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What Is Computerized Automated Trading System (ATS) For NSE And MCX: Algorithmic trading or algo trading or auto trading or automatic trading system (ATS) refers to the use of automation for trading in NSE or MCX market. This entails execution of a trading technique the use of a pc software (algorithm). Previous, these methods have been completed with the aid of people. Use of algo trading or computerized trading system eliminates human emotion in trading.

Algorithms or formulation are used for quick execution of trades, quicker identification of arbitrage alternatives, methods in search of to beat return benchmarks (alpha in quest of) and excessive frequency algorithms. Whereas a single trader can manually deal with a portfolio of around Rs 5 crore, an algo trader, working by myself, can deal with Rs 50 crore to Rs fifty-five crore.

NEST is a premier platform for trading algorithmically. As one of the first products in India to be enabled for an automated trading system (ATS), NEST has a long and varied background in algo trading in NSE or MCX.

A significant volume of the trading in India happens algorithmically and NEST is a key part of this order flow.

In algorithmic trading sections, we talk about various canned strategies that have been developed by Omnesys for Algo trading which the customer can pick and choose and run for his automated trading system.

Omnesys NEST Plus is an innovative solution offering “Tools of the Trade” from Omnesys and now we with the help of master Trust allow our clients to build their own automated trading system (ATS) using Amibroker.

automated trading system

Currently, traders maintain non-connected setups for Technical Analysis and Order Management. Whenever trading signal triggers in charting platform, traders place an order in their trading platform manually. For frequent day-traders, this is error-prone, time-consuming & needless duplication of efforts.

Also, if multiple orders are getting triggered from one or more trading strategies, the same cannot be handled effectively in real-time.

The above video shows a simple algo trading in Nest Trader using a plugin called Nest Pulse. Now after the introduction of our automated trading system, whenever signal triggers in Amibroker platform or in Nest Pulse, it instantly reflects in Nest Trader OMS – picking up the details of the intended trade from the analysis platform automatically. Then depending on the status of the user, the order will be placed on the NSE or MCX exchange either semi-automatically or automatically. For more info you can check our ALGO TRADING page.

Price Zone Oscillator - Download PZO For Amibroker
Low Cost Brokerage Accounts In India - A New Concept

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