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Multibagger Stock Recommendation – Zen Technologies Limited

Zen Technologies

Almost all traders are familiar with the term “Multibagger”. There are many inspirational examples of multibagger stocks. The article is about a multi-bagger stock recommendation on Zen Technologies Limited. Just go through the analysis of the company so that you can sure about your investment. Let’s start with the share price details of the company.

Technical Update

Our latest multibagger stock recommendation is Zen Technologies Limited.
Zen Technologies Limited
NSE: ZENTEC – Jan 6, 3:30 PM
CMP: 75.90 INR, Price decrease 3.35 (4.23%)

As the post was written on January 7, 2017, the share news was based on that time. Here, the company details are given below.

Updated News (As of the Year 2020)

So as per the updated news of 2020, the share has given a profitable return after a year, 2018. In the year, the stock had given m0re than 50% return. And it is quite profitable. The people who had entered the trade, exit the trade with a profitable balance return. Now, if you asked if there is a chance till now to enter into the trade, for that we need to analyze the market based on current information.

Zen Technology

The above chart is the scanning result of Zen Technologies. Here, as we can see that the price strength is pretty good and EPS (earnings per share) is fair enough. Buyers’ demand is also positive here. Though group rank is poor, still the other three are positive.

Company Details (Fundamental)

Zen Technologies Limited is in the field of design, development, and manufacturing of training simulators for the police force and army, paramilitary, other security forces and different government departments like transport, mining, infrastructure, and civilian market.

  • In the company 59.44% of shares are held by the promoters, the public holds 40.48% shares while a small portion of shares is held by the FIIs.
  • The companies’ 52-week high is 126.50 while the 52-week low is 54.50 while the all-time high is 134.45 and all-time low is 49.

Yesterday I wrote about another multibagger stock recommendation Intense Technologies after interviewing my old investor friend from Faridabad. The same high net-worth individual investor friend has recommended me Zen Technologies Limited also. He has, in fact, sent his financial staffs like CAs to the company to check their result vis-a-vis the earnings.

Multibagger Stock Recommendation

Now a quick look at the technicals. Zen Technologies Limited is about to generate a buy signal in the weekly charts. The weekly stochastics is in buy mode and steadily rising. Immediate resistance for the stock comes around 125 zones while the stock has a good base at 50 levels. We recommend a BUY rating on this stock with a target price of 250 in the coming years.

The multibagger stocks that we discuss in this blog have money multiplication opportunities. These are multi-baggers for the long term and need to help patients by steady investors. Zen Technologies is one of them.


The company has given a pretty high return after our recommendation. So, the company has the potentiality of giving higher returns. You can take a chance and buy a small quantity at the dips and hold it for long terms.

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