How to Code Trading Strategies with ChatGPT?

Are you tired of manually executing trades and keeping a constant eye on the markets? Trading bots may be the solution you’re looking for. However, building effective trading bots can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with programming languages or machine learning. That’s where artificial intelligence like ChatGPT comes in. As a powerful natural … Continue reading “How to Code Trading Strategies with ChatGPT?”

Automated Trading System For NSE And MCX

Though computerized order flow in the financial market began in 1970, it was introduced in India in the year 2009. Automated Trading System also refers to as Algo Trading or Algorithmic Trading. Traders’ task is only to provide instructions to the computer, after that, the computer will execute its task by itself. In India, The … Continue reading “Automated Trading System For NSE And MCX”

Back Testing or Backtesting of Your Strategy

To get an effective trading system, you need to optimize and backtest your strategy by using MetaTrader’s Strategy Tester. Back testing or backtesting lets you simulate trading over a particular time frame in a few minutes. And with the optimized characteristic, one can find out which settings are carried out very best over a particular historical … Continue reading “Back Testing or Backtesting of Your Strategy”