This page will show NSE FII data. To be precise by visiting this page you will be able to understand how much FIIs have bought / sold in the equities market and how much they have bought / sold in the debt market. This data is also a good technical indicator for judging the future movement of the market.

DateEquity Gross PurchaseEquity Gross SellEquity Net Purchase / SellDebt Gross PurchaseDebt Gross SellDebt Net Purchase / Sell

Who are FIIs? I have already discussed this in my FII DII Activity page.

How to use the NSE FII data?
The fist column of the table above shows you the dates. The next 3 columns show equity gross purchase, equity gross sell and equity net purchase / sell. The next 3 columns show debt gross purchase, debt gross sell and debt net purchase / sell. All the figures are in Rs (crores).

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Now suppose in a day you see FIIs have purchased equities and sold debt, it means they are bullish on the equity markets and so they are investing on equities and pulling out money from debt and putting them into equity for higher returns. Similary suppose in a day you see FIIs have sold equities and purchased debt, it means they are bearish on the equity markets and so they are pulling out money from equity and putting them into debt for secured returns.

Now there can be situations when you will see in the NSE FII data that FIIs have purchased both equity OR debt. And again there will be situations when you will see that FIIs have sold both equity and debt. Now how to judge the FIIs views on this kind of markets? You need to check the data with previous few days data. Some day it may seem the FIIs have purchased equity but slowly they are reducing their purchase on the equities market, it denotes they are bearish on the markets.

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