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2019’s Stocks Intraday Trading Strategy for Tomorrow

Intraday Trading Strategy for Tomorrow

Day or intraday considers as the riskiest strategy in the trading field. Regular traders familiar with the hurdles of the intraday trading. There are lots of minutes techniques, details, rules which are important to minimize the risk while trading. Though in day-trading the return possibility is much higher, most of the investors avoid the route for the high risk. There are thousands of securities to choose from and traders need to look every minute movements to book profit. Hence, traders need to be very cautious during the trading time. Today’s article will provide exact guidance on the intraday trading strategy for tomorrow.

Let’s begin from the basics, what intraday trading is in the stock market.

Intraday Trading

As the name implies, intraday trading is day-based trading where traders have to open and close positions on the same day. Simply, before the market closing moment, the order will automatically be squared off. Traders loss all the ownership of shares with the closing of the market hours. Traders take advantage of the market volatility to make immediate money. Though some people take it as gambling, in reality, one can make money just by following certain strategy and rules.

2019’s Stocks Intraday Trading Strategy for Tomorrow

First of all, one thing should be clear to you that only a certain number of strategies can’t give you full success in a trade. To become a successful trader one must follow a set of discipline besides the rules.

Discipline to Follow in Intraday Trading

The market is such a place where patients, courage, and knowledge are required. Before step into the main topic intraday trading strategy for tomorrow, let’s get familiar with the most basic discipline for intraday trading.

Capital Management:

As there is absolutely no limit of investment, traders can trade with their desired capital. Hence, newbies must be aware of their capital management portfolio. Prior to trading, they should fix their investment and loss taking capacity. In order to minimize the risk, fix a small target and stop loss.

Behavioral Management

Though it sounds little unreasonable, behavioral management while trading plays an important part. The market is such a volatile one, traders must be patient, fearless and confident in their decision. Fear and Greed are the two main reasons behind major loss in the trading. Traders have to make themselves masters in it.

Practice to Monitor Limited Stocks at a Time

Most of the professionals follow the discipline. Without getting confused by monitoring multiple stocks, try to follow limited stocks at a time.

Basics Intraday Trading Strategy for Tomorrow

From finding out stocks to choose the entry-exit points, each and every Intraday Trading Strategy has importance in the intraday trading.

Strategy #1 Find out Liquid Stock

To find out liquidity of stocks traders must check the volume. Generally, the volume is the measurement of the buying and selling times of stocks or how many times it is bought and sold in a given time period. Here, traders can use the Trade Volume Index or TVI to measure the total amount of flowing money. For the above reason, high volume can signal liquid as well as volatile stocks in the market. Finding out liquid stocks is the foremost strategy in the intraday trading.

Find out Liquid Stock by Volume

Strategy #2 Go for Turnaround Stock

As I’ve mentioned in the above trading discipline that for an investor, the patient is a great virtue. Each and every stock goes through the bullish and bearish price trend. So, wait for the right moment. Here the term “turnaround stock” implies the meaning itself. Sometimes, one or two hours before the market closing time, some stock gets a high volume (it can be both high and low), considers as the “turnaround stocks”.

Turnaround Stock

Strategy #3 Monitor the Narrow Range Stocks

The particular strategy is quite popular among intraday traders. The narrow range strategy contents NR4 and NR7. The method depends on the breakout strategy. NR4 is the Narrow range 4 where the price range of a particular day is the lowest as compared to the last 4 days, the day is considered as the NR4 day. NR7 or Narrow range 7 is also similar to the NR4 but instead of 4 days, it is 7 days. The range calculation is the difference between high and low of a day. If in the following day of NR4 and NR7 price breaks the previous range candle with high volumes, it will lead to a profitable trade.

narrow range breakout

Strategy #4 Analysis with Technical Tools

Though numbers of technical tools available in the market, for intraday there are certain indicators which can bring profitable trades. Indicators like Supertrend, Bollinger bands, Pivot points are important. Besides this, oscillators like RSI, MA (Moving Average), price action are quite popular. As for example, if we take Bollinger Bands, the breakout of a low range band helps to recognize the reversal trend of a stock.

Strategy #5 Inside Day Strategy

The strategy is quite simple and interesting. According to the strategy, if today’s candle able to break the yesterday’s high or low, there is a high possibility to get an upward or downward movement. The pattern is crucial for intraday trading. It is basically a two-bar price action trading strategy. In simple words, when the first-day candle pattern has a wider range than the second, called the inside day. Breakout of the inside day range will lead to a definite reversal of stock price.

inside day strategy

Strategy #6 Follow the News

There are lots of professional traders who act by following the latest news. Breaking news of companies can lead a stock price to a higher or to a lower position.

Other Strategies for Intraday

Apart from the above Intraday Trading Strategy for Tomorrow, there are other ones.

  • Intraday traders should be consistent, consistency can minimize the loss amount by creating an average.
  • Low-risk traders should open trade after 30 min of market opening.
  • One should have proper knowledge regarding the market and trading. Don’t do trade depending only on others’ analysis.
  • Try to recognize and follow the market or trend.
  • Newbies must avoid the first-hour trading strategy.
  • Plan your target, stop-loss prior to investment.

So, these are basics Intraday Trading Strategy for Tomorrow. It is expected that this Intraday Trading Strategy can make profitable trades.

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