Discover the Benefits of Amibroker AFL Library

Amibroker AFL Library

Amibroker is a popular software used for technical analysis in the stock market. It is a comprehensive platform that provides a range of tools for traders and investors to analyze financial data and make informed decisions. One of the key features of Amibroker is the Amibroker Formula Language (AFL), which allows users to write their own custom indicators and trading strategies. The AFL library is a collection of pre-built AFL codes that can be used by Amibroker users to enhance their analysis and trading capabilities.

Importance of AFL library

The AFL library is a valuable resource for Amibroker users as it provides access to a wide range of pre-built AFL codes. These codes can help traders and investors save time by providing them with a starting point for building their own indicators and trading strategies. The AFL library also serves as a learning resource for Amibroker users who are new to AFL code writing or technical analysis.

Original Amibroker AFL Library

Accessing the library

The original Amibroker AFL library is only available to registered users from the member’s area on the Amibroker website. Users can access the library by logging in to the member’s area and navigating to the AFL library section.

AmiBroker AFL Library
AmiBroker AFL Library

Features of the library

The AFL library contains a wide range of pre-built AFL codes that cover various aspects of technical analysis. Some of the popular AFL codes available in the library include candlestick patterns, moving averages, Bollinger Bands, and Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicators. The library is regularly updated with new codes and features based on user feedback and market trends.

How to use the library

Using the AFL library is easy. Once you have logged in to the member’s area on the Amibroker website, navigate to the AFL library section and search for the code you are interested in. Once you have found the code, click on the download button to download it to your computer. You can then import the code into Amibroker and use it in your analysis or trading strategies.

Amibroker AFL Library Product

Explanation of the product

In addition to the original Amibroker AFL library, we also had a product called the Amibroker AFL library, which provided access to various paid AFL codes. These codes are developed by our team of experienced traders and analysts and are designed to provide users with a competitive edge in the market.

Benefits of using the product

The Amibroker AFL library product provided several benefits to users. Firstly, it saved time by providing users with pre-built trading strategies and indicators. Secondly, it helped users make more informed trading decisions by providing them with advanced technical analysis tools. Finally, the product provided access to a community of experienced traders and analysts who can offer guidance and support.

How to download and install the product

Trial seekers or paid members used to log in to our site on the Trend Blaster page in

Trend Blaster Payment Page

They used to download the file Amibroker_AFL_Library.exe to the desktop by right-clicking and selecting “Save Target As”. If they had purchased the system, they got the mail with the full version setup file in detail. After receiving the mail they saved the installer file on the desktop.

Amibroker AFL Library

Once the installer file is downloaded they needed to double-click on the installer. Once they followed the on-screen instructions to install from the file, choose to place an icon on the desktop (recommended), and the Amibroker AFL Library is installed. They could run it from there.

Amibroker AFL Library

First-time installs were needed to locate Amibroker’s installation directory. Our users clicked on BROWSER and located their Amibroker installation folder and clicked on OK. This they needed only once.

How to activate the AmiBroker AFL Library product

Our users got the user id and password from us by email from [email protected].

The mail contained a User Name and a Password like the following.

  • User Name: demo10
  • Password: demo10

They could log in and a message displayed “Logged in successfully”. After that, after they ran Amibroker they got to see a folder called AFL Library in their Amibroker Charts tree. Expanding that they could find their allocated AFL (eg, Trend Blaster Trading System or in case TBTS, T3B Trading System, etc) in the folder.

Amibroker Blank Screen

After double-clicking on TBTS123 AFL or drag-drop it to a blank chart Trend Blaster Trading System will be loaded. Remember, this system was only available for our paid members.

Trend Blaster V4.0

2019 Update: We have discontinued the AmiBroker AFL Library in 2018.


How do I add AFL to AmiBroker?

To add AFL to AmiBroker, you need to import the code into the software. This you can do by navigating to the AFL editor section in AmiBroker and clicking on the import button.

How do I learn AmiBroker AFL coding?

There are several resources available online that can help you learn AmiBroker AFL coding. The Amibroker website provides documentation and tutorials, and there are also online courses and forums dedicated to AFL coding.

What is the most accurate AFL for AmiBroker?

The accuracy of an AFL code depends on various factors such as market conditions, time frames, and trading strategy. Therefore, there we can consider no single AFL code as the most accurate for AmiBroker. However, there are many AFL codes available in the AmiBroker AFL library and other sources that have been proven to be effective in different market scenarios. To find an AFL code that works best for your trading style, it is recommended to experiment with different codes and backtest them using AmiBroker’s built-in testing functionality. This will help you identify the codes that provide the best results for your trading strategy.

What programming language is used by AmiBroker?

AmiBroker uses its own proprietary programming language called the AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL). AFL is a high-level language that is easy to learn and necessary for technical analysis and trading system development. AFL is similar to other programming languages in terms of syntax and structure, making it easy for users with programming experience to pick up. In addition to AFL, AmiBroker also supports other programming languages such as C++, C#, and VB.NET for more advanced customization.


In conclusion, the Amibroker AFL library is an essential tool for traders who want to analyze the stock market using technical analysis. The library provides a vast collection of pre-written AFL codes that can help traders identify trading opportunities, test their strategies, and improve their trading performance.

Furthermore, our Amibroker AFL library product offered additional features and benefits that helped traders further optimize their trading strategies. With access to various paid AFLs, traders gained an edge in the stock market and increased their chances of success. But now as we have discontinued the product, we request readers not to try the download anymore.

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