The True Power of Hidden Divergence

Divergence is a commonly used word in science and mathematics. But in terms of a stock market glossary, the divergence occurs when the price of any asset is moving in the opposite direction to that of an indicator. Traders and investors commonly use these divergences to trade in the stock market. In this article, we … Continue reading “The True Power of Hidden Divergence”

Trade the Elliott Oscillator: FREE Amibroker AFL

In this post, I will describe something about the advanced get oscillator. As you know that an advanced get is software where you can understand the Elliott wave counts. But how to confirm the accuracy of the Elliott wave counts? There comes another indicator called an advanced get oscillator which is also called an Elliott … Continue reading “Trade the Elliott Oscillator: FREE Amibroker AFL”

Price Zone Oscillator – Get PZO for Amibroker

To identify the buy-sell trend, Price Zone Oscillator and Volume Zone Oscillator play significant roles. In order to get confirmation on a trend, it is advisable to use this oscillator with trend direction indicators. This particular technical oscillator works best to provide the buy-sell signal. Today we will cover the basic concept of the Oscillator. … Continue reading “Price Zone Oscillator – Get PZO for Amibroker”