Highest High Value Indicator (HHV) In Zerodha Kite

Highest high means that stock has hit an all-time high since it is listed and it indicates that there is big demand at that particular time of that particular stock. In Highest high value the default period is 14. The Highest High Value indicator or HHV simply returns the highest high price over a user-defined n-periods.

Formula of Highest High Value Indicator:
Highest High Value (HHV) = Maximum (High) of n−periods


Traders can attach the Highest High Value indicator in Zerodha Kite charts from the STUDIES section. The default parameter is 14, but you can change the parameter according to your trading style. Check the indicator screenshot in HDFC Bank share price chart.

Highest High Value Indicator in Zerodha Kite

The more the price of a security increases this technical indicator makes steps and moves up. Similarly, the indicator moves down in steps when the price of the security moves down gradually. The HHV function is especially useful for creating trailing stop loss formula.

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