Automated Trading in NSE or MCX Using Amibroker

Are you looking to automate your trading strategies? Nowadays there are options to start automated trading in both the National Stock Exchange as well as MCX exchange. In this article I will show you how to automated your trading strategies using AmiBroker, world’s best charting platform. In AmiBroker you have the ability to code your … Continue reading “Automated Trading in NSE or MCX Using Amibroker”

Discretionary Trading vs Algorithmic Trading

Financial markets have been changing at a fast pace since the past several years. With the advent of technology, automation, and artificial intelligence, markets have shifted gears from traditional noisy floors to high-speed computing machines. This evolution of financial markets has given its way to use computerized algorithms which can automate your trading decisions. Algorithmic … Continue reading “Discretionary Trading vs Algorithmic Trading”

How To Start Algorithmic Or Algo Trading In NSE Or MCX?

The computerized order flow was introduced in the year 1970 but executed in India in 2009. Algorithmic or Algo Trading often refers to Automated Trading System. The name itself carries the meaning of the system. Previously, I have written a content based on Automated Trading System, you can check the write-up for basic information purpose. Today … Continue reading “How To Start Algorithmic Or Algo Trading In NSE Or MCX?”