Your Guide to Learn the Stock Market

How can you Learn Stock Market and also Earn From it?

Beginners join our team, learn the stock market and take your step towards becoming a professional trader.

  • Initial training on high-probability trade setups.
  • Live computer-generated trading direction update daily through our mobile app.
  • Investment opportunities (if any) through the mobile app.
  • IPO reviews and recommendations through our mobile app.
  • 5 training videos for taking your trading to new heights.
  • 2 costly ebooks to make you a master trader
  • All of the above benefits are 100% FREE.

For a Detailed T&C Mail us at [email protected].

The Roadmap to Profit

Our Mobile App (Hot Tips)

All our trading members are entitled to download our free mobile app (Hot Tips). This app is available in the google play store. Now get 100% computer-generated Algo directional updates in our app.

Join and Learn Stock Market Today

You can get all of the above benefits FREE of cost just by opening a Trading and Demat account under us with our partner broker.

Fill up the form to apply now.

Existing account holders can refer their friends or relatives. If your account is not opened through us, but still if you refer 3 of your friends we will consider you for our free services and learn the stock market.

Additionally referring your friends and relatives can earn you more referral benefits from the broker directly.

How Can You Learn Stock Market from Our Partners?

Zero Delivery Brokerage

Say NO to the delivery brokerage. Can you imagine, in most of our partner brokers, investments are absolutely FREE? So you can concentrate only on profits.

Pay Flat Charge For FNO

Pay only a flat low brokerage for FNO per executed order. Intraday cash or commodity brokerage is also at the lowest per industry standard.

Zero Mutual Fund Charges

Invest in equities and mutual funds on the same platform. Stop paying commissions to your mutual fund agent. Buy mutual funds directly.

Powerful Backoffice

All our partners are equipped with powerful back-office software. You can also check your trade reports and profitability graph easily.

Join Us Learn Stock Market with Zerodha Kite

Mobile Trading Platforms like Kite

Zerodha Kite is now undoubtedly India’s best trading platform. Kite is the award-winning platform that has changed the way of trading for millions of traders. Accurate buy-sell signal charts and trading on the same platform. Kite is mobile-ready and is capable to execute advanced orders like GTT or cover orders.

Get Desktop Platforms like Dartstock or Fyers One

Both Upstox Dartstock and Fyers One by Fyers Securities are top-class desktop trading platforms. They are equipped with money-making scans and world-class charts. You can learn the stock market and also find out the right breakout stocks with the help of them.

Join Us Learn Stock Market with Fyers One
Join Us Learn Stock Market with MarketSmith

Get Advanced Research Tools from Market Smith

The best part of the 5Paisa trading terminal is its advanced research tool from Market Smith. Learn the stock market and analyze a stock for investment. Find the stock with the best EPS strength, price strength, buyer demand and group rank. Multiply your investments with expert tools.

Last Chance to Learn Stock Market

You can get all of the above benefits FREE of cost just by opening a Trading and Demat account under us with any of our partner brokers.

Fill up the form to apply now.

Moreover, existing account holders can refer their friends or relatives to trade with us. To refer your friends and relatives simply put your friend’s details in the name, mobile number and email field.

If you refer your friends and relatives you can earn up to Rs. 500 cash benefits per referral from us. So keep on referring and earning money too.

Remember, earning in the stock market requires discipline. Indisciplined traders may even lose part or full of their capital. Read the disclaimer before you start trading the stock markets.

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