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Earn Rs.14800/Month From Upstox Referral Commission

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Upstox is a renowned name among the discount brokerage firms in India. It is quite popular for offering eye-catching benefits to its customers. This article contains one of such benefits. Here, we explain How to Earn Minimum Rs.14800 Per Month From Upstox Referral Commission.

Who doesn’t want to earn money from home, without spending much time and efforts?

Now, Everyone can earn an unlimited amount of money from Upstox. One just need to have an account in Upstox, Proper Net connections and contact, that’s all you need. THERE IS NO NEED FOR CAPITAL INVESTMENT IN IT.

Upstox Referral benefit

Believe it or not, now earning money become quite easy through Upstox. One can easily earn Rs 14,800 per month from Upstox Referral Commission. The referrers must have accounts with Upstox. The benefits are as follows:

  • Per referral one will get Rs.300 (after opening the account)
  • The person will also get 10% brokerage on the referred person’s trading.


How to Earn Rs.14800/Month From Upstox Referral Commission?

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Now, I will show how easily one can do the side business in a small time span.

Suppose, in a month you refer 20 people at a time. Then your referral benefit will be:

20 x 300 (Rs.300/refer) = 6000/-

In addition to it, let’s have a look at the brokerage benefit. Suppose per person trade minimum 5 transaction, so,

5 x 40 (Per trader buy-sell brokerage Rs.20) = 200/-

In the 200/- brokerage you get 10% or Rs.20. (20 person x 20 brokerage) = 400

So, in a month you will get (400 x 22) = Rs. 8800

Just in a blink of eyes, YOUR MONTHLY INCOME WILL BE (8800 + 6000) = Rs. 14,800

The above figure is only a number. ONE CAN EARN UNLIMITED MONEY by applying the strategy. The more you refer, the more you earn.

Imagine How Effortlessly YOU CAN EARN Thousands and Lakh. This can be anyone’s side business. Whether you are a serviceman, businessman, housewife, student, the easy way to earn money can be a blast for you.


Upstox Top Referrers

Here is the list of our top earning referrers:

Upstox Referral Commission

The Broking business without any investment is AVAILABLE NOW, GRAB YOURS OPPORTUNITY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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