Zerodha Referral Commission & Zerodha Referral Payout

Zerodha Referral Commission Payout Process

Zerodha started its operation in India in the year 2010 and in the last 7 years, they have become India’s largest stockbroker. But how did they manage to make this much progress in such a small time? This was made possible as Zerodha created an affiliate marketing model that was very much realistic in the Indian context. Clients refer to clients – this was the affiliate marketing concept. In return, the referring client will receive a part of the referred client’s brokerage. So we must know the Zerodha referral payout process too as we should know how to earn the Zerodha referral commission.

Nowadays we recommend many things to our friends. We recommend some mobile phones, laptops, a TV that we use or cars, etc. But we do not get anything in return against these referrals. What about an idea if we get some money against referring our friends to the broker (ZERODHA) that we are trading with?

Who Can Join Zerodha Referral Commission Program?

  1. Anyone who has a Zerodha trading account can join the Zerodha referral program.
  2. Apply for a Zerodha trading and Demat account first by clicking here.
  3. Once your client id is activated you will get access to your back office Q.
  4. You can start referring your friends or relatives from your Q back office or use the referral form below.

Zerodha Referral Form

You can see the Zerodha referral form above. If you do not have an account in Zerodha you can use the form given above to apply for a Zerodha account. Once you apply for a new account in Zerodha you will receive a call back from the Zerodha team and your Zerodha account can be opened very fast. Now even Zerodha supports instant account opening with an Aadhar card.

So, once your Zerodha account is opened you are on board you can start referring clients to Zerodha and start earning a referral commission. You can check how much commission has accumulated in your back office or console of Zerodha. Check the image below:

Zerodha Referral Commission

You can check in the image the threshold for the Zerodha referral commission payout is Rs. 2020. So till Rs. 2020 is not accumulated you can not request a Zerodha referral payout.

How To Request For Zerodha Referral Payout:

  • Option – 1: You can send a Zerodha referral payout request from your back office or console itself by clicking the orange-colored WITHDRAW button in your WALLET.
  • Option – 2: Alternatively you can log in to from the internet explorer browser and request a payout from there. Remember this site opens from internet explorer only. This option does not work anymore.


This is the easiest way to request for Zerodha referral commission payout. The referral payout process has been revised, effective from 1st March 2017, a new process has been implemented, and providing an e-signed declaration letter by using Aadhar is mandatory. You may follow the below steps to do the Digital signature:

  • Print this form, and fill it up.
  • Open the digit and click on “Free Trial”.
Login With Digio
  • Once you logged in you have to give your Aadhar number and click OK, you will receive OTP on your Aadhar-linked mobile number for verification.
  • Once verification is completed, scan the printed document and upload it to the digit.
Login To Digio With Aadhar
  • To sign the document digitally, click on the sign option, you will receive OTP, put OTP to complete the process.
Sign With Digio

So once your digio declaration is submitted to Zerodha you can simply log in to your Q back office and go to the WALLET section. Just click the orange colored WITHDRAW button and your Zerodha referral commission will be paid out to your bank account.

Withdraw Zerodha Referral Payout

OPTION – 2 (Old Method, Not Working Anymore):

Login to with your back office ID and password. You must use internet explorer as the browser.

Zerodha Back Office

This will log into your Zerodha back office. See the image below:

Zerodha Backoffice

Click on ASSOCIATE PROGRAM in the left-hand side menu.

Zerodha Associate Program

Click on REFERRAL WALLET. This will open your referral wallet of yours in the back office. Click on the CLAIM button and you can claim your pending Zerodha referral commission.

Zerodha Referral Wallet

In this way, you can earn a handsome monthly income from the Zerodha referral payout. No selling, no commitment, start earning Rs. 15000 per month today. We will now show you how to earn from referring.

How To Earn Rs 15000 Per Month By Referring Friends To Zerodha?

Friends, now I will show you a simple technique of how to earn Rs 15000 per month. I know you are already trading in the stock market as you are reading my blog. You are already making some bucks from the market. But there are other ways of earning money from the market. Please read this technique for earning risk-free money from the market.

Zerodha Referral Program

Steps to earn Rs 15000 per month

Earn Rs 15000 Per Month
  1. You should have an active account in Zerodha. If you do not have an account in Zerodha you can open an account by filling up the form above and we will get in touch with you for an account opening.
  2. Now ask among your friends who want to open a trading account with a reputedĀ stockbroker.
  3. Collect some friendsā€™ names, phone numbers, and email ids.
  4. Above you will see a small form to input your name, phone number, and email id.
  5. Just put your friendā€™s name, phone number, and email id in the form. Replace the default referral id with your 6-digit Zerodha client id.
  6. Hit submit. The lead register is on the Zerodha database.
  7. Some authorized representatives of Zerodha contact your friend and they will guide him through the account opening process.
  8. Lastly, after opening the account, it maps under your client id, and any brokerage generated by your friend, you will receive a 10% share of that.

You can refer to as many friends or relatives as you like to refer in this way. See the image below which tells that you can earn Rs. 15000 per month by referring just 50 friends to Zerodha.

Zerodha Referral Commission

So from today, just start referring your friends to Zerodha and earn a handsome referral commission just sitting at your home. You will also receive free benefits as mentioned on our pageĀ Zero Brokerage Club.


Till early 2018 Zerodha continued this program of Zerodha referral payout scheme also known as the Zerodha referral commission was into effect. But after that, they stopped paying cash commissions to the clients. Instead of this, they came up with new referral benefits that were built on a point system. In the new system, you will earn 300 points per successful referral (when the referred person will open the trading and Demat account). Finally, ou can now redeem the points in exchange for many free benefits.

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