Trade the Elliott Oscillator: FREE Amibroker AFL

In this post, I will describe something about the advanced get oscillator. As you know that an advanced get is software where you can understand the Elliott wave counts. But how to confirm the accuracy of the Elliott wave counts? There comes another indicator called an advanced get oscillator which is also called an Elliott … Continue reading “Trade the Elliott Oscillator: FREE Amibroker AFL”

Download Amibroker AFL Code S&R with Pivots

Before beginning, one thing should be clear to you, our previous article on Pivot Point is quite different from today’s Pivot support-resistance. Hence, Pivot is a totally separate concept. The pivot point is a calculated Pivot while today’s topic covers Structural Pivot which often refers to Bar Count Reversals. At the end of the article, … Continue reading “Download Amibroker AFL Code S&R with Pivots”

T3B Trading System India: Find Blasting Stocks

A powerful stock trading or commodity trading strategy is revealed in the name of the T3B Trading System. TTTB OR Track The Trend Breakthrough OR T3B trading system India is a foolproof system you can use to gain a massive amount of cash through the stock or commodity market using just 15 minutes of your … Continue reading “T3B Trading System India: Find Blasting Stocks”

MACD BB Indicator – Free Amibroker AFL Formula

If you’re looking to improve your trading game, then the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Bollinger Bands (BBs) indicator may be just the tool for you. This guide will discuss what the MACD BB indicator is, how they work, and how traders utilize it in order to make profitable trades. With this comprehensive tutorial, you’ll … Continue reading “MACD BB Indicator – Free Amibroker AFL Formula”

A Guide to Rahul Mohindar Oscillator for Amibroker

Previously, we’ve written about the RMO ATM. Today, we are going to discuss the Rahul Mohindar Oscillator, or RMO, and its usage on AmiBroker. The RMO Trading System contains 4 modules which are described below. What is the Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO)? The RMO is a complete trading system coded by Mr. Rahul Mohindar. He … Continue reading “A Guide to Rahul Mohindar Oscillator for Amibroker”

Beginner’s Guide to Amibroker AFL Code Writing

Amibroker is a powerful tool for traders who want to analyze the stock market and create trading strategies. With Amibroker’s AFL code-writing feature, you can write your own custom indicators, trading systems, and more. In this post, we’ll provide some general tips for writing AFL code in Amibroker, as well as examples of two popular … Continue reading “Beginner’s Guide to Amibroker AFL Code Writing”

Woodies CCI Buy Sell Signal AFL for AmiBroker

Woodies CCI was introduced by Ken Wood and the system has been named after him. It belongs to the category of momentum indicator. Before focusing on the Woodies CCI, let’s clarify the idea about CCI or Commodity Channel Index. Donald Lambert developed the CCI indicator in 1980. It is a versatile indicator, by using the … Continue reading “Woodies CCI Buy Sell Signal AFL for AmiBroker”

Halloween Indicator – Sell in May and Go Away

The term “Halloween” always comes with “tricks or treats” in general. In the stock market, based on investor’s behavior the Halloween indicator formed. Sometimes, it refers to the “Sell in May and Go Away” strategy. According to the analysis of Bouman and Jacobsen in 2002, the Halloween indicator effect is strongest in Europe since the … Continue reading “Halloween Indicator – Sell in May and Go Away”

Trade the Divergence: Download Amibroker AFL

In technical analysis, convergence and divergence play a significant role. In fact, these patterns can identify potential reversal as well as continuation patterns. Today’s topic is based totally on how to trade Divergence and its various types. Based on the three absolute of the market, price, volume, and time, divergence forms. Both convergence and divergence … Continue reading “Trade the Divergence: Download Amibroker AFL”

Discover the Benefits of Amibroker AFL Library

Amibroker is a popular software used for technical analysis in the stock market. It is a comprehensive platform that provides a range of tools for traders and investors to analyze financial data and make informed decisions. One of the key features of Amibroker is the Amibroker Formula Language (AFL), which allows users to write their … Continue reading “Discover the Benefits of Amibroker AFL Library”

100% FREE: Our 1.3 MB Collection Of Amibroker AFL Download

As a newcomer to the Indian stock market, finding reliable trading tools can be a daunting task. That’s why AmiBroker, a popular trading analysis software, has become a go-to choice for many traders. It provides advanced charting and technical analysis features, along with the ability to create custom trading systems. However, to get the most … Continue reading “100% FREE: Our 1.3 MB Collection Of Amibroker AFL Download”