Automated Trading System For NSE And MCX

Though computerized order flow in financial market begun in 1970, it was introduced in India in the year 2009. Automated Trading System also refers to as Algo Trading or Algorithmic Trading. Traders’ task is only to provide instructions to the computer, after that, the computer will execute its task by itself. In India, The system’s … Continue reading “Automated Trading System For NSE And MCX”

Zerodha Algo Trading Made Easy With STREAK

For the last few months, I was thinking to write on Zerodha Algo Trading process and how to do automated trading in an easy manner. The solution is finally here. Let me introduce STREAK, the easiest Algo Trading app in India. But to start you need a Zerodha Account. If you do not have a … Continue reading “Zerodha Algo Trading Made Easy With STREAK”