single bar during the run out of buying power, Amibroker performs bar-by-bar ranking (based on user-definable position score).

Easy to Develop Own Formulas

In Amibroker either one can use drag-and-drop interface or apply own formula. Though the first method is quite simple and straightforward, many technical analysts like to choose the second one. The formula language is termed as AFL (Amibroker Formula Language). In order to create your own custom indicator, you need to learn some simple formulas or code. If you go step by step. these codes are not too difficult to understand. To learn the coding is important, as it can be used for trading system design, optimization, exploration, scanning, and back-testing.

Amibroker Software Review Signals

AFL (Amibroker Formula Language)

From version 3.0, Amibroker introduced AFL (Amibroker Formula Language). It allows traders to customize indicators, trading design, scanning, back-testing, commentaries. Now, let’s have a quick look at the four most popular AFL, these are Intraday AFL, Rocket Jet AFL, Trader Pro AFL, Buy Sell Signal AFL.

What are the Services Amibroker Offer to its Customers?

Besides the above features, Amibroker has multiple services. These are described below:

  • Amiquote Data: The quality of data is high enough in all segment of the market (equity, commodity, Futures, Options, Currency). Timings presentation is accurate. You can get Amiquote data from Amibroker.
  • Customer Support: It’s online technical support system carries an excellent rating. The support line also remains open in all the five working days.
  • Amibroker AFL’s: One can customize and create his own formula by using AFL (Amibroker Formula Language).
  • Amibroker Members Area: Amibroker members area is only available for those who have purchased Amibroker from the official site.

For your knowledge purpose next, we are going to provide updated features of Amibroker 6.0. Here is the list.

Amibroker Demo for Version 6.0 (What’s New in It?)

  • There is integrated high-performance Monte Carlo simulator with cumulative distribution charts of equity, max drawdowns, support for custom user-definable metrics. It has the ability to perform MC simulator driven optimizations.
  • Full Matrix support (two-dimensional arrays) in AFL with direct native matrix arithmetic (matrix operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, transpose, etc). You can see Matrix, MxIdentity, MxTranspose, Mx GetSize
  • Detailed data of Buy-and-hold (benchmark) statistics automatically added to the backtest reports.
  • User definable stop precedence (SetStopPrecedence function) and also stop validity (ValidFrom/ValidTo parameters in ApplyStop function)
  • Sparse array support: that is SparseCompress and SparseExpand
  • It has Infinite Impulse Response filter function (IIR) for efficient implementation of higher order smoothing algorithms
  • Raw text output in explorations via AddRow function also there.
  • New styles which are supported by Exploration XYCharts
  • Variable period Percentile functions are present.
  • Unicode (UCN) support in PlotText, PlotTextSetFont, GfxDrawText, GfxTextOut, chart titles, interpretations and commentary windows ( which allows various graphics annotations / windings )
  • New Low-level graphics functions also present.

To get the Amibroker 6 PDF guide, Click on the link here.

Why You Should Not Use Amibroker Crack Version?

As this is a supportive article on Amibroker, we expect users to be cautious while using a crack version. For obvious reason, there are some disadvantages to the crack version. Here, is the list:

  • Crack version may cause a sudden crash or license error.
  • Users can’t get all the features with crack version.
  • If all users begin to use the crack version, then Amibroker will stop updating.
  • Crack version will not get any official support from the Amibroker service.
  • Users who use crack version of Amibroker will not get FREE Amiquote data while license users can get it at Free of cost.

Amibroker Download Instructions

You may go to the official Amibroker site to get the download link. This is the most authentic site to download it.

Amibroker Software Review Demo

As you can see in the above information that Amibroker 6.30 is available to registered customers only. Amibroker 6.00 can be downloaded by registered as well as non-registered users. Two editions are there, professional and standard editions. With Amibroker installation, you will get add-on programs like Amiquote, AFL code Wizard, you don’t need to be download separately.

Trading Systems in Amibroker

There are various trading systems in Amibroker. If you want to know about the systems, you may check our Trend Blaster Trading systems.

Amibroker Software Review, Demo, Download Instructions

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