Amibroker 5.60 (Stable Version of Best Charting Platform)

Amibroker 5.60

A widely used trading software Amibroker comes with advanced charting, scanning, ultra-fast exploration, portfolio backtests, optimizations and many other features. It is the world’s fastest portfolio backtesting and optimization programme. Though several Amibroker versions have been released till now, Amibroker 5.60 is still considered as the most stable version of the best-charting platform. Today’s article will give you a guidance regarding Amibroker software.

So, this article will cover Availability of Amibroker, Features of the Software, Scanning & Exploration, Easy to Develop own Formulas, AFL (Amibroker Formula Language), Data Availability for Indian Market (NSE, MCX)

Availability of Amibroker 5.60

The advanced technical analysis programme has easy accessibility. If traders want to sure about the programme and go through the software thoroughly, they may download the free trial version. Once the download is done, you will get a free demo as well as free support facilities. I have attached a download link below, from there you can download the trading software from our StockManiacs site.

Download Link

Features of the AmiBroker 5.60 Software

I have already mentioned its popularity in India. Traders can get all the desired information at their fingerprint. The list of features is quite large, given below:

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  • Powerful Charting and Drawing Tools– The programme consists of standard as well as a powerful chat style along with drawing tools. According to your preference, you can customize, combined and overlaid any forms of charts. Besides modern customizable user interface, there are multiple time-frames on charts, more than a hundred popular build in indicators, such as RSI, MACD, Stochastics, ADX etc.
  • Analysis Window– You can consider this analysis window as a home to optimization, walk-forward testing, Monte Carlo simulation and backtesting. However, it presents cross-correlation between different symbols. By using exploration, this is one of the many things you can do.
  • 3D Optimization Chart– In order to find out parameter combination, this specific chart develops the best and most reliable result. However, it can be customized in several ways. Options like rotation, animation, angle watch are available here.
  • Gradient Chart and Market Profile– Any type of chart along with price displays as a gradient chart for a better look. On the extreme left side, there is a volume-at-price chart, orange in color. Therefore, it allows traders to identify price levels with the highest trading volume.
  • Optimum Parameter Value– To find best-performing ones, it can try thousands of different parameter combinations. In order to search huge spaces in limited time, use smart artificial intelligence optimization.
  • Ranking and Scoring– Based on the positioned score, Amibroker performs bar to bar analysis. If you face multiple signals on a single bar during the run out of buying power, based on user-definable position score, Amibroker performs bar-by-bar ranking.
  • Monte Carlo  Simulation– The stock market is a quite unpredictable platform where nothing is predefined. Therefore, in the worst scenario, you must be prepared. This particular feature checks traders’ probabilities in the difficult market conditions and peeks into the possible results.
  • Faster Formula Language– AFL or Amibroker Formula Language allows traders to develop their own personal trading systems, indicators, commentaries. Traders can add their financial analysis formulas. The software has more than 200 AFL functions available here. Hence, it considers as the most advanced formula language.
  • Faster Performance- Here you get faster signal along with high-performance facility.

Scanning and Exploration

Both Scanner and Exploration are the real-time screening tools and the most useful features of the Analysis window. In order to screen stocks by BUY, SELL, SHORT, COVER conditions, traders use this scanner tool. To screen stocks by generic filter conditions, exploration is used. Exploration can’t screen stocks by any specific BUY, SELL conditions. In the scanner, chart opens up with BUY-SELL signal plotted by default. On the other hand, Amibroker exploration has no signals, plotted on a chart. In exploration tool, multiple custom columns are available.

Easy to Develop Own Formulas

In Amibroker 5.60, there are two ways by which traders can develop their own indicators. One is using the drag-and-drop interface and the other is by applying your own formula. Though the first method is quite simple, it’s better to choose the second one. AFL or Amibroker formula language is quite flexible. Hence, to create your own custom indicator, you need to go through some simple formulas or code.  However, these codes are easy to understand and learn. A question may arise here, why it is important to learn codes or formulas. In Amibroker 5.60, AFL is the common language which is used for all major coding like trading system design, optimization, exploration, scanning, and back-testing.

Amibroker Formula Language

From the version 3.0, Amibroker introduced AFL (Amibroker Formula Language). It allows traders to customize indicators, trading design, scanning, back-testing, commentaries. Some simple buy-sell rules are described below:
buy = cross( macd(), 0 ), sell = cross( 0, macd() ) or to calculate midpoint of high-low arrays, you need- MidPt = (H + L)/2; // H and L are arrays. Now, let’s have a quick look at the four most popular AFL, these are Intraday AFL, Rocket Jet AFL, Trader Pro AFL, Buy Sell Signal AFL.


  • Real-time data provider– Amibroker 5.60 provides real-time data of Indian stock and commodity market.  However, this facility was introduced in Amibroker from version 5.4.
  • Best Real-time data– The quality of real-time data is quite high, timings presentation is accurate. The quality is high in all the segments of a market, such as equity, commodity, Future and option, currency with open interest.
  • Customer Support– Their online technical support system carries an excellent rating. Besides this, the support line remains open in all the five working days.
  • Data Back-fill– 1 min data backfill up to 90 days.
  • Free Amibroker AFL’s– The Amibroker Formula Language is available for the lifetime on annual data subscription and buy-sell signal AFL is compatible with all version of Amibroker.
  • Excellent Data Quality– To get a smooth data flow, Data is updated through multiple dedicated servers.

Now, let’s have a look at the Amibroker, the image is attached below:

amibroker 5.60 pic

This is a screenshot, taken from Amibroker software. The page looks like this. A company script is attached here. As you can see, in the left corner, you get a small interpretation window. Just above the window, the chart option is available. Besides this, you will find hundreds of technical tools.

However, to get more information regarding Amibroker, you can go through the particular category.

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