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Zerodha Smallcase Review-Simplifying Stock Investing

Zerodha Smallcase Review

Smallcase has been launched by Zerodha 2 years ago. The equity investment platform is designed especially for retail investors. The investment strategies contain Thematic and Portfolio Based. Later in this article, we will bring a brief discussion regarding these strategies along with Zerodha Smallcase Review. It is completely a new way to invest in stocks. Before step into the main topic let’s get acquainted with the term “smallcase”.

What is Smallcase?

The specific platform is created professionally, contains baskets of stocks which reflect trending strategies and ideas. It is one of the easiest ways to invest in stocks portfolios for the long term. In order to invest in smallcase and get the benefits, you have to have Open an Account in Zerodha. After investing for Zerodha account, traders can track, set up SIPs and easily manage multiple smallcases. You can choose and manage multiple portfolios together. Without the complexity and noise, a smallcase investor can build his portfolio of up to 20 stocks which are based on the market trend. Each smallcase is consists of features like low cost, understandable, diversified.

Thematic and Portfolio Based Investment

I have mentioned earlier that in smallcase, there is the thematic and portfolio based investment.

Thematic investing is basically one of the most natural ways to invest. Specifically, Retail investors choose to invest in stocks thematically. Each such thematic based basket is an intelligently-weighted portfolio of stocks. It is based on a trending market theme and idea.

Small case strategy makes equity investing simpler as well as profitable. It is always safe and profitable to invest in the bulk of stocks rather than investing in individual stock.

Zerodha Smallcase Review

To make your concept clear, here we present some screenshots of smallcase review.

Thematic Investment

You have to log in with Zerodha Kite for getting the Smallcase benefits.

zerodha smallcase review 1

This is the dashboard from where you can check the background with investing.

Zerodha Smallcase Review 2

Besides dashboard, there is a discover option where you can explore the data.

zerodha smallcase review 3

Traders can find Create options also.

All stocks that traders buy with smallcase are held in the Demat account. They can be seen in the holdings section of Kite as well. All smallcase stocks buy and sell orders should be done through the smallcase platform.


Zerodha Smallcase Screener

Before ending of the article zerodha smallcase review, I would like to present you one of the most effective screeners. Zerodha smallcase has come out with their own screener which is quite user-friendly. There are lots of beneficial options for ratios. The powerful stock screener lets you screen the stocks easily. Its smart filters and readymade screen helps to find stocks.

Features of Zerodha Smallcase Screener

  • Explore and Discover strong buy rated stocks along with high upside potential.
  • Find out stocks overbought/oversold zones with Stock potentials.
  • Rank stocks as per the fundamental, value, earnings and momentum scales.
  • Apply versatile financial as well as profitability ratios to discover strong companies (fundamentally).
  • Save the filtering criteria to a new screen. Get an updated list whenever you log in.
  • There is an option of Downloading the screen results in Excel for further analysis.
  • Screen stocks (based on the expected future revenues, cash flows and earnings).
  • The expanding library of readymade premium screens helps to discover brilliant ideas and stocks like Monsoon Cheer, Golden Geese, Jamaican Sprinters and more.
  • Investors can easily compare stocks (based on PE, PB, PS and dividend yields of sector and peers).
zerodha smallcase screener review

screener Pro

Though there is a premium plan for the screener pro, for a test drive investors can get a free 30-day trial to use, explore and experience all premium features (if only log in with Zerodha Kite)

We hope you enjoy the experience of Zerodha smallcase review along with the screener.

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