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There is a saying by Warren Buffett “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” Though he highlighted the stock market, this saying is applicable to all segments of a market. Mainly, a¬†market is a platform where everyone comes with a winning mindset. Today we come with an unbiased indicator, IV-Jempol Metatrader Indicators Free Download is provided in this article.

Trader’s Mindset: Why it’s Important

Those who control their greed and fear can reach the peak of success. Many investors can’t stick to the profitable level most of the time, only for their wrong attitudinal behavior. Following¬†a trend is undoubtedly necessary but along with it, a trading mind is also important. After discussing a few¬†points on a winning traders’ mindset, we will come to¬†the IV-Jempol Metatrader Indicators Free Download point.

Important Points of a Trader’s Mindset

Firstly, I would like to jot down some points on traders’ mindsets. After that, we will talk about a particular indicator.

Control Greed and Fear

These are the major reasons behind most of the drawbacks in the market. Traders must learn how to control emotions on a trading platform. Suppose a trader buys a security in the morning to get a profitable return but after some time the market reverse and due to fear he sold the security early before the market closes. After selling, the trader saw a sudden uptrend movement in the market. Hence, he started trading with greed and loses trade for fear. This should not be done.

Stick to a Plan

Mind divergent is always considered a risk factor in trading. Always make your decision prior to putting your money on the market. After diving into the market, divergent planning is considered suicide. Stick to a plan from the¬†beginning, and don’t change it after a while due to confusion. There is no space for confusion in the market, either you win or you lose.

Follow the Trend

Each and every trader should remember a thing, that is we retail traders can’t create the trade in a market. Our space is limited, we can only follow the trend, that’s the only thing we can do. In order to follow the correct trend, there are various indicators, charts, and technical studies available. Besides technical analysis, you can follow the fundamental data also to get a macro view of any security.

Always be Patient

Be patient in a market while trading, this is one of the golden rules for a successful trader. Losing patience is considered a sin in the market. No one wants to lose hard-earned money. If you are adamant to become a successful trader then patience is your only key to reaching the peak of success.

Keep Yourself Updated

Always keep yourself updated with national-international economics, business, Govt policies, rules-regulations, and other factors. This is the only way by which you can gather knowledge for trading. Knowledge is a ladder that will take you to the peak of a profitable trade.

Therefore, these are some basic points that will guide you to become a successful trader. Now come to the second part of the article, FREE MetaTrader indicators free download: IV-Jempol Indicator. This is considered an unbiased indicator.

Free Download the Metatrader Indicators (IV-Jempol)

This indicator is able to supply thumbs up to your trading. You can use it as an unbiased indicator or signal with other warning signs. A screenshot is attached below, check it out:

Metatrader Indicators Free Download

You can access the download link of the IV-Jempol Metatrader indicators free by clicking the link here.

FAQs on Metatrader Indicators and their Download Options

What is the best indicator in MetaTrader?

The best indicator for Meta Trader will depend on your trading style and type of strategy. Some of the most popular indicators used by traders are Moving Averages, MACD BB, and RSI.

How to download free indicators in MT5?

To download a free indicator in MT5 simply launch the platform, go to ‘Markets’, click the ‘Indicators’ tab, select from the list of available indicators enter a name or keyword into the search bar then install it onto your chart with one click.

Where to download MT4 indicators?

You can find many useful MT4 indicators online through websites such as Baby Pips and FX Trading Revolution which provide qualitative analysis services for professional traders. It’s also possible to contact brokerage firms like Ava Trade, etc, that might offer access to their own proprietary customizable tools and utilities as well as those created by third-party developers that work within their system framework.

How to install an ex4 indicator on MT4?

The installation process is quite straightforward – just open up Metatrader 4 or 5 (MT4/MT5) platform > Navigate through File -> Open Data Folder -> MQL Files >> Copy Paste EXE file into this folder >> refresh terminal window >> Insert newly installed Indicator onto Chart Window using Navigator Panel-> Indicators->Custom and then Select Name -> Apply!


In conclusion, controlling the mind is an important aspect from a trader’s point of view. I hope our free gift of IV-Jempol Metatrader Indicators set download will be helpful for you to control your mind and taking better trading decisions.

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