Zerodha Sentinel Review: Real Time Market Alerts

Zerodha Sentinel

In our previous article, we covered SensibullĀ App, here we’ve come up with another well-known and popular app Sentinel. Basically, it is a real-time market alerts app. Currently, an eye-catching offer is going on in Zerodha. After Opening an Account in Zerodha, you can access Sentinel FREELY for one week. The article consists of every minute detail about Sentinel along with the Zerodha Sentinel Review.

What is Zerodha Sentinel?

Zerodha Sentinel is such a useful platform that allows the creation of liveĀ market alerts across near about 80,000 stocks,Ā  commodities, bonds, derivatives, and lots more. Traders can receive the alerts easily at any place. The app not only provides market alerts but also allows traders to combine multipleĀ complexĀ conditions such as open interest change, percentageĀ day change, etc.

Why is Zerodha Sentinel one of the Best Real Time Market Alerts App: A Review

One of the major advantages of Sentinel is the alerts will certainly be triggered, no matter where you are. In addition to the price, you can set alerts for all stocks, commodities, bonds, F&O contracts, and currencies across exchanges on bids, offers, and OHLC. The app is easy to operate and consists of multiple advanced alerts which combine multiple triggers.

After triggering the alerts, they are sent on Kite web, via mail. Soon there will be a new additional feature, those alerts will also be sent on Kite Mobile App soon. Besides this, trade buttons on these alerts will soon be available to execute any trades plan instantly.

How to Set Market Alerts in Real-Time in the App?

If you want to get free access to Sentinel, you have to open an account in Zerodha first.

The Login Process

There are three ways by which you can log in to Sentinel, Log in with Zerodha, with Facebook, or with Google. After logging in, you will land on the basic alert creation dashboard page. Here, traders can set alerts (based on parameters like traded quantity, price, change in price & %, open interest, and volume.

Real Time Market Alert

Accessing the Dashboard

As I have mentioned earlier that after completing the login process, you’ve got to see the particular dashboard. Here, you can add your preferred security, value to get FREEĀ real-time market alerts.

The Alerts Criteria

Traders can get several options in alerts such as last traded price, OHLC, day change, intraday, average trading price, etc.

Zerodha Sentinel Real Time Market Alerts

Besides this, there are also options like greater than, less than, equals, etc. You may choose these options as per your requirements.

Sentinel by Zerodha

Real-Life Example

For example, I put RELIANCE in the stock name and Alert at the last traded price. When I click on the create options, it will trigger an alert.

Real Time Market Alerts

Once you put the Alert into the system you can see it in your “My Triggers” section.

Sentinel by Zerodha

You may also visit and use advanced options, referred to as Advanced triggers.

Real time Alerts by Sentinel

Pros and Cons of the Zerodha Sentinel

Let us discuss Sentinel’s pros and cons below:


  • Previously, the Free access to Sentinel account from Zerodha only lasted for 1 week after activation. But now it is completely free from 2019.
  • It is one of the most useful real-time marketĀ alert apps.
  • It provides almost accurate information.
  • No matter where you have been, the app can trigger alerts everywhere.
  • If you have a Zerodha account, you can access the app for FREE of cost.


  • For tower problems, sometimes alerts may get lost.
  • More complex triggers and indicator-based alerts are missing.


Overall, Zerodha Sentinel is a great risk management tool for those looking to smartly manage and monitor their investment portfolios. It allows users to get timely alerts on stocks they are tracking, helps them stay informed of significant price movements in portfolio holdings, and provides automation services that help reduce the time and effort spent manually keeping track of investments. With its advanced data analysis capabilities, Zerodha Sentinel can easily be relied upon by traders who seek an easier way to ensure proper portfolio tracking and management.

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