AmiBroker Data Feed Free Trial Sources (NSE, MCX)

Free Amibroker Real Time Data

In this post, I will show you some sources of AmiBroker data feed free trial. Also, I will give you an idea where you can get data even free of cost. In fact, I have merged 3 of my posts together to make this post as updated as possible. But some of the freeware discussed here are discontinued now. I thought to keep their portion just to remind traders of those great tools.

AmiBroker is India’s most popular charting platform. Mostly all tech-savvy small traders use this charting platform. It is easy to install, easy to use. The data rates are also cheaper as compared to other charting platforms like Advanced Get etc.

Amibroker Data Feed Free Trial from AmiFeed

Recently AmiFeed has started NSE realtime data feed service for Amibroker. Apart from NSE, they are also supporting MCX commodity data. The best part of their data service is that they are now offering Amibroker data feed free trial for 7 full days. In this section, I will discuss how to download and use the free data offered by AmiFeed.

Download the Amibroker Data Feed Free Trial

First, download the installer file by clicking the download link here.

Once you download the installer, save it to your computer, as I have saved it on my desktop.

AmiFeed Installer

Install Amibroker Data Feed Free Trial

Now run the installer file and follow the step by step instructions to install the file on your computer. The last step will ask you whether you want to create a desktop shortcut for the program, select YES.

AmiFeed Installation

Now once the AmiFeed is installed on your PC you run the program by clicking FINISH in the AmiFeed Setup Wizard window.

AmiFeed Setup Wizard

This will run the AmiFeed program as shown in the image below:

Run AmiFeed

Now you need to register the program by putting your name, phone number and email id on the registration screen. Click on REGISTER and this will give you access to Amibroker data feed free trial for 3 full months.

Register AmiFeed

Now restart AmiFeed. This will automatically run your Amibroker and create a database called AmiData into it. You may need to change the database to an intraday database by selecting the BASE TIME INTERVAL to 1 minute.

Amibroker data feed free trial

Setup of Amifeed

You can see that the license expiry date is after 7 days. Previously they were giving a trial of 3 months. So, in my case, the expiry date is set at 22-03-2018. You can select your market EQUITY, FUTURES or COMMODITY, and select scrips. Once you select scrips you can add selected scrips to your market watch by clicking ADD SELECTED button.

NSE Realtime Data Feed

You will see that the scrips are automatically added to your Amibroker and Amibroker data feed will start running. There is a backfill option beside each scrip in your MarketWatch. And there is an AUTOFILL option available which will automatically backfill your Amibroker.

Amibroker Data Feed

While for the first time use, the initial backfill will take some time you can see your Amibroker data feed free trial will start flowing data in your Amibroker and candlestick chart will start forming. The prices will be live as shown in the image above.

Amibroker data feed free trial

Once your backfill is complete you can see that the charts will become continuous and you can backfill for up to 60 days. You can use this Amibroker data feed free trial for 7 full days now.

Data Feeder – Now Discontinued

Till 2014, there was a small piece of software (about 1.5 MB) that could get you real-time NSE data for Amibroker. This software named Data Feeder was freeware and we used it till it was working. We could have stocks list up-to 100 stocks. We could even add more but that slows down real-time NSE data update. So that time we did not have to pay any subscription charges to other data providers. We have used this software for a long time and did not see any issue with the data.

Moreover, we could see Sensex, Nifty indices and USD-INR foreign currency pair price. This small app had the feature of backfilling data of 1 day, 5 days and EOD data as well.

Data Feeder

Guide to Setup Amibroker Data Feed Free Trial from Data Feeder

We used to download Data Feeder from their website (now closed).
Installed using setup.exe. Once, we were done with the installation.
we used to set up a database in Amibroker. The next step was Run/open Amibroker.

Steps of Configuring Any AmiBroker Data Feed

  • Go to File > New Database
  • Type the name of the database, select base time interval as 1 Minute and click Create.
  • Under the number of bars enter: 10000
  • Click on the Intraday setting.
  • Select filtering as Show day session only.
  • In trading hours, for day Session enter start as 09:15 and end as 15:30, Click on OK.
  • Now you have successfully configured real-time NSE data for Amibroker.

Data Downloader – Now Discontinued

There was another great method of getting the free end of day data for commodity exchange in Metastock software and Amibroker platform. The name of the software was Data Downloader, developed by Joydeep. We used to download the software from his website (now closed).

Commodity Exchange Data

This software downloaded free end of day data for both NSE and commodity exchange. It was downloading AmiBroker Data Feed in ASCII format. AmiBroker could import this ASCII directly. Metastock users needed to convert the ASCII data into Metastock format using The Downloader of Metastock.

Joydeep has closed his site and this nice free piece of software is not available anymore. Now we can use GetBhavCopy for free AmiBroker data feed for BSE and NSE. But there is a scarcity of any free software for commodity data.


In this article, I have collated a few freeware and trialware software for AmiBroker data feed. Some of these freewares got discontinued in the course of time. I would like to hear your experience in this regard in the comments section. Remember, this is just a review of different data tools and our website is not at all related to any data vendor.

Author: Indrajit Mukherjee

Indrajit is a professional blogger and trading system developer. Amibroker expert, Wordpress expert, SEO expert and stock market analyst.Trading since 2002, he has started the journey of on 2008. He follows Indian and world stock markets closely.

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dharmik rudani

tnx sir


Will it give any indication when to buy/sell on intraday trading.


Can you suggest some good softwares which show buy/sell for intraday.


can i get the contact number of u r executives


there is problem in backfill , many times its dont finished


sir i am using 11-12 scrips and 5 day backfill , its works properly but some time getting this kind of problem. please check it,
well thanks for your great effort, amifeed seems nice for data.


i have qty 440 of GVKPOWER , bought in cash for intraday purpose unable to exit/sell the stocks, though showing in the position.
pl suggest at the earliest.
e-mailed to support staff of Zerodha but in vain.
gave a ticket thats all. service is very poor.

regards, Narendra


With enough proof, I have come to the conclusion, that one can not count on the service from Zerodha.


Dear Sir, Can i get currency data also in amifeed?

Harry (@haripatel80)

not able to download feeder app after follow on tweter..


Hi Sir, download link is not working. Please copy the link in your comments.



where is download link


Hi I got only 7 Days please do the needful


Can any one help me with link to download amibroker free version

Pinesh j rathod

I want to join with u


please change your head line 3 month to 1 week OK so many comfused


We provided the tiral in initial launch. Now if you are looking for paid version with free trial you can always contact us.

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