Amibroker 5.60 Has Been Launched. What’s New In It?

Amibroker 5.60

Options of AmiBroker 5.60:
Genuine Portfolio Backtesting & Optimization,
drag-and-drop indicator introduction,
components-based totally indicators,
distinctive composite warning signs,
constructed-in internet analysis browser,
Stroll-Ahead Checking out,
Multi-screen floating charts,
Free Elementary information,
A couple of Time-Body strengthen,
Drawing layers,
Multi-window layouts,
Simple-to-use method editor,
Each the variants of AmiBroker are realtime. – Examine VariantsDirect hyperlink to eSignal, Interactive Brokers, IQFeed, myTrack, FastTrack, QP2, TC2000, any DDE compliant feed, MS and lots of others…

Obtain Amibroker 5.60 from here.

Corrections and updates to Users’ Guide
3D optimization chart was corrupted when optimization included custom metrics. Fixed.
Custom backtest procedure was not called when number of trades was equal zero (no trades at all). This prevented creation of custom metrics in such case. Now CBT code is called anyway.
New Analysis, database’s time shift was applied twice in “Show current trade arrows” mode. Fixed.
New Analysis, when Apply to was set to “Current” then changing current symbol during optimization affected results. Fixed
When custom backtest formula was defined in separate file then report “Formula” tab shown CBT formula instead of actual system formula. Fixed.

Download Amibroker 5.60 from here.

All Editions of AmiBroker 5.60 are Realtime Editions. So even if you choose AmiBroker 5.60 Standard Edition, you will be able to see live charts which are updated realtime. The main difference between AmiBroker 5.60 Standard Edition and AmiBroker 5.60 Professional Edition is that while AmiBroker Standard Edition lets you see real-time charts upto 1 min timeframe (smallest candle) and do corresponding analysis (Scanning / Exploration / Back-testing and Optimization on charts upto 1 min timeframe), AmiBroker Professional does not have any such limitation and can let you see charts of any duration (5 sec., 15 sec., or even tick chart) and do corresponding analysis. There are other differences too and for detailed comparison, please see the comparison table below.

Amibroker 5.60

To download Amibroker 5.60 CLICK HERE.

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