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Learnapp by Zerodha

LearnApp is an independent learning platform that facilitates learning from industry leaders regarding the various subject of finance. You can access LearnAop from PC and even from mobile with just a click. Apart from this, you will get courses, with video and live classes on trading, investment banking, finance, and more at a very small cost. The article will concentrate on the review of the Learnapp courses platform, funded by Rainmatter, Zerodha’s incubator. Here, we provide access to the app.

The main objective of any kind of financial training is to make profits for yourself. And, Zerodha is a very supportive platform for the same. So, it is advisable to be a part of Zerodha too. To ease this process, click on the link below.

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Learnapp Coupon Code, Trial, and Purchase

LearnApp offers affordable and high-quality financial education to investors, traders, working professionals, and students. There are various ways of getting access to LearnApp, taking a trial directly from the website is one option, and having an account with Zerodha is another. The app has the following features:

  • Movie-like video courses on trading and investing
  • Industry leaders teach their success strategies.
  • After lessons, there is an Assessment quiz.
  • Interactive Live classes by practitioners
Learnapp Courses

Detailed Review of Learnapp Courses and Platform

LearnApp is undoubtedly a unique addition to the financial market. Here, I’ve jotted down the best features of the app. So, first, go through a detailed guide tour of the app, then we will go for the best features of it.

Guide to the Learnapp Website

First, you need to log in to the app. LearnApp offers a Free Trial for new customers.

Login Link

Only for your benefit, we have facilitated the process with a link. Just click here to get the App.

LearnApp Review

Log in Process in LearnApp

First, go to the official site of the app, then a window like this will open. There you will get two login options.

Sign in to Learnapp Courses

Trial or Purchase

By clicking on any of the above two options, you will get a FREE trial of the app. And, if you want to buy their packages, the list is also there.

Learnapp Trial Pack

There are two plans available, one is the quarterly plan and, the other is the yearly plan. The quarterly plan is Rs.1500 + GST and the yearly plan is Rs. 4500 + GST

Types of the LearnApp Courses and their Review

Once you log in to the app, you will find three options- Courses, Live classes, and Advanced courses.

Learn App Zerodha


Under the courses, there are varieties of course heads available. See the picture below, there the highlighted area contains different course names. These are Investing, Financial Services, Business & Management, Trading, etc.

Learnapp Courses List

In each section, multiple useful education training videos, and sessions are present. Apart from this, there is a “Coming Soon” section, from there you can watch the upcoming updates regarding the course.

Live Classes

Now, come to another part of the App that is Live classes. Under live classes, there are two parts, upcoming and recording.

Upcoming Section in Stock Market Courses

In the upcoming live classes, you will find the upcoming series. If you want you may register it. On that day, you will be informed by notification.

Learnapp Live Classes

Besides the Upcoming series, there is a Recording session where you can watch the pre-released series.

The most interesting part is in these live classes, where they release a sequence of episodes to cover all information regarding the topic.

Best Features of the App


Value Investing by S. Naren

He shares strategies in fund management. He teaches value investing along with a usable framework. One of the huge pros of this course is to get a ready framework to apply in investments. The con is that value investing is a slow process, an investor must have patience.

How to Decode Economic Indicators by Mahesh Patil

The course not only explains indicators in detail but also their effects on various sectors. The pros of the course are that they have pinpointed sectors you can target. The con is that investors have to find the stocks by themselves that lead a sector.


Tom Basso Teaches Trend Trading

A huge advantage of the course is they teach in the context of Indian stocks as well.

G Bharadwaj Teaches Scalping

He shows stock selection along with entry/exit criteria and risk management. The advantage of the course of scalping trading is seeing a unique trading style, after all, Bharadwaj has won the 60-day Challenge 10 times in a row. One disadvantage of the course is that the stock selection criteria could have been taught in more detail. For the same, Bharadwaj is also taking two live classes.

Quiz Assessment

In this App, there is an interactive quiz with a timer. There are quiz sessions with charts and graphs.

Live Classes

Live classes provide a platform for real-time interaction with mentors. There is a two-way communication system.

Learn App by Zerodha

LearnApp offers high-quality financial courses taught by industry leaders. These are accessible to everyone. The courses are taught by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Comparison of LearnApp Courses with Other Learning Sites

Nowadays, so many online training and learning apps. If we truly compare these apps, then one thing is certain. These apps’ comparison is generally based on two things- quality and price.

  • Many other sites charge fees for each course but in LearnApp the subscription fee is one time. Under one time subscription, you can access all their courses, unlike other apps.
  • In LearnApp, users get guidance, and training from the best person in different financial fields. Like, CEOs from various mutual funds, BSE, Aditya Birla AMC, etc. No other apps give such proper training practically.
  • LearnApp is one of the best apps which provides training in easy ways. They present complicated financial concepts in simple and understandable ways. In other apps, the quality is not always there.


Therefore, after the review of the Learnapp courses we found, one of the main advantages is cost-effectiveness and high quality. Apart from this, the app is going to launch other products and series besides financial ones. So, stay updated with us and get more eye-catching offers soon.

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