Review of TradingView Chart – Now in India

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What Is TradingView Chart?
We generally imagined that a decent web trading platform must be paid one and without a doubt up to this point must have continuous quotes, super charting capabilities to see price up and down movements and with a great screener.

However there is a platform that has premium elements at 0 cost, today we take a look at the favorable circumstances of Tradingview Chart for our trading and find its features. Visit now.

An Imperative Charting Platform
Tradingview has numerous things in one. From one perspective it is an awesome charting platform for some reasons. The first is that it permits us a to use high specialized charts, from 1 minute charts, 5 minutes charts, 15 minutes charts, hourly charts and to higher timeframes upto monthly charts.

Tradingview has developed really fast. Before all else, its charting platform was restricted just to American companies yet that, in the course of the most recent 18 months, has been evolving on other exchanges also.

The first they included in their premium plans were forex charts and US companies charts. As of now there are many exchanges are added, including Indian NSE exchange. Apart from that it can show premium fundamental datas like employment data OR GDP etc. Visit now.

At long last, if that was not fascinating correlation we have a decision. We can look at the development in situ on screen two qualities ​​to perceive how they advance together without a moment’s delay.
Tradingview Chart
Real Time Charts Are Now Available
Tradingview now offers real time charts of many exchanges including India.

Custom Indicators
Tradingview has capabbilities of adding your custom indicators and you can write your custom indicators in simple language and add them on the charts. This way charting and trading lot more easier for serious traders.

Tradingview Chart Is Available On Any Platform
Tradingview being a browser based platform can be accessed from any PC / tablet / mobile. No installation needed, just open a browser and you are on the charts. Visit now.

Apart from that thadingview has the option of paper-trading OR demo trading. So its a good option for beginners.

Screeners OR Explorers Are Available
Tradingview has some built-in screeners like new high, new low etc. Many new screeners are being added over times and new developments are happenning every day.

Tradingview Social
Tradingview has a social community section where you can see what other traders are thinking and sharing there ideas about your favorite stock OR index. There are sections where you also can post your ideas on a specific stock or index.

This and more can be found in their site:

Review of TradingView Chart – Now in India

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