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Fyers Review with Charges, Margin, Features

Fyers Securities is an online discount stock broker. This is basically Bangalore based company. This company mainly offers to trade in Equity Cash, F&O and Currency Derivatives segments at NSE. FYERS word is an acronym of “Focus Your Energy and Reform the Self”, which is representing the core values of the company. This company is founded by young entrepreneurs who believe in building the best trading platforms, being transparent and keeping the cost of trading at its lowest in India. Fyers Review with Charges, Margin, Features is the main point of the article. In the fyers review, start with the company summary.

fyers account

About This Company (Fyers Review) :

In the article Fyers Review with Charges, Margin, Features, let’s start with company summary. To analyze fyers review, company summary is important. Fyers Securities is a low brokerage stock broker in India. This company is among the cheapest stock broker online. Fyers simple pricing model offers to trade across segments for the same flat brokerage fee of maximum Rs.20 per executed order. No matter how big traders order, Fyers charge a maximum of Rs.20 per executed order. Fyers trading platform doesn’t charge any brokerage in Equity Delivery segment. This company offers in-house build web trading platform, installable desktop trading terminal, and mobile trading app, all for free to its customers. Fyers is a group of passionate young entrepreneurs with broad experience in trading and the stockbroking industry. This company determined to override the complacency of stockbrokers in India and try their best to contribute to traders success. Fyers want the trader to have the best trading platforms and seamless end-to-end experience. This company has introduced a new way of investing in stocks called “thematic investing” where a bunch of stocks is picked based on certain specific ideas called themes. The idea of Fyers is to focus on investing in a group of shares that suits traders preference rather than investing in individual stocks. This is similar to mutual fund investment. Fyers Securities has most up to date technologies in the market that can give the trader a cutting edge for crisp and smooth trading. This company’s most powerful tools are Option Strategies Calculator, Discipline Diary: A probability algorithm which can help in money management planning, Brokerage Comparison Calculator, Brokerage Calculator, Fibonacci Calculator, Pivot Point Calculator, and Referral Earning Calculator.

Thematic Investing:

It is the second point of fyers review. Themes of Thematic Investing in Fyers are a basket of stocks which are based on specific ideas. There are 100 plus pre-designed portfolios on this platform which are unique and based on different thesis and ideologies and strategies etc. The traders can customize them and invest in a few clicks. Take advantage of Fyers thorough proprietary research and use it to build a powerful portfolio of stocks. This is a flexible and more holistic way of investing in the Indian stock markets. Aim for and achieve higher returns than mutual funds. Yes, this the future of stock investing. Invest in over 100 plus readymade themes in an instant.

Fyers Pro :

Let’s come to the most important point of fyers review.

  • Lowest Brokerage.
  • Free Trading And Demat Account Opening Charges.
  • Discount Brokerage Rs.20 Per order or 0.01% whichever is low in all other Segment including Equity Cash Intraday, Future, and Option, Currency and Commodity.
  • 100 % Transparency No Hidden Charges.
  • Thematic Investment Option Free of Cost which is the client can choose base on investment ideas and invest in a market free of cost no delivery charges applicable.
  • Free of Cost Trading Terminal.
  • Refer and Earn – 20% sharing on Brokerage.

Fyers Cons :

  • Don’t have Branches in other major cities.
  • Fyers Securities don’t allow the client to Open Online Account – Paperless account Opening.
  • This company doesn’t have its own Depository.
  • Fyers Securities Transaction Charges is higher side.


In fyers review, Themes are well-researched portfolios which are based on certain specific ideas in Fyers. So, traders can now focus on their ideas, instead of individual stocks. This is a flexible and more holistic way of investing in the Indian stock market. Allocate traders capital, aim for superior returns accordingly and become hassle-free.

Great Ideas :

Choose from a wide variety of tailor-made portfolios or themes built on innovative ideas in Fyers. Focus on what the trader believe will do well in the future.

Diversified Portfolios :

Diversify automatically by investing in any of Fyers equi-weighted themes or portfolios which can potentially enhance returns while reducing risk.

Free Investment :

Fyers don’t have any fixed subscription fees. Also, this company doesn’t have any commitments and no hidden charges.

Rebalance :

Rebalance traders portfolios or themes without any hassles and change with the dynamic investing landscape periodically.

Free Investment Zone:

This investment zone encourages retail participation in the Indian stock markets. Fyers have removed brokerage for investments. This investment zone has been applicable since the LTCG tax of 10% was introduced in the Union Budget 2018. The equity participation rate is really low in India and this is one of Fyers initiatives to try and expand that by incentivizing investors in this country.

Trading Platforms (Fyers Review) :

Fyers One:

This is a Trading Terminal which is Build for professional traders. Fyers installable trading terminal is loaded with industry standard features which are including advanced charting, flexible workspaces, F&O Analysis tools, stock screeners, advanced end-of-day reporting and portfolio tracker.

Fyers Markets:

This is a Mobile Trading App which is Built for traders and investors who likes to trade on mobile phones. Fyers Markets is an advanced mobile trading app with rich features. This mobile app of Fyers is available for Android and iOS devices. The key feature of Fyers trading app includes multiple watch list, stock screener, preloaded options strategies, a technical indicator, and live stock quotes. Customers can also transfer funds to and from Fyers through this mobile app.

Fyers Web:

Trader Build for investors or traders who are comfortable with website based trading. The Fyers Web Trader is a fully functional online trading application. The Fyers Web Trader can be accessed from any web browsers. The feature of this application includes portfolio tracker, auto-screened option strategies which is multi-leg Orders and live data feed.

Why FYERS One Used?

  • Fyers One is trading directly from advanced charts.
  • This app comprehensive search filters.
  • Live scanners and technical screeners are available in there.
  • It’s advanced heat maps, market dynamics, and symbol meters.
  • Fyers One provides Buy and Sell Signals.
  • This is a 100% secure platform.
Fyers One

What is so special about FYERS Web in fyers review?

  • Fyers web is the best HTML5 charts in India.
  • This is the first time web base platform in India, price ladder trading.
  • Place, modify and cancel orders from the chart in this.
  • Smooth, lightweight and extremely powerful are provides in Fyers web.
Fyers Web

Why is Thematic Investing the future?

  • Easy to make smart investment decisions in Thematic Investing of Fyers.
  • Thematic Investing is provided with highly customizable themes.
  • Invest based on traders risk preferences in Fyers Thematic Investing.
  • The traders can avoid cumbersome details of the stock market in Fyers.
  • Thematic Investing is provided a powerful portfolio structure can enhance trader returns.
Thematic Investing

What is so great about FYERS Markets (Fyers Review)?

  • Advanced and user-friendly charts in FYERS Market.
  • FYERS Markets is provided 60 plus technical indicators.
  • Track global equities, currencies and commodities are available in this.
  • View all Bulk and Block deals in FYERS Market.
  • Get real-time corporate action and news are available in this.
  • FYERS Markets is providing Margin calculator.
  • Option Greeks at traders fingertips in Fyers.
FYERS Markets

The NextGen Web Trading Platform of Fyers :

  • Multi-Chart Setup – Track up to eight different charts simultaneously in Fyers. The traders can load different symbols on each of them or the same with various indicators and time frames.
  • Simple User Interface – Fyers Web is designed to be a powerful trading terminal without compromising on simplicity and ease of use for traders.
  • Intuitive Dashboard – Track the trader open positions and orders separately for quick and easy access. Fyers is enabling swift decision making when a trader needs it the most.

Fully Loaded Desktop Trading Platform of Fyers :

  • Time Is Money – Time is money means to feel the pulse of the market using Fyers advanced “Heat Map, Market Dynamics, and Index Meter.” During the rush hours. This can be traders savior and reduce the time taken to track market movements to virtually zero in Fyers. Fyers can elevate traders trading experience to a whole new level.
  • Full Overview – Get the latest and historic market turnover in equity and derivatives of Fyers. The traders can also use data such as Indices and maps, performance table, R&S Levels, etc. to help traders make well-informed decisions.
  • Advanced EOD Reports – The advanced EOD reports declared that no number crunching after the market hours. Find all EOD reports and analysis at traders fingertips.
  • Stock Screeners – Fyers “Opportunity finder” is the first of its kind fundamental screener. The market mechanism of Fyers can be overwhelming enough to put the traders out of focus. This tool helps to get back on track, filter and research stocks according to traders preferences before the trader trade.
  • Resourceful Data – The trader can access the recent trends in FII and DII Activities, track the newest bulk deals, block deals, and delivery data in Fyers. The trader can also keep a track on the latest key RBI Rates and recent IPO stock performances.
  • Portfolio Simulation – Fyers “Portfolio Tracker” is a tool designed for 2 purposes. This mainly helps to track all traders equity investments in one place and to build a simulated portfolio to learn without having to pay any tuition fees to the market.
  • Market 360 Degrees – With a click of the mouse, the trader can get the world market data on equity indices, commodities, currencies, and ADRs. With Fyers One, the trader will be spending time analyzing data rather than searching for it.
  • Knowledge First – Fyers knowledge first gets real-time exchange announcements and updates on upcoming board meetings of companies.
  • Flexible Workspaces – Ten intuitive and uniquely styled customizable workspaces provide in fyers. The traders also have watch lists set by sectors, indices, derivatives, and user-defined settings.

Best Stock Market App For Mobile Trading of Fyers :

  • Technical Indicators – Fyers is a unique stock market app where the trader can get all the essential indicators for Technical Analysis of stocks. This is very user-friendly for intraday, short-term and positional trading or investing.
  • Options Strategies – Get over 43 different options strategies at the drop of a hat in Fyers. This is the best place to learn, simulate and use the trading app to execute options strategies like a pro. Select a market outlook and preferences to get strategies specific to traders needs.
  • Really Fast and Reliable – Fyers understand the “need for speed.” Fyers trading app is a heavyweight that functions as a lightweight. The streaming quotes, charts and trade execution are remarkably fast and reliable provides in fyers.
  • Multiple Watch Lists – Create various watch lists and track them separately as per traders custom requirements. This is a handy feature that allows the trader to add scrips effortlessly and toggle traders preferences within a heartbeat.
  • Highly Secure – Fyers trading app has passed the litmus test of regulatory requirements, professional traders. It also has a high level of Security Protocol on all levels. Fyers has also been tested by one of the top mobile app testing companies in India.
  • Key Information – Stay tuned for all the latest updates from the regulators, stock exchange, and market information before others on Fyers stock market app in the form of circulars. Get relevant notifications from there.

News and Updates of Fyers :

With zero brokerage fee, Fyers business model depends on scalability: Tejas Khoday, CEO and co-founder, FYERS. Tejas Khoday claimed that the traditional broker platform does not help in self-analysis. With claims of 15% growth month on month in terms of clients and volume, FYERS, which is a stockbroking platform. This was built with an aim to fill the technological gaps in the stockbroker industry.

“During my work experience, I realized that there were gaps which need to be plugged. There is a lot of scope for improvement in terms of offering a reliable platform for traders. We started building the platform in-house. What happens in this business is brokers don’t know technology because their core competency comes in stock advice and research about the markets. Fyers trading platform has all the features that traders look for,” said Tejas Khoday, co-founder and CEO of FYERS. Tejas Khoday claimed that the traditional broker platform does not help in self-analysis. Khoday said that the traditional brokerages range from 0.3% to 0.5% of the trade turnover. As the platform doesn’t charge a brokerage fee, Khoday said that the company’s business model depends on scalability. Zero brokerage fee investments. The introduction of the long-term capital gain tax on equity during last year’s Budget was the reason Khoday implemented this.

Comparison With Other Brokers :

Ventura Vs Fyers :

The trading account opening fees of Ventura Securities Ltd. is Rs.450 where Fyers trading account opening fees total free. The Equity Delivery charges of Ventura Securities Ltd. is 45 paisa while the Equity Delivery charges of Fyers Securities is totally free. Ventura Securities Ltd. is a Full-Service Broker company where Fyers Securities is a Discount Broker company. Ventura Securities Ltd. is having an overall lower rating compare to Fyers Securities. Ventura Securities Ltd is rated only 3.5 out of 5 where Fyers Securities is rated 4 out of 5.

MyValueTrade Vs Fyers :

The trading account opening fees of MyValueTrade Rs.555 where the trading account opening fees of Fyers Securities is total free. The Equity Delivery charges of MyValueTrade is Rs.10 while the Equity Delivery charges of Fyers Securities is totally free. Both the brokers are Discount Brokers. MyValueTrade is having an overall lower rating compare to Fyers Securities. MyValueTrade is rated only 3.5 out of 5 where Fyers Securities is rated 4 out of 5.

Sushil Finance Vs Fyers :

The Equity Delivery charges of Sushil Finance is 30 paisa while the Equity Delivery charges of Fyers Securities is totally free. Sushil Finance is a Full-Service Broker where Fyers Securities is a Discount Broker. Sushil Finance is having an overall lower rating compare to Fyers Securities. Sushil Finance is rated only 3 out of 5 where Fyers Securities is rated 4 out of 5.

TradePlusOnline Vs Fyers :

The brokerage of Trade plus online Max Rs.99 PM/trade and the brokerage of Fyers Securities Max Rs.20/trade. The trading account opening fees of Tradeplus online Rs.199 where the trading account opening fees of Fyers Securities is total free. Trade plus online is having an overall lower rating compare to Fyers Securities. Tradeplus online is rated only 3.5 out of 5 where Fyers Securities is rated 4 out of 5.

Fyers Brokerage Charges as Per 2019 in Fyers Review :

In fyers review, Fyers securities have revised brokerage charges from percentage to per executed order. One most important thing is if traders are interested in Call and Trade Services than brokerage charges for call and trade is Rs.20 per executed order and Admin Square Off Charges is Rs.20 per executed order.

Brokerage Charges with Fyers’s :

  • Equity Delivery – Free.
  • Equity Intraday and Future – 0.01% or Rs.20 whichever is lower.
  • Equity Option – Flat Fee Rs.20.
  • Commodity – NA.
  • Currency Derivatives of Future – 0.01% or Rs.20 whichever is lower.
  • Currency Derivatives of Option – Flat Fee Rs.20.

Transaction Charges with Fyers’s :

  • Equity Delivery – Rs.325 Per Cr.
  • Equity Intraday – Rs.325 Per Cr.
  • Equity Future – Rs.240 Per Cr.
  • Equity Option – Rs.5900 Per Cr.
  • Commodity – NA.
  • Currency Derivatives of Future – Rs.175 Per Cr.
  • Currency Derivatives of Option – Rs.6500 Per Cr.

Fyers Turnover Charges :

  • Equity Delivery – Rs.325 Per Cr.
  • Equity Intraday – Rs.325 Per Cr.
  • Future – Rs.210 Per Cr.
  • Option – Rs.5300 Per Cr.
  • Currency Future – Rs.135 Per Cr
  • Currency Options – Rs.4500 Per Cr.
  • Commodity – Rs.210 Per Cr.

Fyers Other Charges : 

  • Minimum Brokerage – Rs.20.
  • Call N Trade Charges – Rs.20 Per Order.
  • Dp Slip Charges – Rs.15 Per Scrip.
  • Stamp Duty – Charges as per State Resident.
Fyers Brokerage Charges

Statutory and DP Charges of Fyers :

  • Turnover Charges of Fyers.
  • Securities Transaction Charges of Fyers.
  • Applicable taxes levied by the Govt.
  • Stamp Duty: State-wise stamp duty will be levied as applicable in this.
  • SEBI Turnover Fees of Fyers.
  • Demat Debit Transaction charges levied by IL&FS (ISSL) of Rs.20 plus Depository charges at actuals.
  • Demat Annual Maintenance Charges levied by IL&FS (ISSL) of Rs.400 plus Tax.

Fyers Margin / Exposures / Intraday Leverage : 

  • Equity Intraday – Upto 16 Times.
  • Equity Delivery – No Delivery Leverage.
  • Future – Up to 4 times with BO/CO Product for Intraday.
  • Option – Up to 4 times on Only Short Position with BO/CO Product for Intraday.
  • Currency Future – Upto 4 times for Intraday.
  • Currnecy Option – Upto 4 Times on Short Position with BO/CO for Intraday.
  • Commodity – Upto 3 Times for Intraday with BO/CO.

Margin Policies Which Fyers Provide :

There are various types of orders under the platform.

Equity Trading :

  1. CnC or Delivery – When a trader takes a position and hold the same overnight, then it is called as Cash N Carry or a delivery trade. The traders will need to choose CNC in the buy order entry screen. The settlement for delivery transactions happens on T plus 2 days. The shares purchased in delivery will reflect in traders T1 holdings on the next day and traders demat account on T plus 2 days.
  2. Intraday or MIS – When the trader takes a position in equity and square off the same in trading hours of the same day, then it is known as intraday equity trading. Fyers does provide a margin of ten to fifteen times on more than 250 liquid stocks based on market conditions. In an Intraday trade, traders positions will be auto squared off at around 3:20 PM.

Futures Trading :

  1. Equity (Stock and Index) futures – Equity Futures are derivative instruments which allow traders to take overnight leverage of up to 10 times in the Indian stock market. The traders can avail even higher leverage. This changes from time to time with intraday positions. Mainly, NIFTY has more leverage than stock futures due to higher volatility. The margin requirement is decided by NSE which is known as SPAN Margin. At Fyers, settle our trades on T+1 day.

Product types :

a. Intraday – Intraday trades are not carried forward, Fyers provide a higher leverage component. Basically, a trader can get leverage of 2.5X of an overnight position for intraday trades. Example: Let’s say trader have Rs.1,00,000 in their trading account, a trader can only buy 2 lots of Nifty futures since each lot requires Rs.49,499. However, if a trader is going to buy with the INTRADAY product type, a trader can buy 5 lots. Here is a screenshot to help trader understand better:

The margin required and the number of lots trader can trade with are clearly mentioned in the table above. To trade in futures, a trader will need to choose the appropriate product type as shown in the screenshot below. Needless to mention, a trader must do the same in case trader are shorting as well. Use Fyers Margin Calculator to get the latest margins required to trade in stock markets. If a trader needs step by step explanation on how to use it, then read Fyers post for more information on margin calculator.

b. Margin – Margins will be prescribed by the exchanges. This type of product applies for overnight positions which can be held until the expiry of the contract. For this product type, a trader must have entire exchange stipulated amount in trader account and the trader can hold the same till expiry.

  1. Currency – Currently, SEBI allows trading in only INR pairs which is USDINR, EURINR, JPYINR, GBPINR. Fyers has been communication from NSE regarding their cross-currency product launch, but currently, there is no deadline provided by them. To learn more about the possibility and details cross currency pair trading, read trader recent post on Forex trading in India.

a. Intraday – Fyers recently get up to 40% of margin benefits for intraday trades. So, positions are taken on 9:15 AM are auto squared off by 4:50 PM in this. The trader can trade 1 lot with just about Rs. 500 to 600. The intraday product type in currency futures gives trader leverage of 124 times.

b. Margin – When trader select Margin product type, then it applies for overnight positions which can be held till the expiry of the contract. Margins will be as prescribed by the exchanges known as SPAN margin plus Exposure margin. The traders can track the margin requirements by using this Currency Margin Calculator. Make sure trader choose the correct product type to avoid intraday square off.

Options Trading: Equity (Stocks and Indices) and Currencies :

a. Option buying – When traders buy options which is both calls and puts, then there is no additional leverage provided. So if a trader is buying calls or puts of any contract, the premium required to buy them has to be present in traders trading account. The traders can choose either of Intraday or margin product types available from buy order entry screen. Whereas when a trader takes a Margin position, the trader had to have a total amount of margin requirement in traders trading account.

b. Option Shorting or Writing – Margins for shorting an option depends on various factors like volatility, underlying, expiry and more. Fyers do provide margins for intraday orders, where the trader will need only 40% of overnight margin requirement. But these intraday orders will be automatically squared off at the end of the day in this option shorting.

Advantages of using Fyers Margin Calculator (Fyers Review):

• The traders do not have to calculate approximate margins manually.
• It saves traders a lot of time and energy.
• Understand the leverage component per scrip on an ongoing basis of Fyers.
• The scan of Fyers through the list of banned scrips right here.
• The Margin calculators of Fyers are always updated on a daily basis.
• Simultaneously traders can use Fyers Options Strategies Lab to trade options like a pro. This is a portal where traders can take choose from over 43 different strategies without knowing how to construct them. Fyers have done it on traders behalf to make traders life easier and more efficient. The traders can choose strategies based on traders market outlook and risk preferences. So the amount of time taken to execute strategies like Iron condor and butterfly spreads is almost nullified.

Fund Transfer of Fyers (in Fyers Review) :

  1. Instant Payment Gateway.
  2. NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/Cheques.
  3. Multiple bank accounts.
  • Deposit Funds –

Payment Gateway –

Instant Payment Gateway is used mainly transfer up to Rs.5,00,000 per transaction for a fee of Rs.10. This can be done using all Fyers trading platforms:

1. Fyers Web.
2. Fyers Markets.
3. Fyers One.
4. Thematic Investing Platform.

Payment Gateway

Net Banking –

Directly transfer funds using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.
It can take 2 plus hours depending on the kind of transaction, bank and process time during working hours.

Net Banking
  • Withdraw Funds –

The traders can withdraw funds using multiple channels :

1. Fyers Web
2. Fyers Markets
3. Fyers One
4. Thematic Investing Platform
5. Back Office

Withdrawal requests that have been placed during working hours are processed at the end of the day and may take up to 24 hours to get credited to traders bank account.

Fyers Review with Charges, Margin, Features :

Now, come to the important section Fyers Review with Charges, Margin, Features. In the fyres review, you will get to know, FYERS offers some unique benefits to its traders so that they can trade peacefully without being under pressure and stress. Following are some of the benefits in fyers review that they bring on the plate for their customers:

Fyers Review (Basics Points)

  • In fyers review, the biggest advantage of FYERS is their zero or minimal brokerage charges. They provide a 30-day challenge wherein if the customer wins in that challenge, they get to trade for free. For others as well, they have such schemes, which saves their brokerage up to 95% as compared to other Stock broking houses. For all Equity Delivery Thematic Investments, they offer Zero Brokerage.
  • Robust Technology-based systems and platforms for trading efficiently
  • They are the custodians of max historical data of the stockbroking industry, which means that they could analyze trends and patterns very easily and share insights
  • A dedicated Customer Support desk, which is there to support the clients as well as the Sub Brokers, in case of any challenges and issues using the system to trade.

Advantages of Fyers in Fyers Review :

In the fyers review, let’s talk about the advantages of fyres.

  1. Fyers offer free equity delivery trading. They don’t change any brokerage for cash and carry trades.
  2. Discount stockbroker offering ultra low brokerage. Fyers charge flat Rs.20 per trade maximum brokerage across trading segments and irrespective to the size of the trade.
  3. In-house build trading platform offers flexibility to quickly implement new features or services.
  4. Refer clients friends and earn 20% of the revenues generated by their friends.
  5. A thematic investment which is a unique offering by Fyers allows customers to invest in a group of stocks. The companies are grouped together (as a theme) based on ideas (certain criteria’s).
  6. No hidden charges and also very transparent fees or charges.
  7. All trading software’s are available for free of charge in Fyers.

Partners of Fyers :

Partners of Fyers

Why Partner with FYERS (Explanation in Fyers Review)?

  • Low Retail Participation – Fyers is a well-known fact that less than 2% of the population invests in stocks. Help their customers increase awareness of this asset class.
  • Demand for investing and trading – Fyers is a huge demand from youngsters to invest in the stock market but they don’t know how to go about it.
  • Lack of education about markets – The education system in India has neglected capital markets, trading and investing subjects altogether. Let’s change that.
  • Preference towards financial assets – More than 90% of Indian household savings are in real-estate and gold in Fyers. Let’s change this together by spreading knowledge.
  • No democratization of knowledge – Fyers is important that key information about stock markets is delivered effectively to everyone without barriers.
  • Increase the trader reach – Be visible on Fyers website, this provides end-to-end solutions to traders subscribers and increase traders reach through Fyers exponentially.

Customer Service (Fyers Review) :

Head Office
#19/20, 3rd Main,
Bangalore 560009

Customer Service
Phone: 080 46251111
Email: [email protected]

Fyers FAQ

How do I open a Fyers account online?

At this digital age, Fyers offer both online and offline account opening services.
1. To open an account through the online process, one needs to submit basic information like Aadhar card, PAN card, personal details, etc.
2. There is an offline process too. One can send the required documents by post.

What is Fyers One?

Fyers one is the trading terminal of Fyers (leading discount stock broker in India). The trading software is popular for its high performance, speed, and useful features. It offers powerful charting, technical screener, market 360 degrees, etc facilities. The user-friendly software is much accurate in trading.

Which is better Fyers vs Zerodha?

Though both the companies are discount broker, in terms of services, they are different from one another. At present, Zerodha is having No.1 discount broker rank in India and Fyers is lagging behind. Zerodha is providing much-advanced trading software than Fyers but both the companies have almost same brokerage plan.

Next, we will discuss the reasons why do you open account with Fyers.

Why Open Account with FYERS Securities?

  1. World Class Trading Platforms – As a technology-focused stockbroking firm, Fyers is breaking barriers and introducing features which will give Fyers clients an extra edge to trade successfully.
  2. High Margins – Fyers get up to 100x leverage in F&O and 30x leverage in intraday equities.
  3. Advanced Charts – 20 plus years of corporate action adjusted EOD data, 6 plus months of intraday data, trade from charts in Fyers.
  4. Real-time Screeners and Analytics – Heatmaps, Support and Resistances, Trend scanners, Options chain, F&O analysis and lots more are real-time screeners and analytics in Fyers.
  5. Thematic Investing – Invest in over 100 plus pre-designed portfolios which traders can choose and customize based on their ideas of Fyers.

Empowering Traders And Investors In India –

  • Free investments in Fyers which is empowering traders and investors.
  • 30 Day Challenge to encourage discipline is also provided Fyers.
  • World class charts are available in Fyers.
  • No proprietary trading, no conflict of interest in this.
  • Maximum leverage is empowering traders and investors.
  • Low latency and fastest trade execution are provided Fyers.
  • Maximum historical data is also available in Fyers.
  • Advanced screeners and real-time data analytics are empowering traders and investors in Fyers.
  • Lowest brokerage charges are provided Fyers.
  • Robust disaster management systems are available in Fyers.
  • 100% Transparency in Fyers which is empowering traders and investors.
  • A unique Thematic Investing Platform is also available in Fyers.

30 Day Challenge in Fyers Review:

It is the last stage of the content Fyers Review with Charges, Margin, Features.

The logic: In the fyers review, the last stage starts with the logic. Making money is in itself an incentive to be profitable in Fyers. This is just that consistency is something that needs to be developed over time and with repeated efforts. If a trader can measure traders own performance over 30 trading days, then there will be a conscious effort to always be diligent. Trading is not a collaborative activity and hence, certain objective goals like time-bound challenges can help sharpen trader up especially when trader can’t get feedback on a regular basis from the trading fraternity. Also, various research suggests that it takes approximately 1 month to start developing new habits and break old ones in Fyers. That’s why Fyers decided to keep a time-frame of 30 days for the challenge because it coincides with the comfort zone for measuring performance.

How the 30 Day Challenge works: If a trader has traded profitably for the duration of 30 trading days, traders entire brokerage will be refunded. Keep in mind that trader will have to be in net profits after accounting for brokerage charges and all the transaction costs. a trader can begin the challenge at any time a trader want throughout the year without any restrictions. Also, a trader can take the 30 Day Challenge consecutively throughout the year. Upon beginning the 30 Day Challenge traders time starts ticking. Below are some points that a trader should know about before the trader start:

  • The end date is calculated based on the number of trading days within the date range in Fyers.
  • Fyers is no lower limit on the brokerage refund.
  • This company is no upper limit on the brokerage refund.
  • Profitability is calculated across all segments in Fyers.
  • Dividends won’t be considered for this company.
  • Brokerage refund in Fyers to the winners will be processed on the 5th of every month or the next working day.

So, this is the details of fyers review. In this fyers review, you will get each and every information about the broker.

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